KQV Web Pages Updates

December 29 ... Updated KQV Timeline Page to include Dave Scott's hiring by KQV in 1942. Also included info for 1969 and 1970.
... Added Edward Blank's Pittsburgh Press Personality Profile on former KQV personalities Dave Scott and Tom Lee (Lyons)
December 27 ... Moved KQV Yearend surveys to their own page.
December 22 ... Added Pittsburgh Press Newspaper ads for KQV Truck-O-Luck, KQV Magic Box Contest, KQV Trafficopter, and KQV Money Clearance Contest
... Added Jim Gearhart article from July 1963 TV Radio Mirror Magazine
December 22 ... Updated Timeline with more from 1968 and 1969, including info on Mike McCormick (Hankins), Jim Quinn and John Tenaglia (sales manager) Departures, additions of Alan Dennis, Franklin B Forbes, Harry West, Todd Chase and Fred Winston to staff. 
November 27 ... Added Music & More ad to the KQV Main Page
... Added links to KQV Airchecks at Reel Radio to KQV Airchecks Page, including Dave Scott, Jim Quinn, Steve Rizen, Dick Drury, Jeff Christie, and Todd Chase
... Added Jim Quinn article from November 1969 TV Radio Mirror Magazine
... Added Newsman Bill James to KQV Personalities Page
November 26 ... Added Fantasy ad to KQV Fantasy Contest Page
November 15 ... Added New Animated Intro to website
November 2 ... Added more airchecks to the Paul Carlson Page. Including intros to News, Henry DaBecco Show, Rod Roddy Show and Larry Aiken Show. Don Howard Aircheck and Wax to Watch and Number One Song Skits and more.
October 29 ... Added KQV Website Interactive Page. Includes KQV Mini Poll and KQV Votecaster Poll, KQV Postcards and KQV On-Line Chat.
October 27 ... Updated Hal Murray Page thanks to Henry Sorenson. Including pictures of Hal with Thoroughly Modern Millie, KQVehicle, CLO article and letter.
October 25 ... Added Al Julius Page. Including Al Julius Commentaries provided by WT Koltek.
October 17 ... Added the Arthur Nestor Collection. Included are pictures of Dr. Oscar Nestor from KQV's Career Line as well as autographed pictures of Harry West, Fred Winston, Chuck Brinkman, Jim Quinn, Jay Davis, and Bob Wood. Also included is an in-studio picture of Dr. Nestor.
... Added KQV American Pie Page with KQV's interpretation of Don McLean's American Pie.
October 10 ... Added Roy Elwell 1959 Aircheck and Rod Roddy & Lou Janis 1960 Airchecks to Paul Carlson Collection
... Added Young Ideas Song & Jingle sample to Paul Carlson Collection
October 9 ... Added Beatles in Cleveland Page including Letter from KQV and Beatles Ticket Stub courtesy of George Dzvonyik.
... Added pictures of Mayor Pete Flaherty and Esther Lapidus to KQV Personality page.
... Added Don Howard to Personality List of Personality Page
October 6 ... Added more to Garrett Blanchfield Collection
... Added to KQV Memories Page 6
September 22 ... Continued 1968 Timeline update
... Added KQV ad from Pittsburgh Press from January 1968
... Added KQV News Page
September 9&10 ... Updated Timeline into 1968, including Post Gazette and Press articles on Steve Rizen, Bob Wilson and Hal Murray.
... Added Garrett Blanchfield Collection including sales brochures, ratecards and 1968 KQV Lineup page
and 1966 KQV Personality Profiles page.
... Added pictures of Bill Clark and Al Julius to Personality page.
September 5 ... Added more surveys to 1973. Thanks to Dennis Burns.
September 3 ... Added Jim McLaughlin airchecks from 1960 to Paul Carlson Collection.
August 31 ... Added new Paul Carlson Collection including 1960 KQV Station Sign-offs, Lee Vogel Sign-Off, Dick Drury Open and Rod Roddy Open.
