Here are your memories of WLS . . .

"Just found this great site and thought I would say thanks. I grew up on WLS from May 2, 1960. (The day it converted to Top40 format) I thought I might mention a couple of things: ... Gene Taylor was PD there after his DJ stint. ... In the early days (unless my mind has slipped), there was an all-night DJ at WLS named "Red", can't remember his last name. Maybe someone else will remember this fellow ... some of the local Chicago ads known to the many listeners of WLS. Some I remember well were "SUNDAY!!!! at beautiful US 30 Drag Strip" and "Great Lakes Dragway - Union Grove, Wisconsin" and "Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge." (We were into cars in those days)" ... ALDOUTHIT@aol.com (04/15/97)

"Enjoyed your WLS web page. I grew up in Nebraska and worked in Adult-Contemp, Country, Top-40 and other formats. I listened to 'LS air-checks and read Lujack's book. Good memories. Thanks again." ... Scott Clark (04/14/97)

"Just a quick note to tell you I happened upon your WLS page. The picture of Dick Biondi (the world's skinniest and urgliest d.j.) is exactly like the one that used to hang in my junior high locker next to the picture of Bobbie Vee. Keep up the good work." ... Margo Reppert (04/13/97)

"Stopped by to look at your page... wonderful stuff. Brought back a lot of memories. .. I have a wealth of information. I was the Executive Producer for the WLS 25th anniversary in 1985 and worked there longer than any other personality (14 & 1/2 years). ... I love the history of WLS and have a career involved with the station spanning 23 years, half my lifetime! I am still the voice of WLS even though I live in Los Angeles." ... Jeff Davis The Voice of WLS (04/13/97)

"Thanks for the memories. Your WLS page  was an interesting stroll through the past for me. I think I have one of those WLS Musicradio 89 "lips" stickers around somewhere. I have a couple of tape recordings of Fred Winston's morning show from the early 70's". ... John Swofford Atlanta (05/31/97)

"Just happened on your web page featuring the old big 89 WLS. I grew up in central Illinois and WLS was the station that everybody listened to. thanks for bringing back such great memories." ... Kevin Scott Rantoul, Illinois (03/31/97)

"Great Site Jeff..... You are one of the reasons why the net and the www is as great as it is. I really like your site. I was taking a trip down memory lane the other day and out of the blue WLS and Hoody Seperticker Day mushroomed. For the life of me I can't remember the origin of this except that it was something dreamed up at WLS Chicago and I can remember listening and hearing about the "H" day. I don't even know if I am spelling it correctly. ... I grew up down around East St. Louis, ILL, but we received WLS very clearly during the evening." ... Rick Dauphin (southern Oregon) (03/28/97)

"Greetings from Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada. I am currently in touch with a radio enthusiast in Alabama who is crazy about WLS - I also have many fond memories of nighttime listening - we could sometimes pick up WLS as good as our local stations. I may have airchecks of WLS in the early to mid 70's...I recall taping all kinds of weird AM radio stuff at night." ... Joe Myles (03/28/97)

"Jeff, I love your Web page on WLS. I'm a Chicagoan who now lives in Palau, a small island nation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (near the Philippines)." ... Drew

"Cool page! Keep up the great work! I worked in Chicago radio (tho not at WLS) from 1973-'81; now I'm employed by WLS' parent company." ... David R. Alpert , ABC News (03/02/97)

"Thanks for taking the time and making the effort to provide a site like this for all us WLS fans. Like so many others around the country, as a teenager I woud wait patiently almost every evenning for sunset to bring the powerful WLS clear channel signal to my transistor radio. I marvelled at the smooth delivery of Art Roberts, the zany antics of Dick Biondi, the perfect timing of Clark Weber and Dex Card, who could hit the post of a record without even trying, and the always cheerful sound of Ron Riley. These guys, along with the stars at WABC inspired me to go into radio many years ago."... Doug Hullander (06/11/97)

"As a member of the WLS alumni (1968-1969) as Production Director during what I believe are some of the best days of The Big 89, it is great to see a web site dedicated to the station. I have a complete copy of the "89/WLS" acapellas that John Rook commissioned from Jim West at PAMS in late "68, and I was proud to have a small part in creating. I believe they are the best of the several acapella series used by the station in those years. As a kid growing up in Minnesota, we listened to Dick Biondi and later Art Roberts floating in on the late night skip from Chicago. Even though we had two great local radio stations....Todd Storz' WDGY, and KDWB, there was something special about WLS. I was thrilled to have the opportunity, although brief in time, to work there, and I treasure the memories of the experience and the people, some of whom I have remained in contact with through the years. " ... Hal Widsten" (06/13/97)
Many of those jingles are now on the jingles page... Jeff
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