The Wild Adventures of
Peter Fugitive
He might whisk you to a mountain top to track down a kookie crook, or dunk you into an underground river for another caper. He's one of the wildest heroes on radio - Peter Fugivite - whose rugged adventures are broadcast every Monday Through Thursday night within the Art Roberts show.
   The part of Peter, his-teenage sidekick, Bobby (called "Booby" when he goofs) and an entertaining parade of assorted characters are all played by Ray Van Steen, creator and producer of the show.
   Each series of episodes, which might last for two or three weeks, is a complete story, highlighted by a complete range of sound effects, music, and, of course, the cast of characters.
   During his appearances at record hop and other functions in Chicagoland, Ray is frequently asked, "How can you do all of those different voices?" Although he's too modest to say, the real reason is a thing called talent.