Pittsburgh Press
July 19, 1967
By Vince Leonard
KQV and 'JAS

     SPEAKING OF CHANGING CAREERS, Steve Rizen has resigned at KQV Radio and takes over the morning spot on WJAS July 31.

     Rizen, who joined KQV June 1, 1964, will do the 5:30 to 10 a.m. spot on the NBC owned and operated station and will continue to host "Give It A Whirl" daily at 1 p.m. on Channel 11, an NBC affiliate.

     The opening at WJAS occurred when Perry Marshall switched over to WTAE  Radio. Rizen, who goes from a Top 40 radio operation to one which employs the "good music" policy, is understandably happy over the switch.

     "For one thing I'm only 15 blocks from home," smiled the Big Texan who lives with his wife and son in Scott Twp. WJAS is in Greentree.

     "And with the two NBC related operations, there will be more cross-plugging the two programs than ever," said Rizen. 

     At KQV, all the daytime people will move up one air shift, with Bob WIlson taking over Rizen's old 6 to 10 a.m. slot. Also moving up earlier in the day are Dave Scott and Chuck Brinkman.

     Tom Lee will continue to be the all night man, leaving Brinkman's old 7:30 p.m. to midnight slot open.

     There's a man who used to work mainly in those hours daily and he's looking for a job. He has radio experience at KDKA. His name is Harry Walker, Why not? KQV once employed Pie Traynor.

Pittsburgh Post Gazette
July 19, 1967
By Win Fanning

MORE BRIEFLY: Wake-up man Steve Rizen has resigned from KQV, effective July 29, and will join the staff of WJAS in a similar capacity on or about July 31st. In his new job the local deejay will have to arise even earlier than in the past. His hours on WJAS will be from 5:30 to 10 a.m. He didn't start until 6 a.m. on KQV, where he has been employed sonce shortly after Memorial Day of 1964. He will continue his emcee chores on Channel 11's "Give It A Whirl."

     Replacing Rizen at KQV will be Bob Wilson, who came to tht rock 'n' roll outlet here from KOIL, Omaha, Neb., about a month ago.

     When Rizen starts on WJAS, the present morning man, Bob Lyons, will move into the 2:30 to 7 p.m. slot.