Larry Lujack 1940 - 2013
Larry Lujack has passed away. Superjock died from cancer on December 18, 2013
Many of Larry's co-workers and friends have commented on Larry's passing. These wer taken from facebook and other soucrces.

Tommy Edwards "I lost my best friend on December 18th of this year. I want to thank everyone who offered their condolences. It was overwhelming and very much appreciated.
Larry Lujack and I first met on June 12th, 1972. Larry was in the process of leaving WLS to go to WCFL. He worked at WCFL for a few years and our friendship didn't really begin until he returned to WLS in 1976. But I did hear from him while he was at WCFL. He called me once to comment on an article that appeared in a trade magazine. The article had mistakenly given someone else the credit for originating certain programs that I had created. Larry said he wanted me to know that he knew I wasn't getting the proper credit. I was very impressed he made that effort.
Eventually, Larry did return to WLS to do mornings and I followed him on-the-air. I'd spend time sitting next to him in the studio working on show-prep and soon we'd banter back and forth on-the-air during live commercials. That evolved into Animal Stories and that feature tied us together for decades.
Larry was a very private person. However, I learned over the 30+ years that he was very charitable. He encouraged me to join him in sending gift cards anonymously to needy families at Christmas time. He was generous in so many ways and never wanted publicity.
I spent hours with him talking and laughing about every conceivable subject. We'd confide in each other like friends do. He shared his cancer diagnosis with me on the first of February this year. It was very important to him that it be kept private. There were occasions we would talk on the phone, and I would end up feeling sad. But there were also many conversations that had us both laughing. And that's a gift I'll always have.
It's very important to say that Larry Lujack was not afraid of death. He prayed every day and never lost his faith.
Millions grew up listening to him in the morning. He inspired people to get into radio and influenced those already in the industry. He was one-of-a-kind. He was SUPERJOCK. We will all miss him."

John Rook: "A great talent to direct Pat. When top rated in afternoon drive at WLS in 67', he always arrived two hours before each show, spent time gathering thoughts, reading wire stories, newspapers, then five minutes before show time he'd walk down the hall to my office, shyly stick his head through the open door without entering asking, "Anything new boss?" In less than a minute he heard what I had to say, he simply said "Gotcha" in his less than exciting way, turned and left for the studio."

Jeff Davis: "Very sad news, indeed. We all loved Larry. He, as are all of us who are part of that WLS era, are like family. This is like losing my brother. Each of us have memories that are unique... conversations we had about many things. Many people treated Larry like the icon that he truly was but he didn't care for that. Those of us who were on the inside knew that. The gruff persona was truly his outward image but, and I think Tommy Edwards would agree, he was amusing himself and often giving a wink to the audience. In reality, Larry was a very private person who enjoyed immense popularity. I am devastated. We will all miss you, Larry."

John Gehron: "It was difficult news to hear Larry Lujack had passed away. He was gruff on the outside but warm inside. I've enjoyed the many posts about Larry and how he influenced many of us. He made me a better program director at WLS."

Scott Shannon: "Farewell to Larry Lujack, one of the very best to ever open a radio microhone. He was a childhood hero to me and so may other people who followed thir dreams. RIP Uncle Lar."

Timothy G Adams: "I used to drive into work every day listening to every "bit " and I can't say that some of those bits didn't make it to my midday show. We 'll miss you."

Les Grobstein: "It's with big sadness that we learned that Superjock LARRY LUJACK has passed away at age 73 after a bout with Cancer. I started working with "Uncle Lar" when WLS hired me in October of 1979, right when my Son Scott was born. I worked with him until he stepped away from the business in 1987. Last saw him in May 2008 at the WLS "Rewind" when they brought back the Big 89 on Memorial Day."

Turi Ryder: "John Gehron used to say, "I have morning drive, twenty four hours a day." Larry Lujack always treated you as though you might be the next Larry Lujack, which was immensely flattering. And he gave me some (well, actually a lot) of very good advice, including this: "Never move anywhere for less than a two year deal."
I have the Beacons, Mayflower, Allied box inventory sheets that prove he was right."

