The history of WLS in chronological order.
The Beginning
The Early Days
April 11, 1924 The WLS call letters were granted by the FCC
March 29, 1941 WLS moved from 870 to 890 on the am dial.
November 19, 1959 The Chicago Tribune reported that ABC Buys Out Its Partner In Station WLS.
American Broadcasting - Paramount Theaters Inc., has entered into an agreement on Wednesday to purchase the Prairie Farmer Publishing company, licensee and half owner of radio station WLS and owner of three farm publications. The purchase price was said to be $6,000,000.
January 24, 1960 The Chicago Tribune reported "ABC won't take over radio station WLS until March 1. The FCC has approved the buy, but there are tax technicalities. The new boss, Ralph Beaudin, popped in from Pittsburgh for a staff look"
The Top 40 Era...
The Sixties -
March 21, 1960 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS ran ad for one dic joceky, one staff announcer and one newsman care of Ralph Beaudin General Manager WLS.
March 21, 1960
March 28, 1960
Broadcasting Magazine reported Ralph W. Beaudin, general manager of KQV Pittsburgh, appointed general manager of WLS Chicago, and John Gibbs, KQV program and sales manager, named to succeed Mr. Beaudin as general manager of KQV.
April 10, 1960 The Chicago Tribune reported "Ralph Baudine (sp), new boss of ABC - WLS radio, canceled every program on the station. He'll rebuild pronto for a May 2 'round the clock operation."
April 20, 1960 The Chicago Tribune reported "WLS signed Bob Hale, a Peoria dee jay to handle the midnight to dawn news and music. It's unlikely that the station will pick up the old Chez show (with celeb as it's counter to the station's declared format: Pulsating platters with a paucity of patter. But they are talking." 
May 2, 1960 WLS made the switch to Top 40. The lineup included Jim Dunbar, Ed Grennan, Mort Crowley, Gene Taylor, Sam Holman, Dick Biondi, and Bob Hale. WLS's slogan was "Mid-America's Bright New Sound". Ralph Beaudin was president, Ralph Blank was program manager, and Maurice Steitmatter was music director. "Ally Oop" by the Hollywood Argyles was the first song played by Mort Crowley.
May 9, 1960 Billboard Magazine, page 11 featured an article documenting the WLS switch to the top 40 format
May 30, 1960 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ray Betsinger, account executive at WLS Chicago for over 15 years to WAIT, that city, as coordinator of sales and sales promotion.
June 13, 1960 Billboard Magazine, page 128, Vox Jox, Biondi Found: Dick Biondi, whose whereabouts was frantically sought by one of his Buffalo fans last week, is at WLS, Chicago, in the 9 p.m. to midnight time period. 
June 20, 1960 Broadcasting Magazine reported Charles (Chuck) Bill, formerly farm director and air personality at WKBK (TV) Chicago, appointed farm director at WLS, that city, succeeding Bill Mason, named to similar capacity at WBBM Chicago.
June 27, 1960 Broadcasting Magazine reported William Mson, formerly farm director at WLS Chicago, to WBBM, that city as farm service director succceeding George Menard, trasferred to WBBM-TV as farm personality.
July 18, 1960 Billboard Magazine, page 24, Vox Jox, Bob Hale, formerly with WMAY, Springfield, Mass., is now spinning 'em on WLS, Chicago from midnight to 5:30 a.m.
August 22, 1960 Billboard Magazine, page 23, Vox Jox, Another new father is Mort Crowley, WLS, Chicago - also a girl.
October, 1960 WLS moved from 1230 W. Washington Street to The 5th Floor of the Stone Container Building at 360 North Michigan Avenue.
October 14, 1960 WLS produced the weekly Silver Dollar Survey from October 14, 1960, to December 22, 1967
October 15, 1960 The Chicago Tribune said "Added dee jays at WLS are Mort Crowley and Art Roberts. Jim Dunbar has taken over the period following Don McNeill. Ed Grennan has taken over the Farm Special daily"
October 17, 1960 Billboard Magazine, page 23, Vox Jox, Mort Crowley, WLS Chicago, has moved from the 12:30 - 3 p.m. time slow to a 6:30 to 9 am segment. Art Roberts, from Buffalo has taken over Crowely's old time period. Other time changes at WLS include Jim Dunbar's takepver of Ed Grennan's 10 a.m. to noon show. Grennan now holds forth of WLS's "Farm Special," 5:30 - 6:30 a.m. across the board.
October 17, 1960 Broadcasting Magazine reported Art Roberts, formerly air personality at WKBW Buffalo, to WLS Chicago, in similar capacity.
The Sixties - 
April 3, 1961 Billboard Magazine, Page 41, Vox Jox, Chicago: Station WLS, here, reported that the January, local Pulse rated the outlet No. 1 on weekends, with an 18.5 average share of audience and No. 2 weekdays, with a 16.7 share of audience. The outlet ranked No. 7 when it went on the air last May 2.
