Pittsburgh Post Gazette - August 14, 1970
Page 31

Win Fanning

     On Wednesday night (Aug. 12) KQV's Jim Quinn ran an interesting poll of his listeners on his 6 to 10 p.m. show. He asked, "Based on what you've been taught ... what you've heard ... and what you've experienced, do you think marijuana should be legalized?" The results are now tabulated and they are not quite what one might have expected.
     Of high school-aged listeners, 32 per cent were for legalization of marijuana and 68 per cent against. Of the 18 to 25 age group 54 per cent favored legalization, and 46 per cent wer against it.
     The surprise came when the votes of the "over 25s" were counted. Fifty-six per cent were for legalization and 44 per cent against. There were no "no opinion" callers, it seems.
     The survey was conducted as a prelude to the rerunning of KQV's widely acclaimed public affairs program, "The Drugged Generation," this Sunday night at 10 o'clock.