The Kathy Kerestes Collection
Kathy Kerestes joined WTAE News from WESA in Charloroi in August 1977. She was teamed with Alan Boal on the O'Brien and Garry Show. For years she was know to her audience as "Mon Valley Minnie".

Since leaving, WTAE / WHTX, Here's what Kathy has been up to.
"I began working at Carlow University as the media and communication director.  While there, I developed the WOMEN OF SPIRIT AWARD, where each month I would honor a different woman who was competent and compassionate in her particular field.  Patty Burns was the first recipient

Following my tenure there, I opened my own business, Kerestes Media Asociates, located at Southpointe, near Canonsburg.  My clients included, Bassi, McCune and Vreeland, Attornies at Law; Jacksons at the airport and at Southpointe; Molyneaux Tile and Carpeting; The Sewickley Spa, etal. I did voice overs for most of them, as well as buying radio and television ads.

During the time when I was working with Jackson's and the Doubletree, I fell into an exasperation with my MS.  Just recently, while at therapy, I stood up and took a couple of steps.  I will walk again!

My free time consists of writing on this computer, dinner out, movies, writing, and working part time with Bender Consulting Services, where I make phone calls to MS organizations in Texas." (2/14/2015)

Thanks to Kathy for providing these pictures. She was very open to me about her illness. Let's hope her spirit will be an inspiration to others. She passed away on May 23, 2015, just 4 days after her 61st birthday.

Kathy joins WTAE Radio newspaper article.
Kathy Kerestes and Captain Kangaroo - 1989
Kathy Kerestes - 1978
Kathy Kerestes and John Garry - 1995
Kathy at work
Kathy Kerestes & Neil Spence signing autographs at Kennywood Park
Kathy Kerestes WTAE TV Action News
John Garry on the phone.
Kathy in the newsroom
Kathy in therapy in 2012