May 7, 1961 The Chicago Tribune mentions Bob Hale, " ALL in all, eight a. m. stations and one FM station in Chicago dispense recorded music and vocal embroideries to all - night radio listeners. For WLS, Bob Hale presides over Music East of Midnight."
May 22, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Richard E. Taylor appointed sales executive for WLS Chicago. He previously had been with WAGA - TV, Atlanta, Ga., and WJW Cleveland.
June 19, 1961 WLS Ad appeared in Billboard Magazine - Anyway You Look At It
June, 1961 Gene Taylor moved from nights to 3 - 6:30 pm on WLS
August 4, 1961 The Chicago Tribune reported "WLS, the rat - tat ABC radio station, chastised weeks ago by the Pulse rating service for claiming Chicago s No. 1 spot, finally made it. Pulse now puts the WLS rock 'n rollers at the top of the local heap in listeners, no matter how you cut it - WIND drops to No. 2, after a lot of years."
August 7, 1961 WLS Ad appeared in Billboard Magazine - 3 Out Of 4
August 21, 1961 Billboard Magazine, page 3, One of Chicago's top deejays, Sam Holman (also program director of WLS in that city), left WLS to join WABC here. Stations WLS and WABC are both ABC affiliates.
August 28, 1961 Billboard Magazine, page 10, Gene Taylor replaced Sam Homan as WLS, Chicago, program director, and took over his afternoon record show. Heretofore Taylor piloted WLS's night - time record show. His replacement on that program, as yet unannounced, will be someone from outside the WLS organization. Holman recently resigned his post at WLS to become p.d. at WABC here.
September 18, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Samuel Holman, program supervisor, WLS Chicago, joins WABC, New York in similar capacty.
October 2, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Clark Weber, air personality with WRIT Milwaukee, joins WLS in a similar capacity. He succeeds Bob Hale sho is doing show at new time.
October 16, 1961 Billboard Magazine, page 3, WLS, with it's 50,000 watts, round - the - clock coverage and Dick Biondi, continues to be the city's No. 1 outlet for singles, but of late WJJD kas been cutting into the market.
October 16, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Chris Lane joins KAYO Seattle as director of program operations. Mr. Lane was formerly with WLS Chicago.
October 23, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported New "soft" sound in stationbreak and promotion jingles was introduced by WLS Chicago last week as the ABC owned station also increased local news breaks using beeper phones and remote reports. Popular top 40 format otherwise remain unchanged except for increase of album and memory tune inserts in 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. period to 2 each hour.
October 30, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bill Duane named to newly-created post of news operations director, WLS Chicago. He has been with the station since 1950 as a newscaster.
November 13, 1961 Broadcasting Magazine reported Kenneth Johnson named sales service coordinator for WLS Chicago.
1961 Art Roberts joined WLS from 12:30 - 3:00 pm replacing Mort Crowley who moved to mornings
The Sixties - 
January 15, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported Fred L. Zelner Jr., chief engineer WLS Chicago, named director of technical operations, ABC Radio, New York.
March 12, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mike Ditka, Chicago Bears, National Football League, joins WLS Chicago as sales representative in that cuty.
April 28, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 8, In Chicago there are no significant changes. WLS, known among promotion men as the No. 1 station for the sale of singles, remains No. 1 in the city in Pulse ratings, WLS's Dick Biondi, night time deejay, remains the hottest in his trade in the Windy City. 
June 2, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 36, WLS here has appointed Peitscher, Janda Associates as the new public relations counsel for the American Broadcasting - Paramount Theaters, Inc., owned - and - operated stattion.
June 4, 1962 Broardcasting Magazine reported WLS Chicago commemorated the second anniversary of it's "bright sound" in Chicago radio by distributing 7,500 yellow roses in 158 agencies to the timebuying fraternity across the country. 
June 23, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 26, Dick Biondi, popular deejay on Chicago's WLS, has been honored by the Cook County chapter of the March of Dimes for his efforts in organizing a teen age fund - raising program. 
July 14, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 25, WLS Jockey Rides Trotter's Tie - In. WLS, local ABC radio outlet, has inaugurated a promtion tie - in withe deejay Mort Crowey ans Sportsman's Park trotting track. I'ts called "A Night at the Track" 
July 16, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS Chicago contributed $1,228,360 worth of time to public affairs programs and announcements during the past year, president Ralph Beaudinannounced last week.
September 3, 1962  Broadcasting Magazine reported Ronald L. Sack, promotion manager of WLS Chicago, appointed manager of publicity and promotion of ABC owned radio station's.
September 10, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported George Mazarr, formerly with WEAW - AM - FM Evanston. Ill., joins WLS Chicago as account executive.
October 8, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported William L. Means. formerly with Portlamd Cement Co. and before that with WCIS (TV) Springfield, Ill., and WGN Chicago, named promotion director of WLS Chicago.
October 20, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 4, Article talks about Treasure Tunes Fom The Vault Album.
October 22, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ron Riley. air presonality with WLS Chicago, joins WHK's (Cleveland) announcing staff.
