The Pittsburgh Press
January 23, 1968
Page 41
This ad appeared in the Pittsburgh Press
January 23, 1968   Page 41
The 1968 KQV is here and ready for you !  Longer ... on hit records.  Lower ... on chatter.  Wider ... on news coverage.  The '68 KQV ... just when you think you've heard everything ...  a quick-rambling, action-geared vehicle that stops and goes at the push of a button, makes it happen fast.  The '68 KQV contemporary ... It comes in assorted colors ... Blues (Magoos), Strawberry (Alarm Clock), Vanilla (Fudge).  It comes in assorted designs ... Monkees, Alpert, Martin ... All meshed into comtemporary styling to give you the smoothest driving package in it's class. The '68 QV-8 ... is great ... for '68, '69, '70, '71, '72, KQV ... the win-you-over beat goes on for young, better-idea people who got the fever. Are we talking your language?