August 23 ... Added link to Adrian McCoy's Post-Gazette article on this website.
... Added KQV Memories pages 5 & 6. 
August 16 ... Added picture of KQV jacket patch to 2nd page.
August ... Now updating links to Surveys from this date in history, weekly on the 2nd page.
July 31 ... Updated Credits and Links Page
July 29 ... Added new Music Power 14 KQV page featuring promos and jingles.
July 28 ... Updated Timeline Page (1965, 1966). 
... Added link to Pittsburgh Press article about Steve Rizen and "Give It A Whirl" TV game show.
... Added link to Pittsburgh Press article about "Controversy"
... Added link to Pittsburgh Press article on "Ballad of Green Berets"
... Added link to ad for 1965 Thanks Giving Shower of Stars
... Added link to ad for Chuck Brinkman's Come Alive Show
July 25 ... Updated 1975 on Timeline Page including link to Mayor Pete ad from Pittsburgh Press
July 24 ... Added picture of KQV Race Car from North Hills Raceway donated by Thom Shepler to Gallery # 6
... Added 14 KQV Summer in the City Amateur Band Contest entry form from 1974 to 14K Page.
July 23 ... Added new Picture Gallery # 6, including Chuck Brinkman and Dex Allen Autographs from Marcy Grupp as well as Beatles Fan Club Letter from Chuck Brinkman and Invitation Letter to premiere of Help !
... Added cover artwork from January 1963 KQV Rate Card to Gallery 5.
July 22 ... Revised John Gibbs page, including John's letter to me from 1997 revealing some of his thoughts and highlights of his years at KQV.
... Added 1970 John Gibbs editorial to John Gibbs page.
July 20 ... Added 3 new Gary Gears and 1 new Fred Winston Aircheck to Aircheck Page as well as to Gary & Fred's Pages. (courtesy of Clarke Ingram)
July 15 ... Added Dave Scott Jingle Montage to Dave Scott Page
... Added Jim Quinn Jingle Montage to Jim Quinn Page
... Added Chuck Brinkman Jingle Montage to Chuck Brinkman Page
July 14 ... Added 1962 Station Profiles Page with profiles on Chuck Brinkman, Jim Gearhart, Jim McLaughlin, Dave Scott and Henry DaBecco
July 13 ... Added more KQV Advance Playlists to 1973 Surveys
July 8 ... Added Chuck Brinkman aircheck from KLUV-FM in Dallas to Chuck Brinkman Page
July 7 ... Added new page on the Beatles impact on KQV's Finest Forty & Hit Parade Surveys.
July 5 - 6 ... Updated jock pages for Bob DeCarlo, Jay Davis, Jim Quinn, and Fred Winston.
... Added Lynn Hinds & Carolyn Smith pictures to Personality Page.
July 3 ... Updated Chuck Brinkman page
... added new Pictures from Chuck's trip to Bahamas from 1965
... added picture of Chuck & Ringo from Billboard Magazine
July 1 ... Added Al Julius Batman & Robin Commentary from 1966
June 30 ... Updated Main and Obituary page with more info on Al Julius including Post Gazette Obituary
... Completed surveys from 1964, 1967 and 1969
... Updated Timeline (1967) and Where Are They Now Page
June 28 ... Updated Main Page and Obituary page with the passing of Al Julius
... Added Al Julius picture to personality page
June 16 ... Added 10 mores surveys from 1967
... Updated 1967 Number 1's page
May 17 ... Added Pictures of KQV Jocks to Where Are They Now Page.(with mouse rollovers)
May 14 ... Updated Where Are They Now Page info on Kevin Fennessy, Bob DeCarlo and Joe Fenn.
May 4 ... Added more 1964 events to KQV Timeline Page
May 4 ... Added Pittsburgh Press articles on Steve Rizen and Hal Murray. Links are on Timeline Page
April 27 ... Redesigned KQV Jingles Page
April 20 ... Added Picture of World Famous (Jerry Kristafer) to Personality Page
April 11 ... Updated Jock Jingle Montage Page including jock cuts from 1970 PAMS Grid
March 31 ... Re-Added Wheeze & Sneeze Weekend Jingles to Jingles Page
March 23 ... Added years at KQV under Jocks Pictures on Personality Page.
