Here are your memories of WLS . . .

This message was recieved on the message board ... Hey Bryan, Good for you!  That is a story that has been told many times and shows the power of radio and of WLS.  WLS also made my dreams come true too.
Stop by my History Of WLS site for some new audio that I am adding everyday.
Keep up that radio spirit and reach for your goals!      Scott Childers     Midday Air Talent   WNND-FM Chicago "Windy 100"      WLS HISTORY: www.scott.childers.net/WLS99.htm (5/10/2000)  Scott has done a tremendous job in keeping the history of WLS alive. (Jeff)

"I was wondering if you would add a link to my site on your Radioville Links Page. The pointer is http://www.chicagoradiosurveys.com/ Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. It has just been set up and will be evolving in the next few months.   Thanks,   Jim Furholmen (5/08/2000)  note that Jim is Selling these surveys. (Jeff)

"Hi,  Great page!  I just surfed in looking for WLS information. I am wondering about the weekly top 40 playlists that these stations used to publish and distribute to record stores in the 60's. Do you know if they are online or available anywhere for personal research?  I grew up in South Bend, IN listening to these stations and I want to find out the names of some of the songs from the bands that were local to Chicago and the Midwest.
Cheers" ...  John Kacarab  US Army, Retired (5/07/2000)

"My favorite jock on WLS was the morning man, Clark Webber (he may have spelled it "Weber").  Clark had his pet names for all the stars.   I recall Clark referring to Roy Orbison as "Roy Orbisong." I was going to college in the Chicago area in the mid-nineteen sixties and always listened to WLS in the morning.  When the Beach Boys released  Wouldn't It Be Nice, Clark thought the lyrics too suggestive and refused to play it.
He's still around. I hear him doing voice for various clients in the Chicago area.
I know WGN was never thought of as "hip", but Bob Collins, "Uncle Bobby" had been there 26 years- until his recent death following a mid-air collision while flying his experimental aircraft  near Chicago.  Bob Collins loved  60's and early 70's rock-n-roll.  He used to play a lot of it when he had his afternoon gig before moving to mornings following the retirement of Wally Phillips.
Before coming to WGN, in 1974, Bob was a Jock and PD of WOKY, Milwaukee, when they were a pretty good Top 40 station.  Few thought that he could retain Wally's numbers, but Bob did, and in fact bettered the WGN morning ratings.  When he passed away he commanded as much as 20% of the entire Chicago metro radio audience in a.m. drive.
WGN is offering a CD of some of Uncle Bobby's crazy stunts.  I don't know if it would fit into your web page format, but I hope you will take a look at it.  Many thanks"  ... Douglas Squiers   Kalamazoo, Michigan (5/6/2000)

This is a terrific website. Thanks for all your hard work! As a Musicradio WLS listener from 1973 until the early 1980s, and a collector of all things Chicago music-related about the 1960s, it is wonderful to see all this stuff on the web.
Best, Stu Shea (4/20/00)

"Dear "Musicradio 89 WLS" websiters ;
My radio name (on-air name) is Bryan Bradford. I am new to this web-site.  Congratulations on creating a web-site so special to me as well as other MUSICRADIO 89 WLS fans.  I was an "on-air" personality at KSTT-AM, Davenport, Iowa (Quad-Cities).  Today, I picked up a copy of the book "Someplace Special... KSTT, A History of the station and its People".  It allowed me to remenise of my own career in broadcasting.  It was the influence of the GREATS like: Art Roberts, Larry Lujack, Fred Winston, John "Records" Landecker, Chuck Knapp, Tommy Edwards, Bob Sirott, Steve King, Jeff Davis and many, many more air talent that got me in the "biz".  These people affected my young adult life and I miss them very much.  "WLS Web-bers", if you know how I can
get "air-checks" or "skimmers" from WLS circa 1970-1976, I would appreciate it very much.  My e-mail address
is: "djbryan@juno.com".  I would also like vintage "airchecks" from "Someplace Special 1170 KSTT",Davenport, Iowa from 1970- 1985.  Thank you for your help."   -Bryan "Bradford" Enwright  (4/14/2000)

