In 1973, WLS had experienced a slight decline in the ratings. Program director Mike McCormick, who had overseen WLS through the Rock of Chicago period, had left for Indianapolis and Tommy Edwards, WLS production director, was made the interim WLS program director in May 1973, and was promoted to program director on June 12, 1973.
During the summer of 1973, on a visit to New York, Tommy was in a meeting with WABC program director Rick Sklar. During the discussion Tommy Edwards told Sklar how mush he liked the name Musicradio. As they talked about it, Rick Sklar said the name says what the radio station. is. While the Rock of Chicago was a great name, it wasn't all that WLS was. WLS was a pop station that played rock and a lot of other music as well. It was decided then and there that WLS would become Musicradio WLS.
Tommy Edwards called Charlie Van Dyke, who was the morning host at WLS at the time and told him, starting tomorrow, every time you say WLS, say Musicradio WLS. He was also instructed not to play any of the Rock of Chicago jingles. A couple of PAMS WLS 1971 custom cuts were put back on the air temporarily. 

Shortly thereafter, Tommy flew to Dallas and cut the first Musicradio WLS jingles.

The on-air lineup at Musicradio WLS was...
Charlie Van Dyke 6 - 10 am JJ Jeffrey 10 - 2 pm Fred Winston 2 - 6 pm
John Landecker 6 - 10 pm Bob Sirott 10 - 2 am Yvonne Daniels 2 - 6 am
Shortly thereafter Charlie Van Dyke would leave WLS, Fred Winston moved to mornings, Bob Sirott to afternoons, and Steve King would join for late evening.
Jim Smith also joined WLS as music director.

During this period, WLS started the long running promotion... "What's Your Favorite Radio Station - - say WLS and Win!

The WLS touchtones sounds were first created by Tommy Edwards in 1973, using the electronic telephone beeps of hitting the numbers 8-5-2-0-5

In January, 1974, Tommy stepped down as program director in order to return to  the air. He was replaced as pd by John Gehron. Tommy spent many years in middays and afternoons.

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