Shift Networks
Mutual and Blue Outlets Here Change
Press Radio Editor

The Pittsburgh Press, January 17, 1945

     Radio Station KQV, recently sold by H.J. Brennan, who was then also owner of WJAS, which he retains, will become a Mutual network affiliate on June 15 at which time WCAE, present Mutual outlet will take over KQV's Blue franchise, both stations announced today.

     The transaction is the culmination of months of network transactions, topped by the sale of the Blue by NBC to a New York group, headed by Edward Noble.  It was known for months that the Blue ownders wanted  a 5000-watt station here and KQV expected to increase its power from 1000 to 5000 watts when the war stymied any mechanical improvements.  The new owneres filed an application for increased power immediately after their purchase.  It is still pending.

     Leonard Kappner, general manager of all Hearst stations, made today's announcement on behalf of WCAE.  G.W. "Pete" Wasser made the announcement of KQV's swing to Mutual for his station.  He expects the application of increased power to go through.

     Recent purchasers of KQV for $575,000 were I.D. Wolf, William Walker, Earl Reed and Charles Campbell.

     The involved transaction of the Blue network being sold by NBC and KQV being sold by Brennan was the result of the Federal Communications Commission ruling that no individual or corporation may own a station or network covering the same service area.

     Originally WCAE was an NBC Red Network station and KDKA the NBC Blue.  When NBC bought KDKA it switched the Red to KDKA.  Later KDKA  was returned to Westinghouse, It's original owners.  WJAS is the local Columbia outlet.  WWSW is the only independent station, although the application is on file for another non-network station here.