1970 Christmas Party
from Nancy Miller Gardner
Joe Caltagirone
Bill Munda, Phyllis Bennett, Ron Monaco,
Denny Witt, Joe Caltagirone, Amelia Leonard,
Barb Hall, Gerry Gable
JoAnn Schmezer , Gerry Gable, Barb Hall
Mary Jo ?, Rose Funyak, Bob Poltis
Bill Lawson, Jeff Rosenthal, Merle Schilling
Bill Lawson, Bill Crane, Eugene ?,
Nancy Miller, Darrell Shumar
Sam Blazevich, Joe Krivi, Marie Krivi, Ginny Crane
Nancy Miller
Rose Serianni, Jo Anne Lyons
Bob & Larry Lyons
Ted Karas, Bill Crane
Lee Horvitz, Bill Lawson
Darrell Shumar, Bill Crane
Amelia Leonard, Luke Mochan, Cam Shrock
Joe Krivi, Nancy Miller, Norma Patterson
Bill Munda, Jo Anne Lyons, Ameria Leonard
Norma Patterson
Ginny Crane, Norma Patterson
Ginny Crane, Rose Serianni
Eileen & Bill Munda
Rose Funyak, Bob Poltis, Barbara Watson
Joey Funyak, JoAnn Schmezer
Jim Kephart
Darrell Shumar
George Toth, Jo Anne Lyons
Ray Fisher, Jim Kephart
Larry Haines, Bill Lawson
Fred Fischler
Larry Haines
Fred Fischler, Lee Horvitz
 Bill Munda, Kay Buczkowski
Fred Fischler, Bill Munda, Cam Schrock,
Ron Monaco, Eileen Munda, Barbara Hall
Denny Witt, Gerry Gable, Joe Caltagirone
BillLawson, ?, Bill Crane, Amelia Leonard
Merle Schilling, ?
Cam Schrock, Luke Mochan,Denny Witt
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There are a number of people on these pictures I can not
identify. If you can name anyone missed above,
Please email me.
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