"Jeff,   I've been doing some searching and came across your site and thought maybe you might be able to help me out. My mother found a picture, that was my grandmothers, from 1944.  I'm not certain if WLS was a formed radio station back then or not.  The picture says "WLS National Barn Dance Cast" on it along with the entire casts picture and on the back is the autographs of all cast members.  If you have any info of the radio station doing anything like this in 1944 or any info on it at all, please let me know. Thanks for your time"
Bob    fingers@usaor.net   (4/09/2000)

"I am looking for anyone who might be interested in paraphenalia from WLS Radio during the Prairie Farmer Days ... I have photos, Souvenier booklets, newspaper articles, magazines ... I would like to sell them if they are worth anything or donate them to the right person or persons.     Please e-mail me if interested or if you know anyone who might be. Thank You.  ... Jean Boyer (3/28/2000)

"BoardRoom: Larry Lujack's voice on Ferris Buehlers ... At the beginning of the movie you hear a sound clip of him from his radio show.  Mike Felmeten (3/06/2000) Actually that is the voice of Fred Winston, not Mr Lujack. You also hear traffic dude Don Nelson.  ... Rob Calhoun (3/25/2000)

"I used to listen to WLS on my transistor radio in Sheridan, Arkansas. I would listen a lot on Sunday nights. I am wondering if you can help me find a song that I heard on WLS radio. It was called, "Phone Call from GOD." I hope
that you can help me. Thanks for listening" ...  Tim Conn (3/24/2000)

"Hi Jeff, I just discovered your site the other day while doing a search for Joel Sebastian.  WOW!  Very impressive.  You've, obviously, put a lot of work into the site and it shows.  It was fun to scroll through the "Names And Faces" page and see some people and pictures I hadn't seen since I was at WLS in the mid 70's (1973-1978 to be exact).  I just had a couple of thoughts so here they are: First, somewhere in my stacks of tapes I think I have some old skimmer tapes from when I was on WLS and, if you have any interest (and assuming I can find one or two) I'd be happy to make you a copy to use on the site. (we'd love to add them to the site)  These were cassette tapes that were made each night during our shows.  They were set up to activate only while the microphone was on so you hear only a bit of whatever song we were going into or coming out of.  Also, since I was on from 10PM-2AM, some of the tapes may have a bit of John Landecker or Yvonne Daniels on one side since John preceded me and Yvonne followed.  Second, the picture you have listed as being Bernie Allen is actually Clark Weber.  Some of their pictures looked similar and since you're not from Chicago I can see how you could mix the two up. (we'll get that corrected) FYI, these days I co-host Chicago's #1 all-night radio show on WGN-AM Radio 720 (http://www.wgnradio.com) with my wife, Johnnie Putman.  We've been sharing our nights with our listeners for the past 15 years.  When we got married, we knew we'd be spending our nights together, we just didn't know it would be so public:-)    Anyhow, I've probably taken up enough of your cyberspace, but I just wanted to compliment you on a great job and let you know that if I can ever be of help just let me know.
Take care,  Steve King" (3/22/2000)  (It's always great to hear from the people we listened to so much.  Thanks for sharing your time with us Steve.  Jeff)

"Here's a difficult puzzle.... In 1976 a recording called "Election 76" was being played on the air by a Chicago radio station. I believe it was WLS. This recording was of the same ilk as those done by John Landecker ("Press My Conference" and "Make A Date With Watergate")  I heard it once again, on a station that I cannot identify, sometime around 1988.   Here we are at election 2000. I would love to hear it again and even own a copy, if that was possible. I've searched all over the net. I don't know where else to look. Got any ideas?" ... Mary M. Sluyter (pokinposies@hotmail.com)  (3/12/2000)

"Great stuff from WLS.... THANKS!  I have been a radio/broadcast junkie for over 30 years and I have a lot of fond memories of listening to WLS in Southwest Virginia.  I began my radio career in 1977 and our station "voice" was Lyle Dean. I look forward to the additions you make to the page. Thanks again!" ... Carroll Sluss (3/8/2000)

