One of the most successful promotions run at WTAE was
"I Love You Pittsburgh"

The "I Love You Pittsburgh" campaign actually started out on 96 KX (WXKX-FM). 96 KX had a number of "I Love You Pittsburgh" parties as thank-you's to Pittsburgh listeners.

"I Love You Pittsburgh" later moved to 1250/wtae and it was a huge hit. There were a number of WTAE "I Love You Pittsburgh" parties at various venues in the Pittsburgh area including the Bridgeville VIP club on Friday February 13, 1981. Station ID's were produced with Pittsburgh celebrities doing ID's. One example was "I'm Terry Bradshaw, and I Love You Pittsburgh". 

Merchandise was created along with "I Love You Products"
by MBH Enterprizes and was sold at area Kaufman's Department
Stores in special "I Love You Pittsburgh" Departments.
Mugs, Tshirts, Cups, Tumblers and more were adorned with the
"I Love You Pittsburgh" logo. The first set was so successful they were followed by a second with a new script logo.
(the sticker on the right was on all t-shirts)
Station jingles featuring the "I Love You Pittsburgh" slogan were ordered.

I Love You Pittsburgh Jingle (1)
I Love You Pittsburgh, You know where always gonna to be around.
I Love You Pittsburgh, We're with you and we'll never let ya down, WTAE
   Produced by Impressions Plus Sound Images,  Denver, Colorado   1977

I Love You Pittsburgh Jingle (2) (audio only)
I Love You Pittsburgh, You're the Highland Park Zoo and the Panthers too, 
You're an incline ride up a mountain side.
I Love You Pittsburgh, You're a real great city with a lot to do.
You're the stadium, Steelers and the Pirates too.
I Love You Pittsburgh

I Love You Pittsburgh, From Mount Washington,
it's all clear to see, Pittsburgh's home to me.
You're a city of steel and I love the way you feel.
I Love you Pittsburgh and WTAE.
   Produced by January Sound Studios, Inc.,  Dallas, Texas   1978

I Love You Pittsburgh Jingle (2) (youtube video)
1250/wtae even partnered with McDonald's on bumper stickers.

"I Love You Pittsburgh" signs were placed on top of Yellow Cabs
This one was signed for me by ... Larry O'Brien, John Garry, Intrepid Scout,
Chuck Brinkman, Don Berns, Mike McGann, Johnny Williams, and Suzie Barbour.

"I Love You Pittsburgh" signs were placed on PAT Busses

"I Love You Pittsburgh" was used in advertising.

An "I Love You Pittsburgh" contest was run as well.
1250/wtae's O'Brien & Garry gave away an "I Love You Pittsburgh"
Party to a Pittsburgh listener. From the September 23, 1978 Vox Jox column in Billboard Magazine "WTAE has been running an "I Love You Pittsburgh" contest. Listeners have been asked to write whay they would like to have an "I Love You Pittsburgh" party in their home hosted by WTAE morning drive team Larry O'Brien and John Garry.