March 15 ... added Larry Clark's picture to Personality Page. 
... udpated KQV Timeline Page
March 9 ... added Beano Cook to Personality Page
... added 1964 details to KQV Timeline Page
February 15 ... added KQV FM, ABC FM LOVE Jingles

December 28 ... added new Larry Aiken page with pictures and articles from Larry's wife Suzanne.
September 30 ... update timeline from early 1960 until June 1961
... added Post-Gazette stories on Rod Roddy, Bill Gill
... added Post-Gazette story on ABC turning down an offer to sell in 1960
... added Post-Gazette article on how KQV added music in 1960
... new page on KQV Appreciation Day at West View Park in 1960.
September 10 ... Completed Inside Radio articles
... updated Timeline adding dates from late 1959, early 1960.
... Added Dial-A-Score to Timeline.
... Added Fabulous Five Plus One Ad to Main page
... Added Pictures of Larry Aiken, John Gibbs, Chuck Dougherty, Johnny McKinney, Byron B.Z.Zint, Dick Drury and Ken Hildebrand to KQV Personality Page
... Added Pittsburgh Press article on light board inside KQV studio from March 1960.
... Added Larry Clark Aircheck from 1973 from KRTH's Bob Shannon.
... Added link to articles from Pittsburgh Press on Automatic Tape System to Timeline page
... Added link to articles from Pittsburgh Press on Dial-A-Score to Timeline page
September 1 ... Added Inside Pittsburgh Radio articles from Pittsburgh Post Gazette from 1959/1960
... Added Byron B.Z. Zint & Bob Prince to Personality Page
... Added more dates and details to KQV Timeline.
... Added more KQV surveys from 1967
August 26 ... Added Pittsburgh Press articles on Showcase Studios from 1958 to History Page
August 26 ... Added Post Gazette articles previewing KQV format change to Top 40 and call letters to History Page.
August 6 ... Added American Pie survey to main page.
August 6 ... Added KQV Finest 50 for 1964.
... Surveys from 1965, 1966, 1968, 1970 and 1971 are now complete.
... Added Shower of Stars details from 1964 to TimeLine
July 4 - August 6 ... Added KQV surveys from 1965 - 1972
July 1 - 3 ... Added KQV surveys from 1964
June 25 ... Added Who's Got The Beatles Jingle to Jingles Page
June 25 ... Added Hot Line of Hits Jingle to Jingles Page
June 8 - 10 ... Finished adding KQV surveys from 1963
June 8 - 10 ... Finished adding KQV surveys from 1975
June 2 ... Added George Hart Last KQV Aircheck Part 1 from Mark Mervick
June 2 ... Added More Keyed Brass TM Jingles from Norman Barrington
May 25 - June 2 ... Added 1975 surveys and more 1970 surveys
May 17 - 20 ... Added 1973 & 1974 surveys
May 19 ... Updated 14K page
May 10 - 13 ... Completed 1972 surveys
April 22 - May 5 ... Added surveys from 1971 & 1972
April 7 - 21 ... Added surveys from 1969 - 1970
April 18 ... Updated KQV Studios Picture Page
April 18 ... Updated Where Are They Today Page
April 6 ... Added Gallery Page #5 including 1963 KQV business cards, license Plate & Electrical Transcriptions label from Paul Carlson
April 4 ... Added Pittsburgh Press article re: KQV Network affiliation switch in 1945
April 4 ... Added Pittsburgh Press article re: KQV sale from Allegheny Broadcasting to ABC in 1957
February 3 - April 6 ... Added surveys from 1965-1969
February 3 ... Added surveys from 1965 (courtesy of Mike Priore)
January 17... Started Weekly surveys from 1964 & 1965
January 13 - 17 ... Added Weekly surveys from late 1958- May 1960 
January 6 ... Added Top 40 Lists for March - June 1959
January 3 ... Added Year End Lists for 1962, 1963, 1966, 1967 & 1968
January 1 ... Added Top 114 Lists for 1969, 1970, 1971
December 25-30 ... Added Personality Profiles of Henry Dabecco, Jim Quinn, Fred Winston, Chuck Brinkman, Lynn Hinds and Carolyn Smith from John Mehno and Edward Blank
... Re-designed Main KQV Page
... Added more to the KQV Memories Page # 4
... Began KQV Survey page with Top 40 lists from December 1958 - February 1959
August 19 - 22 ... Added KQVehicle Page
August 19 - 22 ... Added Airchecks from Aaron Mintz ... 
