1969 Christmas Party
from Nancy Miller Gardner
Jo Anne Lyons, Rose Serianni
Santa Denny (center)
JoAnn Schmezer, Luke Mochan
?, Rick Hall, Audrey Goga
?, ?
Jo Anne Lyons, Rose Serianni
Denny Witt, Rose Serianni
Bill Grzywinski
Eileen Munda, ?, Rick Hall, ?
Amelia Leonard, Phyllis Bennett
Fred Fischler, Jo Anne Lyons
Eileen Munda, Norma Patterson, 
?, Chuck Hopbell, Iva Myers
Rose, Vera, Barbara
Please help with last names
Larry Lyons, Audrey Goga, ?
Bob Lyons, ?
Frank Vincent, Clara
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There are a number of people on these pictures I can not
identify. If you can name anyone missed above,
Please email me.
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