"As a kid I loved to go to Chicago and watch the WLS Channel 7 antenna light up and night and make the familiar circle 7 logo on top of Marina City.  In the 1980s, they took the antenna and broadcasting equipment down and junked it.  What year was that and how in the world did they get it down?  The Chicago Tribune ran photos of the dismantling in the newapaper and I wanted to see them again.  Any information?  Please e-mail me at milinchu@rochelle.net" ... Mike Chunko (1/29/2000)

"I have tapes and tapes of the old 80's Steve and Gary show that ran from (approx) 1983 to 1985 on 94.7 WLS FM Chicago.  I live in South Bend Indiana, and at the time was in highschool.  I had cable FM and used to set my jambox to record the show.  I remember it started at 2:00PM and ran till 7:00PM.  I've lost a few over the years but I still have most of them.  A lot of great stuff.  Steve in arguements with Dan, death copter,  acid flashback, Ron of Japan in the studio, Pewee Herman, etc.   I also have one of there videos.  The one where they're going around asking people in Fotomats where they go to the bathroom.  Are there still tapes availible?  Are they still getting work?  What's the old comedy team up to today?  I know there not working together any more.  Also,  if there are tapes availible of Steve and Gary how would I put my hands on some?  Classic man, classic!!" ... Andrew Mayer (1/22/2000)

"What was the last year of the WLS time sweep?  If you have the info, email me radiorob@bellsouth.net"
... Rob Calhoun (1/12/2000) Radiorob;  If my memeory serves me correctly, 1986 was the last one.  lujack retired in 1987; and the station briefly went through an "adult contemporary" phase.  i remember hearing Katherine Johns and Fred Winston compaining about the music one morning.  this was about the time the engineers were let go, and Winston ran his own board, forgot to adjust the volume and ran 15 minutes of dead air during drive time!  but, it seems like 1986 was the final one.  in 1987, my(then girlfriend, now wife) and I listened to Robert Goulet(?!) on the Tom Snyder show, and then...nothing!  we were sorely disappointed, and realized that the days of Musicradio 89 were fading fast.  i stil miss Fred Winston in the mornings, although Bob Collins on WGN is about the next best thing. ...  Pat Kelsey (1/28/2000) (Bob Collins was tragically killed in a plane crash on Feb 8, 2000 ... Jeff)

"Being a born and raised in Chicago teen in the sixties, WLS was a staple in my rock and roll days with the music, the jingles and the personalities that I remember fondly from that "Graffiti" era. Thanks to all who gave us so much. You are never forgotten." ... Frank Markase (1/02/2000)

"OMG...WLS...I can't believe the memories and GREAT times you brought back to me!!   I was living in NW IL during my young years and WLS was my whole escape.  The DJ's and the music were most of my personal time.  Boogie check was a classic.  (Everytime I waited for the toilet flush).   Animals stories and cheap trashy show biz reports :just the words bring me back: were one of a kind!!  I couldn't wait to see if Tommy won that shiney new dime!!    I also listened to the 1984 montage that is on Jeff Davis history of WLS, which I strongly recommend EVERYONE listen to and play over and over again.  I was fortunate enough to tape the montage the last time they played it on the air.   Thank gawd. I noticed something though, I got ripped off a short cut of "What about me" by moving pictures.  Seems the person who added 1985 to the montage cut off the last song in 1984 :(     Oh well, I have most of it on tape anyway.    I've never sent an email to someone because of their web page before, but I just had to say I will be listening and visiting the WLS page ALOT.   For the AOL members, there are some sample jingles and wavs available from the shareware AOL offers from WLS.  It is worth checking out!!   Feel free to email me.  (AGMAN2@aol.com)   Thanks for all the great memories and information on your website.  Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars   Thanks for all the great memories and info. " ... Chuck (12/29/99)

"I really enjoyed your website!  I graduated in 1973,back then everyone downhere in Alabama listened to WLS, nothing else, Man I miss the 70's! Yes I remember Mr. Norms ads, I has a model of Mr Norm Supercharger!
I used to always dream of going to Chicago! Always thought it would be neat! Take care and keep the memories rolling! ... Benny Horne (12/09/99)

