Walt Disney World opened in 1971 and over the years
WLS had many promotions involving the Magic Kingdom
WLS was the first station to give away complete trips to Walt Disney World

Pictured in 1978 are Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as well as
WLS Personalities Yvonne Daniels, Fred Winston, Bob Sirott,
John Records Landecker and Steve King.
In 1975, the WLS Express gave away all expense paid trips aboard the Amtrak Superliner to Walt Disney World. All you had to do was to answer WLS Musicradio if someone asked you "What Radio Station Do You Listen To?
Over the years, WLS gave away many great vacation packages

In February, 1978, WLS Musicradio
sent Chicagoland listeners to Acapulco.
Not just 1 trip, not 2, not even 10.

60 trips to Acapulco from WLS Musicradio.
WLS gave away 60 week long trips including
airfare on World Airways 747 jets and a stay
at the Continental Hotel.

Sand surf, recreation and relaxation in the sunshine of Mexico from WLS Musicradio.
In 1981, WLS gave away an Island Getaway

In 1979 The WLS Musicradio Snow Removal Plan
gave away 20 trips for 2 to Sunny Mexico

In 1981, WLS gave away an $80,000
custom built home.