Randy West: "It's bad enough that exciting, entertaining radio is dead. Way sadder yet is that one of it's greatest practitioners just passed away, as well. RIP Chicagoland's Larry Lujack."

Cheri Preston: "Legendary Chicago DJ Larry Lujack died last night. Growing up in Macomb, IL we used to listen to the Big 89 WLS and compare stories at school. Reception wasn't great so some of us would go to our parents' cars because you could hear better out there. All the cool kids listened to Larry Lujack. R.I.P."

Don O'Brien: "One of the All Time Radio Greats.... One that most of the talent listened to, and wanted to be like, has passed.....If you are in the business and have never read SUPERJOCK give it a read.......RIP Larry Lujack, SUPERJOCK."

Gil Gross: "Damn. Just damn. The first time I ever felt maybe I could make a living at this awhile was becoming Lujack's morning newsman in 1971 [only because Lyle Dean was just fed up with 3am alarm clocks]. Many happy memories most of which can't be explained including the two of us not being able to say anything for 45 minutes because for some reason at 515 in the morning we found the words "Sears sump pumps" the funniest thing we had ever heard in our lives. Lar nailing every line. Every post. Lar handing promo records to officers who stopped him when he drove 90 mph from Lombard at 430am, eventually just stopping him to get the free records. Turning the FCC required "WLS Farm Report" into a morning comedy bit. Upping my game each and every morning. Probably my greatest achievement at WLS was after GM Paul Abrams refused to give Larry the money he wanted and Larry went to WCFL, I took all the pictures we had of him and plastered Abrams office with them. On the ceiling. In his books. Wallet photos pasted on to the bottom of his shotglasses. Everywhere. For months you'd occasionally hear a scream and Mary Jane Johnson, Abrams' secretary would call me and whisper "he found another one." One of the greatest DJ's at the station with more wall to wall talent than anywhere else in the nation. RIP, Lar."

Chris DeCarlo: "I began my radio career in the Midwest and listening to Larry was an inspiration. The hardest achievement as a new radio personality is to relax and just be yourself on the air. Many never find that sweet spot, but the true radio greats made us all want to. It's sad to lose a legend because there aren't many left and new ones aren't being made. "

Monte Rifkin: "I began my radio career in the Midwest and listening to Larry was an inspiration. The hardest achievement as a new radio personality is to relax and just be yourself on the air. Many never find that sweet spot, but the true radio greats made us all want to. It's sad to lose a legend because there aren't many left and new ones aren't being made. "

Scott Childers: "Superjock has gone on to the last roundup. Larry Lujack passes away after a bout of cancer. 1940-2013. Another radio legend lost this year." "An honor to have worked with you, Uncle Lar...."

Martin Greenburg: "Larry and I worked together at WLS 1975-1979 until I left for abc New York 
He was a dear friend and an absolutely wonderful talent He will be missed"

Fred Winston: "Larry was one of the most talented, gifted performers in the history of the business."  "Friend, team mate, inspiration, & role model. Just received word my buddy Larry Lujack passed away. Too young, too soon."

Ric Lippincott: "I'd love to say we were great friends but there were others closer to him than I. We worked together. He was brilliant, talented and charming. He's a legend in Chicago Radio. The last time I went to visit him in Santa Fe, I had a sense I'd seen him for the last time. I'm honored to say I knew him at all. This morning I learned from Turi Ryder that he has moved on. RIP Larry Lujack"

Jim Johnson: "It was an honor to have worked with him a true gentleman and great broadcaster"

Rich McMillan: "He was one of the greats ... and a wonderful person. I feel very fortunate to have known him."

Dan Steele: "The radio industry has lost one of its very best. I spent many hours enjoying air checks of this legend back in my early days as a DJ. Back then virtually everyone I ever worked with admired and emulated "Super Jock". Thanks for the memories Uncle Lar !"