Ed Salamon grew up in Pittsburgh and became known as "Country radio's most influential programmer" Ed played in a local band know as the Headliners. His group auditioned for DJ Steve Rizen, of KQV. KQV DJ Chuck Brinkman dubbed Ed "Pittsburgh's answer to Mick Jagger".

Ed began his radio career at age 20 as the Assistant Promotion Director and Director of Marketing Research at KDKA. There he applied methodology being used for sales research to programming, and began his first programming job as Music Director of the station.

Ed was hired as Program Director WEEP He was the first to research Country listeners' preferences, and applied Top 40 radio formatics such as a short playlist to Country radio.
WEEP became second only to KDKA in the Pittsburgh total survey area. At that time WEEP had a larger audience share than any other Country station in any top ten market.

Ed went on to Program WHN in New York City. Among other career achievements, Ed formed the United Stations Radio Network with Dick Clark, He became President/Programming of The Westwood One Radio Network. Ed also became Executive Director of The Country Radio Broadcaster. He is a member of the Board of the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.

Now Ed is Chief Executive Officer for the Savannah Music Group, a music publishing company and record label.

Over the years Ed has been a friend of the KQV Website contributing many surveys to the KQV survey portion of the site.

In 2010, Pittsburgh's Ed Salamon published a book titled
"Pittsburgh's Golden Age Of Radio"

A number of pictures featured KQV personalities as well as staff from many other Pittsburgh radio stations. The book is available at Borders.com Amazon.com, ArcadiaPublishing.com and many other locations as well. If you love Pittsburgh Radio, get the book!

These are just a couple of KQV pictures from "Pittsburgh's Golden Age Of Radio"
There are others that are featured in othe sections of this website,
KQV 1963 Staff - Dave Scott, Chuck Brinkman,
Jim McLaughlin, Jim Gearhart and Henry DaBecco
Outside KQV studios on 7th and Smithfield
(courtesy Carl Eckles)
KQV's George Hart and music director Gary Waight (1974)
(courtesy Terry Caywood)
The Jaggerz visit KQV. Shown are members of
The Jaggerz, KQV pd Mike McCormick & Chuck Brinkman
(courtesy Jimmie Ross)