Fred Winston
Fred Winston spent 3 years in Pittsburgh from 1968 to 1971. Fred worked mid-days and mornings at the Big 14.  Many of the id's on KQV were voiced by Fred during his years at KQV.

Fred worked in Denver as well as in Omaha at KOIL,in Cleveland at WKYC, and at WING in Dayton before coming to KQV. After leaving KQV, Fred has spent his career entertaining millions in Chicago. Like Gary Gears, Fred worked at a couple of the most influencial stations in the midwest WCFL and WLS. Fred also worked at WFYR, WMAQ, WJMK, and WPNT. Fred was back doing afternoons on WLS-FM 94.7 in Chicago until April 2013.. 

Fred's booming voice was on commericals all over the country.  You've probably heard his spots for Alberto Culver, Kraft Foods, Kroger Supermarkets, and Old Style Beer and many others. If you've seen Ferris Bueller's day off, you've heard Fred. He is the first voice heard in the motion picture

There are a couple of Fred Winston airchecks on-line on Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Archives.

Fred at WKYC Cleveland

  Fred at WLS Chicago

Congratulations to Fred Winston. In 2001, Fred was inducted into the
Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Personality

Fred at KQV - April 1969
Fred in 1999
Fred at WLS
Fred at KQV - July 1970
Fred Winston Autograph
Fred in 2006
 Fred Winston Airchecks
  Fred Winston Aircheck (6:02)  1st Day at KQV  1/10/69
  Fred Winston Aircheck (16:23)  "Hangover Club" (1/1/71)
 * Fred Winston Aircheck for Harry West 1971
 * Fred Winston Aircheck for Gary Gears 1971
 * Fred Winston 1970/71 Late 1970/early 71 ?
  Fred Winston Aircheck August 28, 1969
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