November 10, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 61, Local deejays will play basketball before a Chicago Zephyrs - New York Knickerbockers game. Included are WLS deejays Art Roberts, Gene Taylor, Jim Dunbar and Don Stewart.
November 17, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 38, Gene Taylor, WLS program diector reacts to WYNR by looseing up the playlist to 65 to 70 records from 55 - 60. Taylor noted that this has forced WLS tobe a lot tougher on old material. "Whenever a record falters, off it comes. Our music list turns over a lot faster now," Taylor said. Still unchanged, however, is WLS's policy that a record has to do something, somewhere, before it's played.
December 1. 1962 Billboard Magazine, Vox Jox, page 40, With the holiday season at hand, it's a busy time for jocks on the public scene. Dick Biondi of WLS, Chicago, was picked to be the only radio personality to be in a November 25 Christmas parade sposored by Chicago's State Street Council.
December 1, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 46, Our condolences to Gene Taylor, WLS program director, on the death of his father. Taylor was out of town last week making the appropriate arrangements. Jim Dunbar stepped in for Gene in the p.d. slot. Other news included Art Roberts being out because of a sick baby, and Mike Rapchick being out because of his wife's illness.
December 8, 1962 Ralph Beaudin of WLS was named Radio Man of the Year by the American College of Radio Arts, Crafts, and Sciences.
December 17, 1962 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ralp Beaudin, presidnet of WLS Chicago, was named "radio man of the year" Dec. 7 at annual awards banquet of American College of Radio Arts, Crafts, and Sciences. Mr. Beaudin has been president of the ABC - owned and operated outlet since March, 1960.
December 22, 1962 Billboard Magazine, page 25, Record promotion men are up in arms over a slap at WLS here by Chicago Sun Times columnist Paul Molloy. He calls it a "pimple on the face of local radio," and says, "there are others." Molloy blames Ralp Beaudin, WLS President, and says that Beaudin's recent "Radio Man of the Year" award in the "funniest thing to happen to radio since the days of the late, lamented Fred Allen.
The Sixties - 
January 1, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Joe Kelley, formerly with WKYE Bristol, Va., joins WLS Chicago as disc jockey.
January 4, 1963 The Chicago Tribune reported "Top - rated Dick Jockey Mort Crowley and WLS abruptly part company. He switches to KHJ in Los Angeles. "
January 21, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Robert Kovoloff, formerly with WJJD - AM - FM Chicago, joins WLS, that city.
February 16, 1963 Billboard Magazine featured an article on the importance of the WLS Survey
February 18, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reporte Mort Crim, former newscaster at KFAB - AN - FM Omaha, joins news department of WLS Chicago.
March 18, 1963 Broadcating Magazine reported James Dunbar, assistant program director and on - air personaliy at WLS Chicago, named program director of KGO - AM-FM San Francisco. Both are owned by American Broadcasting - Paramount Theatres,
March 18, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Charles Stroud, former directo of client services at WGN - AM - FM - TV Chicago, named promotion diector of WLS, that city.
April 15, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mort Crim, formerly with KFAB Omaha, named news announcer at WLS Chicago.
May 8, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon wrote about WLS's Dick Biondi. "Hot teen-age D. J., Dick Biondi, and WLS are at loggerheads.  he's off the air in a dispute over his outside activities, but "still on staff" - or so says WLS. How's that again?"
May 9, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon said "WLS program chief, Gene Taylor, quit after firing hot teen-age Dee Jay Dick Biondi; then was re- hired, as was Biondi, who still hasn't agreed to the station s stringent new terms."
May 13, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon discussed Dick Biondi's departure. "Hot WLS Dee Jay Dick Biondi's departure from the station has his teen-age fan clubbers making life miserable for WLS execs via mail, phone calls, etc. No truce is in sight"
May 17, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon said "Latest WLS dee jay to exit is All - night Man Joe Kelly, following Dick Biondi. Don Phillips takes over."
May 2 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Frank Jones, formerly with WYNR Chicago, joins news department of WLS there.
May 24, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon mentioned Dick Biondi. "The final parting between the hot shot teen- age dee jay, Dick Biondi, and WLS was bItter. Dick may grab an offer from WABC in N. Y. C."
1963 Clark Weber moved from overnights to afternoons on WLS
June 10, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mike Eisgrau, former documentary producer at WHCU Utica, N.Y., joins news staff of WLS Chicago.
June, 1963 Bernie Allen joined WLS for the 12:30 - 3:00 pm shift, replacing Art Roberts who moved to nights to replace Dick Biondi
June, 1963 Gene Taylor moved from afternoons to 10 -noon on WLS
June, 1963 Clark Weber moved to mornings on WLS
June 3, 1963 WLS Chicago has started a new editorial policy with initial series titled "Smut On Our Newsstands." The ABC owned outlet will air editorials as occasion demands... Newman Bernard Miller will prepare and voice the editorials approved by WLS president Ralph Beaudin and editorial board.
