Here are your memories of WLS . . .

     I found your WLS site by pure accident while researching WLS, but since finding it, I couldn't be more thrilled.  Listening to the old jingles from the Big 89 brought back so many memories of my junior high and high school years (1961-1967).  Living in Michigan's Upper Peninsula back in the 1960's, access to Top 40 music was limited, so we were fortunate to get WLS at night when most of the UP radio stations reduced their power.  I had an Channel Master transistor radio with an earphone.  I would hide the radio under my pillow and use the earphone to listen to-first-Dick Biondi-and then Art Roberts at night.  Often, I would fall asleep with the radio still on, and wake up in the morning to the sound of the buzzing (from the lost signal) in my ear.  The music and chatter were great, but the jingles are what I remember most.  I've always been a jingles guy and considered the PAMS and KENR jingles as the best.  After I graduated from college, I went to work for the local radio station (WIKB-Iron River, MI) and tried to recreate the energy I had heard from WLS DJs.  For the last 15 years that I worked in radio, the format was Solid Gold, the same music that I first heard from Dick Biondi and Art Roberts (This has been a work of Art, his sign-off) back in the 1960's.  We were very excited when we heard that Kris Erik Stevens had been installed in the 6-9 pm WLS slot, since he got his start at WJPD, which was WIKB's sister station in Ishpeming, MI.  Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to hear all the DJ's because of daytime interference, but the names are still familiar.   Thanks for all the info, DJ pictures & bio's, and sound checks.  Talk about reliving radio history!  Keep up the good work.

B. Leonoff  (1/15/12)

     Hi, Back in the summer of 1966 we listened to WLS almost constantly.  During that summer a song stick in my mind which I can’t find anything about.  I thought the title was “Would ya Believe?â€?.  It was a paradoy song about the tv series Get Smart.  I've contacted a Get Smart fan club and they had no idea about it.  They suggested is might have been made by WLS exclusively.  Can you help me with this?
I'd like to think I'm not losing my mind and there was such a song.  My cousin and I remembered hearing the song about 8 times on day.
Thanks, Gary Porter (12/22/2011) Please let me know if anyone can helpe Gary... Jeff

     Grand site. Keeps me from getting old. By the way...the QSL card with the dial...late `1960. Art Roberts is on that, I believe, replacing one of the original jocks, Ed Grennen, who went to WMAQ radio and became a TV legend as Professor Ed hosting "It's Academic" for many years, and several awards..
Bob Hale (1/16/2006)
East of Midnight,
Silver Dollar Survey

     I found your site this evening - while playing around.  I was born & raised in Detroit but my dad's job took us to Illinois in 1975 where I stayed until I moved back to Mich in 1997.
    Back in the 70's - WLS ruled (here in Mich it was like CKLW)  I remember John Records Landecker and Larry Lujak and I am in reminiscint mode.  I can't comprehend how AM radio could be "cool" in this day and age but it makes me so homesick for Chicago........even tho we lived WAY WAY to close to O'Hare......(right off of Irving Park Road)
     I can't wait to come home and bring my now 16 yr old son back to his birthplace (Elmhurst, IL) he was only 7 when we moved.
    Thank you for such a cool site and keep up the good work.
... Kathy B (12/04/2005)

     Love the website and stop in from time to time when I need a Big 89 fix.  Not sure about this, but on the new jock lineup picture you posted I think the DJ identified as Kris Erik Stevens may actually be Dick Sainte.
,,, Jim Tighe (11/23/2005)

     I am the biggest fan of WLS from 1967 till 1974 which were the best years. JJ Jeffreys, Larry Lujack, Chuck Buell, Kris Stevens and my personal fav was Jerry Kate. I used to sneak a trans radio under my pillow to listen to him from 2-6 am and remember the farm special.  Wow what memories.
... John Lydon (9/11/2005)

    Ahhhhhhh ... those were the days ... and nights, also. "East of Midnight" I created that name ... well, actually stole it from the first WLS radio ad. From there it was the Silver Dollar Survey ... and from there ... OUT THE DOOR! I went over the WMAQ-NBC, trying to be an "up beat but no quite rock and roll station". They failed. I went into TV for the next upteen hundred years, finishing up as a DJ again at the dying WJJD. But, Biondi lives on ... he'll be on for 7 years after he dies!
     Great site. Many thanks for remembering.
... Bob Hale (8/19/2005)

     I am trying to remember the name of the lady who hosted the late night talk show on WLS in the early 80's. She took callers and helped them with relationship problems. I am thinking her first name was  Linda but I can't remember. I do remember that she appeared on the Phil Donahue show one time during this period. I used to listen to her every Sunday night on WLS and I just wondered if she is doing anything now?
... David Hancock (7/30/2005)

     After stumbling across the WLS memories website I thought I'd take the time to shoot you an e-mail.
I was going through high school in the early '70s, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Now you have to realize that back then, up there, we didn't exactly have a lot of choices when it came to "Top-10" radio stations.  But believe it or not, we were able to pull in WLS at night!  We always thought that it was something about the station being able to turn up the frequency at night?  Needless to say, 'LS was a savior for a bunch of teenagers growing up!  I have TONS of memories, most of which are attached to the songs of the period - walking around with an am radio or listening in the car while "cruising".
     Anyway, I was researching the top songs of 1970 - 1974, and found the WLS website.  Just wanted to say "thanks" for a great website that brings back lots of good memories.  It was particularly helpful for me as I'm trying to build a library of my personal favorite songs from those years.  By the way - any insight on how I could go about building this?
     Thanks again!
... Jeff Gumm (    7/19/2005)

     I was just looking in my old scrapbooks, and came across an old note from Chuck Buell, WLS announcer, from March 1969!  He sent me the note along with a signed picture of him. (Also got a note and signed pic from Dick Biondi at WCFL about the same time.)
     At that time I lived across the lake from Chicago in Lakeside, MI, but now live up in Ontonagon, MI (the western UP).  But in talking to some friends of mine up here, they even listened to WLS up way here, back in the 60's!
     I even have several Hit Parades from back then.
    Hurray to WLS, for being our sound of the 60's!
... Deb Jezek, Ontonagon, MI (6/07/2005)

     Hi Jeff. Love the WLS tribute site. I grew up in Chicago in the 60s, so lots of fond memories.
A question you've perhaps heard before: Why isn't "Eve of Destruction" by Barry McGuire listed on any of the WLS charts for summer 1965? As you know, it became a No. 1 hit in the nation. Did WLS ban it for its political content or something? I'd appreciate a response if you have time. Thanks. (my guess is they banned it.)
... John Hielscher, Sarasota, FL (4/20/2005)