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Jeff Roteman
Growing up in Pittsburgh was like being in radio heaven.  As a kid I listened to KDKA , WWSW and the former WRYT (now WTAE) on my parents' radio like most every other kid did.  Then I discovered the joys of Top 40 !  Stations like KQV and WEEP and WIXZ and 13Q.  Top 40 evolved to FM and Pittsburgh had other great stations like WPEZ, 96KX (later Hit Radio 96) and B-94. There were great adult stations too, including WTAE and 3WS. 

When I was 12 my dad took the family to visit the sites in town... the Gulf Building, the Heinz plant, the Goodship Lollipop and others.  While in town we stopped at KQV and took a short tour.  After that I was hooked. 

Over the years, like other kids, I collected the printed radio station surveys from KQV at the National Record Mart.  Even as an adult, I continued to bug the people at the radio stations and collected weekly playlists from WTAE, WXKX, WHTX, WPEZ, 13Q, and B94. 

Eventually I started to collect old jingles and the idea came in 1996 to start an internet site devoted to old jingles from KQV.  Since then I decided to continue to expand my radio web work to include other stations.  Now you can find my sites devoted to not only KQV, but also ABC sister station WLS in Chicago.  You'll find this site devoted to WTAE that I worked on with Chris Lash.  I have since added sites devoted to 13Q, 3WS, WRUA, WPSL, ABC Radio News, Bob Dearborn's Night Time America show, the History of WIKZ (my former station in Chambersburg) and WKBO and KOOL in Harrisburg,

After many years working part-time (often for free) at WPSL and WRUA in Monroeville, and making a living as a manager in the bowling business, including Monroe Bowl in Monroeville, McKnight Lanes in the North Hills, and West Hills Lanes in Greensburg, I decided to get into radio on a full-time basis.  I am now living in Carlisle, Pennsylavania. I spent 18 years working in Chambersburg for Chamersburg Broacasting, Dame Broadcasting, Mainline Broadcasting and Alphia Media USA working at MIX 95.1 (WIKZ-FM) as J.P. McCartney. I suffered a minor stroke in September 2014 and retired in April, 2015.

I spent a career in radio because of the influence of some of the greatest jocks in the business that I had the opportunity to listen to in Pittsburgh.  Thanks to Chuck Brinkman, Bob DeCarlo, Jim Quinn, Bob Dearborn, Johnny Williams, Clark Race, George Hart, Dave Scott, Hal Murray and so many others who influenced me over the years.

I am grateful for the many fine broadcasters that I have become friends with over the years who haved shared their time and memories with me.

. . . Jeff Roteman

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