June 8, 1963 The Chicago Tribune's Larry Wolters said "Ralph W. Beaudin, president of WLS, has announced that the station will present editorials regularly."
September 2, 1963 Broadcast Magazine reported ABC owened WLS Chicago today (Sept 2) expands local news coverage by five minutes each hour and in addition to popular music currently played, is adding album music and all time favorites. Revise format emphasis also will be placed upon humor.
September 3, 1963 WLS Ad appeared in Billboard Magazine - One Stands Out
September, 1963 Art Roberts moved to nights on WLS
November 11, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine had full page atrticle on WLS's Ralph Beaudin (page 113)
November 11, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mort Crowley, formerly of WLS Chicago join WKNR Detroit as air personality.
November 13, 1963 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS Chicago has received 2,561 requests for a new police department pamphlet, "Know Your Law," as the result of a three - day editorial campaign urging listeners to read the booklet.
The Sixties - 
1964 Dex Card joined WLS in 1964 replacing Bob Hale for nights.
March 28, 1964 Billboard's Nick Biro wrote, page12. For contemporary music, WLS seems to have it alone. 
May 4, 1964 Sponsor Magazine reported Ronald G. Leppig appointed to the sales stadd of WLS Chicago. He comes to the station from WIND Chicago, where he was a member of the sales staff.
July 20, 1964 Broadcasting Magazine reported Roy F. Meyer, formerly of WLS Chicago. joins news staff of WITI-TV Milwaukee.
November 2, 1964 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ray Van Steen, promotions director of Gaylord Products Inc., Chicago, and formerly production manager at WJJD there, joins WLS Chicago as public affairs director. He succeeds Don Stewart, who moves to WMAQ, Chicago.
November 23, 1964 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mort Crim, newscaster at WLS Chicago, moves to WNEW, New York in similar capacity.
December 14, 1964 Broadcasting Magazine reported Robert Alexander, for nearly five years on sales staff of WLS Chicago, pomoted to sales manager of ABC - owned out effective Jan. 1 succeeding Armand Belli who becomes general manager of WONE Dayton, Ohio.
The Sixties - 
February 1, 1965 Broadcasting Magazine reported Everett Hills Marsh, salesman with WAZE Clearwater. Fla., joins sales staff of WLS Chicago.
May 3, 1965 Broadcasting Magazine reported Armand J. Belli, genereagl sales manager of WLS Chicago, named general sales manager of KAKE-TV Witchita, and KUPK (TV) Garden Cuty, both Kansas City.
Frank Nardi, graphi supervisor at WGN Inc., Chicago named advertising and promotion manager at WLS, that city.
July 26, 1965 Broadcasting Magazine reported Harvey Wittenburg, with news staff of WLS Chicago, has been named manager of WLS-FM wich now programs separately from WLS in stereo sports, music and news.
Michael O'Laughlin, formerly with WBBM Chicago, becomes WLS-FM sales manager.
Chuck Kline, FM Group Sales, joins WLS-FM as program coordinator, Bill Frink of WCFL Chicago, becomes sports director.
July 28, 1965 The Chicago Tribune reported "Aug. 1 top big brass shifts at WLS, the shock 'n' roll station, break down thusly: Ralph Beaudin, a fair haired boy with his ABC bosses [the ratings!], stays on as prexy and gen. mgr.; Gene Taylor is new station manager, and Clark [The Emperor] Weber steps up to program manager. What with yells from kid fans, Weber will continue on the air too, from 6 to 10 a. m."
August 2, 1965 Broadcasting Magazine reported Gene Taylor, program manager for WLS Chicago, promoted to station manager. He reports to Ralph Beaudin, WLS Inc., president - general manager. Clark Weber, WLS morning personality, succeeds Taylor as program manager.
The Sixties - 
January 24, and 31, 1966  Broadcasting Magazine has ad from WLS more male execuite secretary care of Ralph Beaudin
August 29, 1966 Broadcasting Magazine reported William R. Rice, news writer at WLS Chicago, appointed ediorial director.
December 19, 1966 Broadcasting Magazine reported Gene Taylor, station manager, WLS Chicago, appointed general manager, succeeding Ralph W. Beaudin, who recently became ABC radio group VP.
December 26, 1966 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mike Lee, account executive at WLS-FM Chicago, named sales manager.
Earl J. Gallagher, with WCCO, Minneapolis, joins sales staff of WLS.
The Sixties - 
January 23, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS Fan Magazine was sold out. More than 50,000 copies of the WLS Personality were sold out and another 50,000 were ordered.
Febuary 13, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Peter C. Bordwell, with WEAW Evansville, Ill., joins news department of WLS Chicago.
May 5, 1967 WLS produced the weekly Super Summer Survey from May 5, 1967, to August 25, 1967
May 13, 1967 Billboard Magazine featured an article on the WLS Personality Album
May 15, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Harold Saltzman, news director at WLS Chicago, elected president of Illinois AP Broadcasters Association.