... including KQV Beatles Coverage of 9/14/64 Concert (on aircheck page and on John Rook Page)
... Debut of Beatles Rubber Soul w/ Chuck Brinkman
... Debut of Rubber Soul w/Dave Scott
... Airchecks of Hal Murray, Keeve Berman
... Airchecks of Weird Beard and Tom Lee
August 4 - 6 ... Added John Lloyd to Personalities Page.
... Added new Bob Wood Page (including)
... Bob Wood Airchecks, Jay Davis, Jim Quinn,
... Fred Winston, Chuck Brinkman & Jon Summers Airchecks
May 20 ... Added Bob DeCarlo 14K Aircheck from Mark Mervick
May 20 ... Added 2nd Page to Dave Scott Page courtesy of Dave's widow, Mrs. Jane Scott
March 26 ... Added 3rd KQV Memories Page
March 20 ... Added New John Rook Picture Page
... Updated Where Are They Today Page
February 27 ... Added Johnny Mitchell 1967 Aircheck from Dave Burton
February 14 ,.. Added Jay Davis 1969 Aircheck from Dave Burton
February 13 ... Added 2 Chuck Brinkman Airchecks from Dave Burton
... Added Harry West Aircheck from Dave Burton
February 8 ...Added Mel Hall's picture to Personality Page
... Added Jock Pictures to Airchecks Page
February 6 & 7 ... Added 3 Jon Summers Airchecks from Dave Burton
... Added Bob DeCarlo May 1971 Aircheck from Dave Burton
... Added Harry West (w/Bob Wood) 1969 Aircheck from Dave Burton
... Updated 1970 KQV PAMS Grid Jingles
... Added pictures of KQV Master Control & Studio B from Bob Mayben
January 24 ... Added Mel Hall Jingles to Jingles Page
... Updated years of program directors on Personalities Page
January 23 ... Updated Credits & Links Pages
January 22 ... Added Jim Carnegie & George Hart Airchecks to Main Page 
... Added Wheeze & Sneeze Weekend Jingles to Main Page
... Added 1970 PAMS Grid Jingles to Main Page (all courtesy of Mark Mervick)
... Added Mel Hall to Where Are They Now Page
January 15 ... Added WDRC website to Credts & Links Pages
... Reformatted Main Page moving Airchecks to Aircheck Page
... Added John Mehno Page for Chuck Brinkman Interview
... Reformatted KQV Index on Right Frame
December 5 ... Added KOIL website to Credits & Links Pages
... Added Bill Western's pic to Persoanlity Page
November 27 ... Added KQV Coverage Map
November 15 ... Added 1972 KQVIPs Page with Press Releases on Chuck Brinkman, Bob DeCarlo, Jon Summers, Jim Quinn, Jay Davis and Anderson Little
November 2 ... Added Bob DeCarlo June 1972 Aircheck
October 26 ... Added New George Hart page access thru personality page or where are they today page.
... Added KQV bumper jumpers and modified Joey Reynolds page.
