MONDAY - SATURDAY 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

It is quite amazing that Don Berns finds time to do his afternoon show on WTAE! He is extremely active with the community theatre in Pittsburgh and is quite a talented actor, singer and director. Indeed, Don has been in community theatre in Buffalo, San Diego and Dallas, including the Dallas Repertory Theatre and the San Diego Repertory Theatre.

In addition to his on-air duties, Don is WTAE's Music Director, and because of his exceptional knowledge of music he appears weekly on WTAE-TV's "AM PITTSBURGH".

Don is a 10-year veteran of radio and, in 1976 was a regional winner of the Billboard Personality of the Year Award. Don lives in Forrest Hills and is a bachelor. When time permits, he loves to stay home and listen to his massive record collection.

Don's show gives Pittsburgh listeners everything they need to know on their way home including Bob Kopler/Paul Long news, DeNardo Weather, Myron Cope Commentaries and Air Alert Traffic Reports. Don also gives Pittsburgher's his own special features such as "The Dumb Joke Of The Day" (most of Don's are) and "Stump The Disk Jockey" (not difficult). Don's show is a unique act in Pittsburgh Radio.

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