1967 Larry Lujack joined WLS for afternoons from WCFL.
June 12, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Gene Taylor, general manager of WLS AM-FM Chicago, elected VP.
July 24, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Dennis Fraser, previously with WNUS Chicago, WJIM Lansing MIch, and WDBQ Dubuque, IOWA , joins WLS Chicago as news writer,
September 4, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS Chicago drew 10,000 teenagers to a pop music concert in a city park Aug 26 and signed more than half of them on the scene as volunteers for it's annual fall drive to collect neighborhood contributions for the Danny Thomas's St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. WLS disk jockeys were hosts at the event.
October 2, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jim Wynne with WLIP Kenosha, Wis., joins news staff of WLS Chicago.
November 6, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported John. H. Rook, operation director at KQV Pittsburgh. joins WLS Chicago as director of operations in charge of programming.
December 11, 1967 Broadcasting Magazine reported Edwin Doody, caommercial producer for BBDO, Chicago, joins WLS, that city, as account executive.
December 31, 1967 The winners of the first annual WLS Hit Parade Awards were announced.
The Sixties - 
January 1, 1968 The Chicago Tribune reports "WLS - AM changes its program schedule starting today with increased time for the Bernie Allen and Ron Riley shows.  Disk jockey Allen will be heard from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday thru Sunday and Riley will broadcast from 6:15 to 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday and from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, instead of 7 to 9 p.m. Monday -  Sunday. The increased hour for Riley absorbs Don MacNeill's Breakfast Club.  Other disk jockey hours will remain the same: Jerry Kaye, midnight  to 5 a.m.; Clark Weber, 6 to 10 a.m.; Larry Lujack, 2 to 6 p.m.; and Art Roberts, 9 to midnight Monday thru Saturday.  The complete disk jockey schedule for Sunday now stands at midnight to 5 a.m., Kaye; 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Allen; 2 to 6 p.m., Lujack; and 6 to 9 p.m. Riley"
February 12, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported "Mike McCormick, programming manager for KOIL, Omaha, joins WLS Chicago as production director."
April 17, 1968 The Chicago Tribune reports "WLS' Ron Riley is going to be riding a motorcycle to and from work May 6 to June and listeners get to guess his exact mileage. The three closest will win Mojave 'cycles of their own, but Ron's giving his back at the end of the stint."
April 22, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported John W. Almburg, associate farm director with WGN Chicago, named farm service reporter WLS, that city.
April 28, 1968 The Chicago Tribune's Herb Lyon wrote " WLS, the shock 'n' roll station, will bring young Chuck Buell in from Denver to zip things up. Buell is Denver's hottest broadcaster with the kids. WLS will also re- shape its other d.j. schedules."
May 27, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bob Benson joins WLS Chicago as news director succeeding Harold Salzman who resigned. Mr. Benson was national news coordinator of Star Stations group with headquarters at KOIL, Omaha.
June 2, 1968 The Chicago Tribune has feature article on how WLS Music Director Art Roberts and Program Director John Rook pick the music on WLS
July 22, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported Robert M. Williams, national sales manager, WLS Chicago, appointed general sales manager.
September 16, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported James Hankins (Mike McCormick), production director, WLS Chicago, joins KQV Pittsburgh, as program director.
September 23, 1968 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bill Rice, research and associate sales development director, WLS Chicago, named director of new research department responsible for all research eminating from major research services. 
Ed Doody, WLS account executive, appointed sales service and associate sales development director.
The Sixties - 
January 20, 1969 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jeffrey Hendix, newscaster, KXOK St. Louis, joins WLS Chicago in same capacity.
April 28, 1969 Broadcasting Magazine reported William H Johnson Jr., news director, KIXL Dallas, joins WLS Chicago as news editor and mewscaster.
June 16, 1969 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mary Ann Mascary, former news writer, WBBM Chicago and UPI Radio, joins WLS Chicago as editorial and community affairs director.
July 11, 1969 Clark Weber left WLS for WCFL
July 10,1969 The Chicago Tribune reports that WLS Radio Selects Weber's Successor - Bill Bailey from WKLO, Louisville has been hired to Clark Weber. He will go on the air on July 28.
July 28, 1969 The Duke of Louisville Bill Bailey started at WLS for mornings. Bailey replaced Clark Weber
1969 Art Roberts moved from nights to 10 am - 2 pm on WLS
February 7, 1969 Ron Riley has left WLS to be replaced by Kris Erik Stevens
February 10, 1969 Kris Erik Stevens joined WLS for night from KQV in Pittsburgh
February 17, 1969 The Chicago Tribune reported "Kris Stevens, 21, has replaced Ron Riley as the 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. disk jockey for radio station WLS, Riley, whose Pulse ratings have shown him to be the leading late night disk jockey now for some time, has quit, reportedly partly over a salary dispute."
June 22, 1969 The Chicago Tribune's Gene Siskel has feature article on WLS's Kris Erik Stevens.
