Pittsburgh Post Gazette - August 7, 1970
Page 27

Win Fanning

Revamp, New Call Letters,
Coming Soon For KQV-FM

     NOTES FOR  a Friday Morning: Within 60 to 90 days KQV-FM will undergo a complete overhaul. In fact, as KQV-FM, it will cease to exist. The parent American Broadcasting Company is planning to apply to the Federal Communications Commission for new call letter for all seven of its FM stations, "to enhance their identification as a separate service" from their AM sister outlets. Allen B. Shaw Jr. has been named vice president of the new FM division of ABC. Under his direction the current single management set-up for AM and FM will be split, with the FM station getting its own general manager and staff. The "Love" title now applied to ABC-FM programming will be dropped.
     It is planned to introduce programming stressing progressive rock and to increase the "personality" identification of the various hosts. Under what is reported to be a substantially increased budget, there will also be a sharp increase in locally oriented public affairs talk programmming in radio's daily prime time period - ie: daytime.
     The talk shows will be chiefly concerned with today's modern life style. ABC explains that the expenses of radio are so low in comparison with television that the medium can "enjoy the luxury of specialization."