Weber vs. Riley in the put-down bout of the century.
that feud
The other WLS personalities help break it up, left to right, Bernie Allen,
Don Phillips, Art Roberts, "enemies" Clark and Ron, and Dex Card.
It started innocently, a funny line about a guy, with no malice aforethought ... played for laughs.
   But the opening shot had been fired, and the war had started. The combatants, deployed at either end of town, didn't have to move an inch; Clark Weber exercised only his fertile wit and his jaw muscles at radio station WRIT each morning, putting down Ron Riley, and Ron in turn, lighting up the night skies from his battle station WOKY with unveiled insults hurled back through the Milwaukee atmosphere at Clark Weber.
   The feud carried on for months, with neither showing any signs of surrender.
   Finally, one fateful evening, the pair met head-on, although quite by accident, at a local record hop. Weber, catching sight of Riley, bristled for the fight to come. Riley flexed his muscles, ready to counter any quick thrust by his opponent. But the battle never came.
   Weber, since he had started the whole thing with the first insult, extended a hand in friendship. "Look Ron," started Clark, "Let's call a halt to this silly feud before someone gets hurt." "Okay by me," Ron answered. "I guess you're right, this could get out of hand."
   Perhaps that would have ended it once and for all but fate stepped in to play a hand.
   The scene changes to Chicago. Ron Riley and Clark Weber are successfully launched on new careers. Both now top disk jockeys on one ot the nation's great radio stations, WLS. And by coincidence, Clark is on the air again in the mornings, Riley at night.
   The two, in talking over their silly feud of their Milwaukee days reminisce, "I'll have to admit, Ron says, "you really made me mad when you said my fave was so ugly Mother Nature look like a litter bug." "Oh yeah," said Clark, "when you accused me of being 'half out of my mind and completely out of material' - I thought that was stooping pretty low."
   "How about that time you said," started Ron, but Clark cut him off - "Wait a minute, wait a minute, here we go again: Let's save some of this for the air."
   "You mean," said Ron with raised eyebrows, "we should start the feud all over again?" "Sure," said Clark "but all in fun this time, just for laughs."
   Just for laughs it is - so there's the truth behind "the feud." All in fun, all for laughs but as the put-downs fly fast and thick, the folks behind the scenes are wondering how long this "planned cold war" can continue before it breaks out into a full-fledged shooting feud.
   "The stork that delivered Riley should be arrested for dope smuggling," quips Weber-
   "Weber is a lot like garlic," counters Riley "a little of him is more than enough."
   Veteran observers of the feud shake their heads in wonderment - "how long can this last?" The insults are getting rougher, the fuses getting shorter, so look for flying glass!
   What started out for yaks may no longer be a laughing matter after all.
"Okay Weber, take that!"
"Quit hiding, Riley, I see you back there!"