June 23, 1969 Broadcasting Magazine reported Stan Dale, WLS Chicago, joins news staff of WCFL here.
October 23, 1969 Art Helyer was fired from WLS - FM after his morning radio show for voicing objections to the station's impending format change. Helyer, Mike Rapchik and manager Harvey Wittenberg were to leave the station Oct. 31 after which the middle of the road music was to switch to progressive rock.
December 31, 1969 The winners of the third annual WLS Hit Parade Awards were announced.
The Seventies -
1970 Art Roberts moved from middays to morning on WLS
January 12, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bill Rice, formerly research and associate sales director WLS - AM - FM Chicago appointed assistant sales manager.
Ed Doody, appointed sales - development director.
April 13, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported "Michael McCormick, program director, KQV - AM - FM Pittsburgh, joins WLS - AM - FM Chicago as operations manager. Both are ABC - owned stations."
May, 1970 Mike McCormick joined WLS as Program Director. 
June 15, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported Phil Hayes, news director, KQV - AM - FM Pittsburgh, joins WLS - AM - FM Chicago, in same capacity.
July, 1970 Kris Erik Stevens appeared in Midwest Edition of TV Radio Mirror
August 17, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS (AM) Chicago has started a new public affairs program, Black Is
August 28, 1970 The Chicago Tribune's Clarence Peters reported that "Brink has signed with WLS where, starting Monday, he will replace Joel Sebastian from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily for three weeks. Sebastian will replace Art Roberts next week from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. while Roberts vacations. The Sebastian will vacation for two weeks. And after that one hears that Roberts will bye-bye. One does not hear that from WLS officials."
September 25, 1970 The Chicago Tribune's Clarence Peters reported "Scotty Brink, who's been the fill-in disk jockey at WLS for the last three weeks. since leaving WCFL, takes over the 2 to 6 p.m. drive - time slot on Monday relieving Larry (Superjock) Lujack for duty taking over the in the 6 to 10 a.m. drive - time slot, there to do battle for WLS against the mighty Wally Phillips of WGN. Robert and WLS manager Gene Taylor are said to have parted amicably after a 10 year association."
October 5, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported Roy Huberty, chief engineer for WLS - AM - FM Chicago and manager of technical operations for operation there, resigns.
October 10, 1970 Larry Lujack moved from afternoons to mornings on WLS replacing Art Roberts who would move to San Francisco's KNBR in 1971
November 30, 1970 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mike Drexler, news editor , WCFL (AM) Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there as moderator of talk show.
December 11, 1970 The Chicago Tribune has article about Clark Weber's First Ten Years
December 31, 1970 The winners of the fourth annual WLS Hit Parade Awards were announced.
1970 WLS became the Rock of Chicago. Mike McCormick was Program Director, The jock lineup included Larry Lujack, Gary Gears, Fred Winston, J.J. Jeffrey, John Records Landecker, Bill Bailey and Joel Sebastian. A new jingle package was purchased from PAMS of Dallas, "Solid Rock".
The Seventies -
January 18, 1971 Broadcasting Magazine reported William R. Rice formerly general sales manager, WLS (AM), named VP and general manager, WDBX (AM) Chattanooga
January 31, 1971 Kris Erik Stevens hosted March of Dimes benefit dance at Crystal Lake High School Field House
February 1, 1971 Broadcasting Magazine reported John Lloyd, formerly with WLS (AM) Chicago joins WIIC-TV Pittsburgh, as announcer and sports reporter.
February 7, 1971 The Chicago Tribune reported Peter Hyams would roll cameras to shoot scenes for his "T.R. Baskin" film featuring WLS disk jockeys Kris Stevens and Steve Lundy. Candice Bergen also starred.
February 16, 1971 The Chicago Tribune's Bob Wiedrich wrote "WLS radio's Chuck Buell is new Chicago advisor to Teens Against Dystrophy"
1971 Fred Winston joined WLS from KQV in Pittsburgh for 3-6 pm replacing Scotty Brink
April 5, 1971 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ben Tipton, general manager, KBYE-FM and program manager, KBYE (AM) Oklahoma City, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as news director.
June 9, 1971 The Daily Herald featured an article about Chuck Buell as WLS Music Director
September 17, 1971 The Chicago Tribune reported that WLS interrupted kite flying lessons by flying a banner that said "Toothfairy lands in Sox Park Aug 1"
October, 1971 Lynn Gabriel became the WLS' first female broadcast as host of the Point Counterpoint talk show, 
November 22, 1971 Broadcasting Magazine reported James Hampton, production manager, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins Programming db as creative director.
The Seventies -
January, 1972 John Landecker joined WLS from WIBG in Philadelphia replacing Kris Erik Stevens from 6 - 9 pm
January, 1972 Bill Bailey (2) joined WLS for 9 -1 am from WWDJ in Hackensack. N.J.
