Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
January 10, 1958
Post-Gazette TV & Radio Writer
   An interesting side-light on why KQV's new owner, the ABC network, has given up the original idea of changing the station's call letters.  Practically all available letter combinations are employed by ships at sea, including WASP, (American Serving Pittsburgh) which was first choice and is presently assigned to a big tanker working in the Atlantic.  As you may remember our new NBC station WAMP obtained it's call letters from the American President Lines.  The maneuver, I've been reliably informed, is not nearly as easy as it may seem.

   So KQV will remain KQV.  And why not ?  The station does plan to spend a minimum of $3000,000 on the improvement of it's signal.  This really makes a lot of sense.

   Now the big question still remains.  Is it to be or not to be for CBS-Radio in the eighth biggest market in the United States?  It's to be, I Feel sure, but not on WWSW, KDKA, KQV or WAMP.  So where does that leave us ?