... Added Taft logo and NBC NIS logo to History page
... Added New Bridal Fair Page
September 26 ... Added Bob DeCarlo Aircheck
... Added Hal Murray Aircheck
September 25 ... Added John O'Malley (news) to Personality Page
... Added New George Hart & Jim Carnegie Airchecks
... Updated KQV Aircheck Page
... Updated KQV Main Page
... Updated 14K page with DeCarlo & Hart Airchecks
August 23 ... Added John Mehno's interview with Chuck Brinkman
... Modified KQV History Page and added segment from 
... Richard Fatherly's narrative on Storz Broadcasting.
... Redesigned backgrounds and main pages.
August 19 - 22 ... Added Joey Reynolds Era Page and airchecks from that era thanks to WT Koltek
August 14 ... Updated 2nd page of memories with many recent letters (thank you all)
... Added link to main page for John Mehno's great article on KQV's upcoming 80th birthday.
July 20 ... Added 2 new Gary Gears Airchecks
... Added new Jay Davis, Gary Gears & Fred Winston Pages linked to from Personalities and Today Pages.
... Added links to jock pages from Where Are They Today Page.
... Put in full 16 1/2 minute version of Fred Winston 1/1/71 Aircheck
... Put in full 8 1/2 minute version of Bob Wilson 1/9/69 aircheck
June 11 - 17 ... Re-indexed the entire site !
... added new Search feature from Free Find (you can now search KQV, WLS, 13Q and WTAE sites)
... Added note on passing of Bob Cochran
... Converted jingles & airchecks to streaming Real Audio !
June 17 ... Added new Jock Jingle Montage (21 minutes of KQV DJ Jingles)
June 17 ... Moved Jim Quinn Airchecks to Airchecks Page.
... Added Kris Erik Stevens Aircheck to Airchecks Page.
June 18 ... Added 3 New Bob DeCarlo Airchecks ! (on main page)
June 19 ... Added 2 KQV Ids to Airchecks Page.
June 24 ... Added Breakfast Club Page.
June 28 ... Added Breakfast Club Theme.
April 4 ... Added 10 new jingles to the KQV Jingles Page.
February 26 ... Added Frames to KQV Site
... Added more information to Jim Quinn, Dave Scott, and Chuck Brinkman Pages.
... Added link to new WFIL site to Credits Page
... Added Banner for Ken R and KQV CD's.
January 24 ... Added Jim Quinn Airchecks to Main page.
... Added Kris Erik Stevens Aircheck to Main Page.
... Added Len Martin (news) & Charles Scott (news) to Personality Page.

January 10 ...  Added many comments to the Memories Page.
February 23 ... Added New Message Board Feature.
March 8 ... Added more Jingles to Jingles Page and converted many  of them to Real Audio Files.  Also added a link to the Real Player if you need it to play back these Real Audio Jingles.
March ... Added links to new WTAE and 13Q pages to my main  page.  If you remember KQV, you probably remember WTAE & 13Q.
April 6 ... Added Sam Holman picture to KQV Personalities Page
... Added new pages for Bob Wilson, Franklin B Forbes, and  Jeff Christie.  Links to these pages are on the KQV Personalities Page
May 6 ... Update Where Are They Now for personalities Jim McLaughlin and Bob Wood.
May 7 ... Added more comments to the What's New Page
June 22 ... Added tribute to Rick Shaw to Main KQV Page.
June 25 ... Updated Where Are They Now Page.
... Added link to WQAM page on Credits & Links Page.
... Added more comments to the What's New Page
July 8 ... Added link to WNBC web site.
July 28 ... Added Picture of Rick Shaw to Main KQV Page and also to KQV Personalities Page.
August 16 ... Converted KQV Jingles on Jingles Page to Real Audio.
... Converted Turkey Man episode to Real Audio on Aircheck Page.
September 29 ... Added a 2nd KQV Memories Page.
October 3 ... Added ABC News Page including news sounders
... re-identified some 14 K pictures on 14K Page
... Added a search feature to main page.
