Ron Riley

Ron Riley got into radio by winning a contest at a radio station in Waukegan, WKRS. Ron did high school news once a week. When he went to college at the University of Wisconsin he worked at the college station WHA as a technician. His first opporunity as an on air personality came at WAPL in Appleton. Ron's ambition was to work at WOKY in Milwaukee. He realized that ambition about the same time he was called into the service from the Reserves.

Ron got his chance to work at WLS filling in for Clark Weber. He did afternoons in Milwaukee and commuted to WLS to the all-nite show.  Ron moved on to WHK in Cleveland when he got the call to come to WLS to do the early evening shift.

Ron left WLS in 1969 as management went for a younger staff. After a short stay at WCFL, Ron Riley moved to Baltimore to program WCAO-AM and WXYV-FM. In Baltimore, Ron got into TV hosting "Bowling for Dollars". Ron's career moved to TV as he got out of radio and became a full time TV weatherman. Ron also worked in the tourism business for the city of Baltimore as well as the Philadelphia Convention and Visitors Bureau. Ron now does the morning weather at NewsChannel 8 in Washington DC, where he has been since 1994. Check out Ron Riley's Website

Ron & Nancy Sinatra - 1967
Ron & Jefferson Starship - 196

Ron & Blues Magoos - 1967