The beautiful brown winged nocturnal warrior, Turkeyman.
Turkey Man followed the exploits of Bryce Lovely, full-time perfume salesman from Shadyside, turned part-time Turkeyman, arch enemy of evil doers and dirty communists.
Bob Harvey on Turkeyman . . .
     "In 1974 pd Jim Carnegie revived Turkeyman. This trip the voices included Larry Clark and Joe Fenn and others.  Turkeyman lost his lisp due to complaints by gay rights organizations.  In the middle of one of the episodes Turkeyman caught a cold and the femme lisp became a nasal voice.  We would record a week's worth of shows in an evening and those evenings would become events attended by guests such as off duty station people to the femme's de jour.  Copious amounts of wine also helped make the recordings even more fun.  By this time I was writing most of the scripts.  When the series was finally cancalled ... we had run out of local things to talk about and this was about the end of the golden age of radio. I was pleased to work with so many voices of quality and in a humorous kind of way."

**** These 1974 episodes were dubbed from 44 year old cassette tapes that I originally recorded in Plum Borough and are not very good quality. They are here for historic purposes. These are the only episodes remaining from this series. Episode dates are approximate.****

Episode 1 . . . The Return Of Turkeyman. Turkeyman comes back from the pile 
                       of garbage.
(Original Airdate: Wednesday, Nov 20, 1974)
Episode 2 . . . Turkeyman heads to Ciy Hall. He finds out about inflation and 
                       was bamboozled.
(Original Airdate: Thursday, Nov 21, 1974)
Episode 3 . . . Turkeyman goes to Three Rivers Stadium. He finds the Steelers
                       head coach debating the Steelers quarterback controversy.
(Original Airdate: Friday, Nov 22, 1974)
Episode 4 . . . Turkeyman joins the Steelers in their huddle. And has the 3 
                      Steelers quarterbacks color to decide who will start.
(Original Airdate: Monday, Nov 25, 1974)
Episode 5 . . . Turkeyman continues to meet Mayor Flattery. The mayor's 
                      hatchet man waits for his appointment.
(Original Airdate: Tuesday, Nov 26, 1974)
Episode 6 . . . Turkeyman received a pink envelope from the mayor. He is 
                      ordered to serve the mayor in the kitchen.
(Original Airdate: Wednesday, Nov 27, 1974)
Episode 7 . . . Thanksgiving Episode. . .
                . . . Turkeyman is being plucked to be the mayor's Thanksgiving 
                      dinner. He escapes from the kitchen.
(Original Airdate: Thursday 28, 1974)
Episode 8 . . . Turkeyman is licking his wounds and patrols the Golden Triangle
                      and finds the fountain at the point.
(Original Airdate: Friday, Nov 29, 1974)
Episode 9 . . . Turkeyman stops up the water in the fountain with chewing gum.
(Original Airdate: Monday, Dec 2, 1974)
Episode 10 . . . Turkeyman has messed up Steeler practice at Three Rivers 
                        Stadium and caused a flood.
(Original Airdate: Tuesday, Dec 3, 1974)
Episode 11 . . . Turkeyman strolls Liberty Avenue and finds a commotion in 
                        town & decides to divert the water from the stadium to the city.
(Original Airdate: Wednesday, Dec 4, 1974)
Episode 12 . . . Turkeyman helps the Count fix his monument by the Bilton 
                        Hotel. He might cause a flood on the city.
(Original Airdate: Thursday, Dec 5, 1974)
Episode 13 . . . Turkeyman causes the statue to slide to Gateway Center.
(Original Airdate: Friday, Dec 6, 1974)
Episode 14 . . . Turkeyman is arrested after he causes a traffic jam.
(Original Airdate: Monday, Dec 9, 1974)
Episode 15 . . . Turkeyman is in court and is given 10 minutes to remove Hilda.
(Original Airdate: Tuesday, Dec 10, 1974)
Episode 16 . . . Turkeyman looks for a place for Hilda & buys South Park for $19
(Original Airdate: Wednesday, Dec 11, 1974)
Episode 17 . . . Turkeyman moves the ice statue through the Liberty Tubes and
                        gets stuck in the tunnel.
(Original Airdate: Thursday, Dec 12, 1974)
Episode 18 . . . Turkeyman meets Hydro Smooth who wants to use Hilda for 
                        drinking water.
(Original Airdate: Friday, Dec 13, 1974)
Episode 19 . . . Turkeyman wants to put Hilda on the Ramtrack Train and heads
                         toward Baum Boulevard.
(Original Airdate: Monday, Dec 16, 1974)
Promos for the 1974 Turkeyman Christmas Special
The 1974 Turkeyman Christmas Special. Thanks to Mark Mervick for providing this holiday classic. The KQV Turkeyman Special featured Bill Armstrong, Mario Palasimo, Marsha Littleberry, Judy Berger, Betty Rosseto, Mary Winstein, Mark Mervick, Juanita McDonald, Pam Brennan, and Ernie Hoffmaster. Some of the carolers were Lou Curry, Jean Seaman, Jim Henry, Frank Joseph, Tom Shoenock, and Bob Schmidt. Engineers were Jerry Land and Ken Nixon. The Turkeyman cast included Joe Fenn, Larry Clark and Bob Harvey. The Production Director was Dan Formento. And your announcer Irwin Freebish.
{Original Airdate: Tuesday, Dec 24, 1974)
Original Airdates are Approximate
Well ... Be listening as the KQV Website presents exclusively another chilling chapter in the life of the most feared fowl Pittsburgh has ever known - Turkeyman - He's Always There - He's Always There !
**** It is not known how many more episodes were made.****