November 10 ... Added a number of new items to ABC News Pages
... Added Dennis Burns history of KQV to KQV History Page
... Added Pictures of KQV ad from Adam Young to KQV History Page
... Updated date of ownership by ABC to KQV History Page
... Added KQV $25,000 Fantasy Page and link from KQV Main Page
November 22 ... Added new Pictures to Bob DeCarlo Page
... Corrected Fred Winston Picture on John Gibbs Page
... Added Richard Stone (news person) to Personality Page
... Added Jerry Spinn (program director) to Personality Page
December 5 ... Added new links to Kris Earl Phillips' WFIL, WIBG Site
January 30... Added 2nd Gallery Page including Top 114 lists and Bumper Stickers
... Added long lost ' 333-9-333 Dial A Score' Jingle to Jingles Page
February 1 ... Added Link to Joe Meyers & WMJL Radio to Credits & Links Page
... Added a Link to John Rook at US Radio to Credits & Links Page
... Added a Link to Rantel Classic Radio to Credits & Links Page
February 7 ... Added new Memory from John Gibbs to Memories Page
... Added more news people to Personalities Page
... Removed Link to Beatles Radio in Dallas from Credits & Links Page
February 19, 1997 ... Added Beatles Pics to KQV Main Page
... Added Rush Limbaugh & Harry West Pics to Personalities Page
... Added KQV British Dictionary to Gallery 2 Page
 ... Added the John D Gibbs Page
February 24 ... Changed 6 new jingles to Jingles Page
February 27 ...  Added more pics to the John D Gibbs Page
... Added more pics to the Gallery 2 Page
... Added KQV format memos to Gallery 2 Page
March 10, 1997 ... Added new 14K Page
March 15 ... Added Gary Gears Pic to Personalities Page
... Added KQV Is Music To Main Page
March 16 ... Added Carl Eckels Pic to Personalities and Memories Pages
... Added more to Memories Page
March 17 ... Added Todd Chase Jingles to Jingles Page
... Added Dex Allen Aircheck to Airchecks Page
March 22 ... Added Dex Allen Pic To Personalities Page
... Added Year-end Page Featuring Year-end Surveys
April 13 ...  Added KQV's first newspaper add to History Page
April 15 ... Added Super Summer Page
May 3 ... Added Promos and Jingles to Super Summer Page
... Added 4 new airchecks to Aircheck Page
May 4 ... Added Picture of Super Summer Bonus Button to Super Summer Page
May 5 ... Added KQV Wallpaper Page
May 9 ... Added PAMS and KEN R links to Credits Page
June 20 ... Added a long list of new memories to Memories Page
June 26 ... Added New Gallery 3 Page
... Added Images from Michael Potoski to Gallery 3 Page
June 28 ... Added Pittsburgh Teen Scene (In-Tyme Magazine) pics from WT Koltek to Gallery 3 Page
... Added 10 new pictures to Personalities Page including Todd Chase, Johnny Mitchell, Mark Shaeffer, Alan Boal, Alton Crouch, Bob Harper, Keeve Berman, Bill Jennings, Perry Marshall, and Pie Traynor
June 30 ... Added Bob Harvey Page ... including pics of KQV Traffic Copter,  Bridal Fair, News Car, Jay Davis & Yvonne Elliman, Letter from Bob re: Last Night of KQV, Get Into The Music Poster
... Added Bob Harvey, Jim Carnegie & Bill Martin Pictures to Personalities Page
... Added KQV & WDVE - PAT Trollies to Gallery 3
July 2 ... Added more comments to the Memories Page
July 9 ... Added Hank Mann & Rex Miller Pics to Personalities Page
... Added new Survey Page
... Added more items to Super Summer Page
July 10 ... Added new Beatles Poster Page
July 20 ... Added new pages for Jim Quinn, Chuck Brinkman, Dave Scott, and Bob DeCarlo
... Added Where Are They Today Page to the  Personalities Page
August 3 ... Added more comments to the Memories Page
... Added an appeal from Jay Davis' family to main KQV page.
September 13 ... Added 2 new TM Jingles to Jingles Page.
December 1 ... Added Classic Turkey Man Episode to Airchecks Page.
... Moved Bill Burns tribute to Bill Burns Page.
... Added more comments to the Memories Page.
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