Pittsburgh Press
April 5, 1966
Pie Traynor: End Of A Radio Era

By Vince Leonard, Press TV-Radio Editor

     After more than 18 years on the air, Pie Traynor was called out, it appears on a quick pitch.

     Pie used to be known as KQV's sports director. That was up until a month ago when his tapes on the Pirates in spring training - a yearly ritual for him - were not used by the radio station.

     KQV was in its right to terminate Pie's sports show - heard in the familiar 6:45 p.m. daily slot - any time it liked. He was always billed as a free lancer with the station. Only regular staff members could register legitimate complaints - with the American Federation for Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

     Pie Traynor was a great third baseman with the Pirates and parlayed that popularity into other things. One of them was the broadcast job.

Something Always Happened

     A great after dinner speaker and a raconteur of the highest order, something always happened to Pie when he went on the air. Even after all these years, he "tightened a little."

     He used a monotone, but that was his trademark. You knew baseball news was in the air, when Pie was on the air.

     Harold Joseph Traynor, born a few weeks before the turn of the century, is at retirement age.

     Still, he can be heard on Channel 11's wrestling show and Channel 4's movies, doing his familiar "I'm Pie Traynor."