January, 1972 Fred Winston moved from afternoons to 1-3 pm replacing J.J Jeffrey who moved to afternoons on WLS
June, 1972 Larry Lujack left WLS for afternoons at WCFL
June, 1972 Charlie Van Dyke joined WLS from KHJ Los Angeles for mornings replacing Larry Lujack
June 5, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Lon Dyson, formerly with news staff WLS (AM) Chicago, joins WDAI (FM there as news director.
June 19, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Terrence Rodda, research and testing analyst, Montgomery Ward & Co., Chicago, joins WLS (AM) Chicago, as director of research. He succeeds Jeff Woodruff.
June 26, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jeff Woodruff, director of research for ABC - owned WLS (AM) Chicago, appointed director of research and development, ABC Owned Radio Stations Division, New York.
June 26, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Dick Sainte, with WLS (AM) Chicago, appointed to additional duties as music director.
July 9, 1972 WLS jocks appeared at Grant Park at The Great Frisbee Fly-In
July 19, 1972 The Chicago Tribune reported that WLS radio morning disc jockey Fred Winston has married Melody Bellamy, a secretary at the station. And Melody has retired to become a housewife.
July, 1972 Tommy Edwards joined WLS as production director
August 25, 1972 The Chicago Tribune wrote an article on WLS morning man Charlie Van Dyke. New WLS Morning Man Tries Harder
August 27, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Tom Bigby, assistant program director, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins KTLK (AM) Denver as program director.
September 18, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Richard Rieman, with WLS (AM Chicago, joins WMAQ (AM) Chicago there as deck editor.
October 9, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Wolcott (Wally) A. Ranck, sales manager WLS (AM) Chicago, joins WCIU-TV there as general sales manager.
Joseph Turner, public - affairs director, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins WMAQ-TV there as program producer.
October 26, 1972 The Chicago Tribune said "Dick Sainte, the noon to 3 p.m. disk jockey does his most important work behind the scenes, as WLS music director. He is principally responsible for picking hits, although there is a committee of station executives to help him."
October 26, 1972 The Chicago Tribune's Clarence Peterson wrote about the WLS airstaff and the station's music policy. WLS Program Director Mike McCormick discusses how deejay make it in a market like Chicago.
October 30, 1972 Broadcasting Magazine reported Peggy Cooper, assistant director, McCann-Erickson, Chicago, joins WLS (AM) Chicago, as editorial and public - service director.
The Seventies -
January 29, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported WLS (AM) in Chicago in response to a severe blood shortage launched a 27 hour vigil, resulting in over 2,000 pints of blood. The idea was from Charlie Van Dyke and Gil Gross. Van Dyke, Gross and John Landecker requested donations.
February 26, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported Melinda Smith, press assistant to Edward W. Brooke (R-Mass) joins WLS (AM) Chicago as writer on news staff.
May 7, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported "Mike McCormick. program director and operations manager of ABC - owned WLS (AM) Chicago, appointed VP and general manager of Rahall Communications WFBM (AM) and WFBQ (FM) Indianapolis. Tommy Edwards, WLS production director, has been named acting program of station.
May, 1973 Tommy Edwards was promoted to WLS acting program director in May 1973 by Paul Abrams, replacing Mike McCormick who left WLS for WFBM - AM and WFBQ - FM in Indianapolis. 
May 15, 1973 The Chicago Tribune reported "WDAI morning man Jim Kerr has left the station to join WLS as production manager and weekend d. j."
May 28, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported Linda Marshall, reporter, interviewer and writer, WSNS (TV) Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there as newscaster.
June 8, 1973 Bob Sirott joined WLS for late nights from WBBM - FM
June 8, 1973 Yvonne Daniels joined WLS for overnights
June 8, 1973 Dick Sainte (WCFL), Bill Bailey (WDRQ), and Chuck Knapp (WCFL) left WLS.
June 12, 1973 Tommy Edwards was promoted to Program Director of WLS
July 16, 1973 The Chicago Tribune's Aaron Gold reports "A West Coast source tells me that WLS D.J. Charlie Van Dyke will be going to work for KHJ in Los Angeles by October."
Summer, 1973 The Rock of Chicago becomes WLS Musicradio
August 17, 1973 The Chicago Tribune reported D.J. Steve King has left WBBM - FM to join WLS
August 20, 1973 D.J. Charlie Van Dyke asked out of his WLS contract because he and his wife just couldn't hack Chicago's weather - he's gone back to the sunshine and smog of L.A. Fred O. Winston (O. for obscene ) takes over the morning chores effective today.
August 20, 1973 Fred Winston moves to morning replacing Charlie Van Dyke.
August 20, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jack Swanson, news director , WTSO (AM Madison, Wis., joins WLS (AM) Chicago, as newscaster.
1973 Bob Sirott moved from nights to afternoons on WLS
August 20, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported, former music director WBBM - FM Chicago, Jim Smith joins WLS (AM) there in same capacity (Music Director)
September 27, 1973 The Chicago Tribune's Gary Deb reported " PAUL ABRAMS Is suddenly out - and Martin Greenberg is suddenly ins general manager of WLS Radio. Abrams, who held the post since December 1971, was let go Monday. On Tuesday, Greenberg, 32, took over after serving as general sales manager of ABC - owned WXYZ in Detroit for the past .2 years. For the record, Abrams' bouncing was officially termed a "resignation." WLS has suffered a massive erosion of its ratings in the past year, with. much of the rock station's audience moving over to WCFL."