"Hi. Great to have found this site on WLS! i grew up in the mid seventies listening to WLS and KAAY in Little Rock.i am looking forward to digging into the WLS collection! does anyone know how I may find audio etc of radio shows from KAAY? thanks!" ... Craig (12/02/99)

"Hi:   I'm a fan of the old WLS Radio Days (circa 1960), especially of Dex Card's work.  Does anyone have any information about where he is and/or what he's doing, or if he is even still around?"  ... Tom Duggan (11/26/99)

"Hi Jeff - I am Tom Wood, the Program Director for KMJX Radio in Little Rock, Ark.  I grew up in Addison IL from 1962-1975 and was a huge WLS fan... it changed my life and I decided to become a broadcaster.  Anyway - I was reading "WLS Memories" and saw a guy's note about listening to WLS while living in Arkansas and how he used to listen, also, to "Beaker Street" on KAAY.  It was an underground music show then... WELL GUESS WHAT... IT'S STILL ON THE AIR WITH THE SAME ORIGINAL HOST ON MY STATION, KMJX, EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT FROM 7PM-MIDNIGHT. PEOPLE CAN HEAR IT ON THE WEB AT www.magic105fm.com" ... Tom Wood (11/12/99)

"I worked w/ John Landecker at WILS (Lansing, Mi) before he went to WLS Chicago. Anyone have his email?
I have a terrific (terrifically FUNNY!) press photo of him from about 1967 or so. thanks" ... R Nelson (11/10/99)

"WLS is and always has been the inspiration to guide my radio life" ... Michael Haddad (11/09/99)

"I'm looking for larry lujack interviews in either printed form or on cassette. if you can help me out please email me thanks    lujack fan!  rocktron1001@hotmail.com (10/21/99)

"WOW!!!.....now this takes me back....the good old 70's!! I listened to WLS EVERY NIGHT riding around in my lil'old '66 Mustang. Yeah...I remember boogie check.....and John "Records" Landecker....and the old jingles ....wow.....blows me away. I listened to the BIG 89 during the mid 70's in west Tennessee, yep...it was WHBQ out of Memphis during the day...and WLS at night. I remember it used to really intrigue me that WLS Chicago would advertise for "Pug" Vickers Honda in Huntingdon, Tn.."the worlds largest Honda dealer". About 2 months ago I was telling my 18 year old son about WLS...and that all most of us had back then was am radio in the car.....he couldnt believe we could pick it up from that far away....so we went in the driveway and tuned in from the car...and found that it is now a talk radio station..times change I guess.......Thanks so much for having this website! ... Ken Morris  (9/22/99)

"It was great to see your WLS page and hear some Animal Stories again after so many years. I grew up in southern Wisconsin and listened to Larry and Tom while I was off of school in the summer.  I grew up on the farm and we always had a radio in the trucks, tractors and shop and would make a point to be around one at 9:45 when Animal Stories was on.  It was the highlight of the day. Thanks for bringing back the memories.  I'll mail your URL to my brother and I know he'll get a big kick out of it!
BTW: I have the 45RPM of John Landecker's Press My Conference and Make a Date With Watergate.  Bought them when I was just a kid and they are still fun to listen to.  Jim Sulzer  (9/17/99)"

"I listened to the Big 89 for almost 16 years out of Mishawaka, Ind...
I remember...
...the first pop tune I ever heard, "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies, on my way to an Indiana Univ. football game in 1968 at age 8.
...the foghorn-like lead-in for Bob Sirott -- BeeeeeEeeeeS!
...John Landecker hanging up on one teenager after another -- "Bugular check!"
...Larry Lujack coming back to WLS after a stint at WCFL; I listened to CFL then also and listened to Larry's last WCFL broadcast in 1975 before they cut to three hours of ocean waves and then easy listening.
...being on vacation in Montana in 1973, driving home and picking up WLS at dusk in Buffalo, Wyoming -- over 1,000 miles away.
...sitting home as a pre-teen on New Year's Eve and listening to the Big 89 countdown.
...listening to Steve Dahl (who I still listen to on WCKG) run Larry off the air in the mid 80s, effectively ending the era of AM music radio in Chicago.
Also: a little before my time, my father, Dick Bottorff, won the WLS "Groovy Teacher" award, sometime in the early 60s."
...        Jim Bottorff  (9/14/99)

