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Thanks to Chris Lash for the inspiration to do a website devoted to the BIG 1250. It was Chris's drive to start this website that put it all into motion. Of course thanks to Ted Atkins and the staff of WTAE for putting on a great radio station.
Thanks to all of the following for their help:
Mark Roberts William T. Koltek Clarke Ingram
Bob Benedict Johnny Williams Larry Gerson
  Mark Mervick  
The unofficial WTAE radio home page created and designed by Chris Lash and Jeff Roteman
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After many years as ESPN RADIO 1250 WEAE, WTAE is currently owned by ABC/Disney
and became Radio Disney WDDZ on January 1, 2011

This website is not affilliated with WDDZ Radio, ABC/Disney or
WTAE's former owners Hearst/Argyle.