Dick Biondi
Radio Hall of Famer Dick Biondi joined WLS in 1960. The "Wild Itralian" was the first DJ in America to play the Beatles. He remained at WLS for 3 years before moving on to KRLA in Los Angeles. While at WLS, he wrote and recorded "On Top of a Pizza", which sold over 11,000 copies. 
Dick hosted a nationally syndicated show on Mutual Radio and was heard on over 125 stations. Dick returned to Chicago and WCFL in 1967 and then spent a decade at WNMB in North Myrtle Beach. He returned to Chicago and WJMK in 1984, And now is the night time host at 94.7 WLS-FM.
In 1998, Dick Biondi was elected to the Radio Hall of Fame
In May, 1963, Dick left WLS after a dispute with management. These articles appeared in Billboard Magazine.

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