"Im 44 yrs old  and  im now in Lagrange, Ill.  God: I got ta tell my friends about this site. Grew up in Chi Town , listening to LS Thanks for the memories !  I will check back often!!!"   ... Mike Weiss  (9/9/99)

"Researching info on my father, deceased Chicago musician who performed for many years on WLS in the 40's (according to newpaper obits).  Anthony Camarata made his debut playing the accordian at age 14 at Club Alabma and performed from coast to coast. He died tragically at age 47 in his prime. His engagements included Chez Paree, Chicago Theatre, Hotel Chicagoan, Preview Cocktail Lounge. He was a member of the Tripoli Trio which played live on WLS.  Also, played with Sam Bari, Men of Rhythm popular at the Tropics, with Jimmy Blade's orchestra and Will Alexander and his orchestra. Others included  Art Cavalieri, singers Ginny Stone, June Price, Lori Andre, AKA Lucille Camarata (wife, who also sang on WLS?).  Any info, pics, recordings would be appreciated. Contact Florette Camarata (orig. from Chicago and early listener of WLS) who now resides in San Francisco. camarata@aol.com" (9/7/99)

"I'm old - I can't recall . . Who was the "host" at WLS a few years back that left WFLA to go to WLS - he talked about "lawn-heads"? Where is he now? Mark Thompson   (9/5/99)
anyone that can help can email Mark at mark.thompson@england.com

"Just a note to say thanks for the page.  I usually could hear WLS and WCFL (sometimes CKLW) on warm summer nights in Uniontown, Pa., in SW Pa., where I grew up.  They more than made up for the powering-down of KQV, WIXZ, and other Pgh. stations. I often combined listening to them with backyard camp-outs and stargazing.
The sky seemed to be jumping in those days.  It was magic. Thanks for the memories, & for a wonderful research tool!  (I came across your page from the public radio home page -- I hope you heard their wonderful feature on CKLW yesterday.) ... Tom Marcinko (8/28/99)

"My WLS memories include:
* Listening while growing up in Tulsa, where we had a Drake-programmed rocker that was hot with all the kids, but I persuaded several of them that there was something better coming out of Chicago at night. At least a few of us were loyal first to Ron Riley and Art Roberts.
* Listening while in college in Missouri in 1973 and hearing John Records Landecker play his "Make a Date at the Watergate" spoof of "Take a Walk on the Wild Side." So I was really glad to hear it again on this side. I had tried to describe it occasionally to people who hadn't heard it and it lost something in the retelling. Now I can just send them to the link.
* Listening in Arkansas in the mid-1970s when Landecker kept apologizing for a couple of nights and disavowing any approval "of what Fred Winston said on the air Tuesday." It sounded like Fred had must have said something obscene. But living out of the WLS daytime range, how was I to know? So I wrote Landecker and told him it was unfair to those of us outside of Chicago who couldn't know what the local controversy was all about. Landecker wrote me back and said "Fred didn't say anything! It was just a publicity stunt." I thought it was good of him to take the time to write back. And the publicity stunt obviously accomplished what it set out to do. ... Dave Edmark (8/27/99)

"I make "period tapes" for my friends, tapes that capture the music of a given year.  I concentrate on the 1970s...they're great birthday presents.  In doing research for the music, I came upon your site about a year ago.  Just before making a tape I'll play the 1974-75 WLS soundcheck and the New Year's countdown.  The former always puts me in the right mood to cut a tape.  inspired me to create my favorite, "WLS Grafitti"I want to try to find a way to transfer the wav file to tape to get my favorite DJs into the mix. The page is great.  Flashes me back to the backseat of a 1972 Delta 88;  flashes me back to numerous 31st Decembers staying up listing to the year's countdown and then the WLS history of rock compilation. ... Zane Smith  (7/30/99)

"I am trying to complete my collection of WLS and WCFL surveys. Please contact me if you have any to sell or trade. I am also accepting copies and will trade copies if you need something. ... Bill Hengles  BHengels@aol.com
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