Tight Market May Force More Changes
Press TV-Radio Editor

The Pittsburgh Press, Tuesday March 5, 1974  (page 44)
*** This is part of a column detailing format chnges of WIXZ to beautiful music
as well as other possible changes in Pittsburgh radio" ***

   With everybody crying poor, rumors run amuck.  The most persistent grapevine goodie concerns the sale of KQV to a company specializing in country music.

   However, both ABC (owners of KQV) in New York and local station officials deny the rumor.  ABC radio contends "it was erroneously in some trade papers that KQV was for sale.  We've had some inquiries, but no one has made an offer we're willing to accept."

   Although audience ratings indicate KQV is holding either third or fourth spot in town (depending on how you count), the station has been giving the appearance of an identity crisis.

   Once the city's strong contemporary rock station, KQV softened its sound a year or so ago and now even has adopted the 14K code - a blatant copy of 13Q.

Station Drops Perry Marshall
KQV Sold To Taft,
May Be Headed for Country Format
Press TV-Radio Editor

The Pittsburgh Press, Wednesday March 27, 1974  (page 90)

   KQV Radio has been sold to Taft Broadcasting for $3.5 million, according to ABC, current owners of the local station.

   The announcement yesterday ended weeks of speculation, which this column had pinpointed to a Taft sale although none of the three participating parties would confirm until now.

   The sale is subject to approval of the  Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a process that could take anywhere from six months to a year.

   The FCC requires prospective new owners to file format specifics, but until the papers are filed, Taft isn't talking about it's intentions for the station.

   You know and I know we have an idea of what we'd like to do with the station, but I can't discuss it with you now, said a Taft official in Cincinnatti.

  Rumors run to a country format, although Taft's other stations are "largely contemporary or conservative middle- of - the- road."

   With KQV, Taft owns five AMs, five FMs, five VHF-TVs and one UHF-TV stations.

KQV Drops Marshall

   Meanwhile, Perry Marshall has been shown the door at KQV, and has been hired "for relief work on a free-lance basis" at KDKA.

   KQV has moved Larry Clark into the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. slot, bringing in New Yorker, Rick Shaw, for the 3 to 7 p.m. air time.

A station spokesman explained, "We felt that the direction the station was into and its target audience (12-3) necessitated the change.

   Marshall currently is filling in for Mike Levine, who has undergone "knee repair" and is expected back next Monday.