O'Brien & Garry
In November 1972, the new 1250 WTAE was born. Bernie Amrstrong hired Larry O'Brien from WCFL in Chicago where he was doing mornings with Bob Dearborn. (Bob would later join WTAE). Larry asked that his long time friend John Garry be hired as well. John was doing afternoons at WIST in Charlotte, N.C. Larry and John had worked at WTOD in Toledo years earlier. In 1975, Larry suggested to WTAE management that the two should team up. After a few experimental outings, it was agreed to and in March, the O'Brien & Garry Show was born.
The duo developed many characters including Ace Pilot in the Nifty 1250 Heckycopter, Mr. Science and Jimmy, Lt. Macho and many others. There were constant guests and of course Intrepid Scout (Winnie Bricker).The O'Brien & Garry Show aired on both WTAE AM&FM until 1977 when 96KX came on. Blake Lawrence would do mornings on 96KX.

1981 O'Brien & Garry picture taken by Post Gazette's Bill Levis

The ratings were great at WTAE and they trailed only Jack Bogut on KDKA in the morning. In 1983 they considered leaving WTAE and going to WBZZ (B-94). After contract negotations it was decided that O'Brien & Garry would move across the hall to the new WHTX, Hitradio 96 and KDKA's Jack Bogut would come to WTAE.
The O'Brien & Garry Show would dominate the ratings on WHTX while Jack Bogut's show would flounder on WTAE. Larry & John would move on to WMXP in Pittsburgh in 1992. The O'Brien & Garry show returned in 1994 to Talk Radio WTAE. Larry O'Brien retired on May 16, 1997. He now resides in Hilton Head, S.C. John Garry retired on December 1, 1997.

Larry and John shown in studio
(courtesy Ed Salamon & Mark Roberts)

O'Brien & Garry Jingle

A CD was released a few years ago with many of O'Brien & Garry's best features including Mr. Science, Lt. Macho, Mary Heartbeat, and others. The CD is no longer available.
Here are a few of the 25 tracks from the CD
Mary Heartbeat - Frogs
Mr. Science - Columbus
Lt. Macho - Cadavers
Tethers The Clown
Lt. Macho - Santa Gets Busted
Mr. Science - Perseid Meteors