Perry Marshall
10 - 2  pm
at KQV
Perry Marshall came to Pittsburgh from Chicago. Born, Sheldon Roy Lewis, he worked as "Roy Silver" in Chicago before coming to Pittsburgh. In Chicago he began his career as a writer and editor of news at WBBM. His first Pittsburgh radio job was at WPGH Radio in East Liberty in 1951. From there he became the morning deejay at WEDO in McKeesport using the name Roy Lewis.. He then became the first Top 40 Rock & Roll deejay in Pittsburgh at WEEP when it went top 40 in October, 1957. He was given the name "Perry Marshall" by Ernie Tannen when he went to work as a DJ at WEEP. Perry Marshall was a Pittsburgh radio pioneer. In 1961 it was back to Chicago and WIND. In March, 1963, Perry reached 18% of the afternoon audience at WIND, while competing against WLS.

Perry Marshall returned to Pittsburgh and WTAE in the mid 1960's. He then became part of the talk format at WJAS in 1968. On November 6, 1972, the Marshall's Office opened when Perry joined KQV for middays replacing another Pittsburgh legend, Chuck Brinkman. His People Poll was the only midday two-way talk in Pittsburgh, according to KQV program director, Bob Harper. Harper told broadcasting magazine in April 1973, " As a music radio station, the other things are worked in to enhance the sound. But it's not paramount; it's icing," he says Perry Marshall airs only about 10 calls a day, which are taped from a larger number of callers the day before and edited. "It's still basically music"

Perry remained at KQV until March, 1974 when he moved over to KDKA part time. Perry told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette's Ron Weiskind in May 1988, "I was working at WJAS. John Gibbs was the program director at KQV at the time. He asked me to come work for him. I went over there for a couple of years. It was a combination of music and talk. A couple of years later they went back to bubble-gum music. I said to John 'How do you feel about a guy my age sitting in the window screaming "14K!" And Gibbs said "Interesting that you should bring that up." So he fired me. It was a favor. He called Bill Hartman at KDKA and said "I'm firing Marshall."

That part time job led to long career at KDKA. Perry replaced Jack Wheeler in overnights at KQV and the rest is history. Perry retired from full time work at KDKA on May 25, 1988.

Perry Marshall passed away on November 5, 2011. He was 86. One of his daughters has followed in his footsteps. Robin Marshall does voice over work and can be heard on hundreds of commercials all over the country.

(Thanks to John Mehno for some of the background information used on this page.)

Perry Marshall in the KQV Studio
(courtesy of Carl Eckels)

Perry Marshall WJAS newspaper ad
(Pittsburgh Press October 21, 1970)

Perry Marshall in the KDKA Studio
(photo by Darrell Sapp - Pittsburgh Post Gazette May 21, 1988)

Perry Marshall

Perry's daughter Robin Marshall

KQV's Perry Marshall gave away Green Stamps
on his midday show on KQV in 1973/1974