Johnny Williams
Johhny Williams came to WTAE from KHJ in Los Angeles on March 31, 1975. replacing Mark Roberts in afternoons. Johhny was the consumate radio professional. He was held in such high regards by Bill Drake at KHJ that this memo hung in the studio.
Johnny started out in radio in Boulder, Colorado in 1959 at KBOL. His career featured stops in Denver (including legendary KIMN), Tuscon, Portland, Phoenix, San Diego (KCBQ), and Los Angeles, where he spent 10 years at KHJ before coming to Pittsburgh.

Johnny spent a number of years doing the afternoon shift on WTAE and each week counted down the WTAE Hit Parade. Johhny moved to nights on WTAE when Bob Dearborn came to Pittsburgh in 1977.

Johhny left WTAE in 1985 and spent time at Field-Williams Advertising. He moved to Hawaii and worked at KHVH and KHNR. He now is the president of one of the premiere radio websites, 440 Satisfaction. Johnny also does some consulting.

Johnny Williams Jingle