November 5, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported Judith Sirimsky, retail sales account executive, WLS (AM) Chicago, named retail sales director.
November 30, 1973 The Chicago Tribune reported WLS Newsman Lyle Dean now anchors the 1:55 pm ABC radio network newscast.
December 10, 1973 Broadcasting Magazine reported Lyle Dean, anchorman, ABC's WLS (AM) Chicago, assumes additional duties as newscaster, ABC's American Contemporary Radio Network.
December 18, 1973 The Chicago Tribune's Gary Deeb reported that "WLS Radio Program Director Tommy Edwards is stepping down to assistant program director and production manager at the ABC rock station. John Gehron takes over WLS program duties Jan. 2 after similar services at WCBS-FM in New York.
The Seventies - 1974  
January 2, 1974 Tommy Edwards stepped down as program director in order to return to the air. He was replaced as pd by John Gehron.
February 4, 1974 Broadcasting Magazine reported John R. Gehron, program director, WCBS-FM New York, named program director, WLS (AM) Chicago.
March 11, 1974 Broadcasting Magazine reported Nick Trigony becomes general sales manager, ABC - owned WLS (AM) Chicago.
1974 Jeff Davis joined WLS as the Director of Special Projects for Music Director Jim Smith and Program Director John Gehron and worked in WLS on Saturday night
May 13, 1974 Broadcasting Magazine reported Frances G. Smith, retail services director, ABC - owned AM stations, New York, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as retail sales manager
May 18, 1974 The Chicago Tribune reported "ABC Radio is transferring Jim Kerr, a 21 - year - old wonder - whiz deejay, from WLS Chicago to WPLJ - FM New York as the new morning drive slot personality"
June 27, 1974 Deejay J.J. Jeffrey gave his WLS listeners 1,000 passes for tonight's sneak preview of "For Pete's Sake" with Barbra Streisand at the Golf Mill Theater.
October 14, 1974 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bud Miller, news director, WLS (AM) Chicago, elected president, Illinois News Broadcasters Association.
October, 21, 1974 Broadcasting Magazine reported Joanne M. Jamerson, named editorial and public service director, WLS (AM) Chicago.
November 22, 1974 The Chicago Tribune's Gary Deeb reported the WLS began a publicity stunt on November 7th apologizing to any listeners who may have been offended by the remarks made by Fred Winston on his morning show. 
December 13, 1974 Radio & Records reported New October - November Hooper are out, Chicago saw WLS with a 16.3 total rated time periods to WCFL's 6.9
The Seventies -
February 24, 1975 Broadcasting Magazine reported Ben Salas, general ledger and payroll accountant, WLS (AM) Chicago, named assistant controller WLS and WDAI (FM) Chicago.
March 3, 1975 Broadcasting Magazine features ad from Sundance Productions listing WLS as one of the stations using Sundance Jingles.
May 2, 1975 Radio & Records, page 8, reported, Janice C. Coleman to WLS News Staff, to do news 10 pm to 6 am.
May 16, 1975 Radio & Records, page 4, has picture of WLS's Bob Sirott and Peter Falk.
June 20, 1975 Radio & Records, page 1, reported, Chicago ARB out. In the rock battle WLS has 8.3, WCFL down further to a 4.6 
July 11, 1975 Radio & Records, page 3, has picture of WLS's Bob Sirott and Tanya Tucker
July 25, 1975 Radio & Records, page 3, reported, The long-lived nuptual bliss of Cher and Greg Allman set the stage for WLS/Chicago's recent "Cher Wedding Kit" giveaway.
WLS/Chicago will promote the upcoming first annual New England Folk Music Festival.
WLS Radio seeks PD secretary. Care of Jim Smith.
September 1, 1975 Broadcasting Magazine reported James Joslyn, formerly general sales manager, WLS (AM) Chicago, named to same post, KVOA-TV Tuscon, Ariz.
September 19, 1975 Radio & Records, page 3, reported, WLS/Chicago has been giving away calculators on the air, with call-in listeners asked mathematical questions in order to win.
WCFL 4.6 up to 5.o, but WLS held at 8.3
September 22, 1975 Broadcasting Magazine reported Bill Frink, sports director - announcer, WLS - TV Chicago, named to sports staff of affiliated WLS (AM) there.
November 22, 1975 J.J Jeffrey left WLS for WBLM - FM in Lewiston, Maine
December 14, 1975 Radio & Records, page 1, reported, WLS Chicago now ito their Fantasy Promotion.
The Seventies -
February 13, 1976 Radio & Records, page 1, reported, WCFL is giving up the rock battle. WLS is now the only AM rock station.
April 5, 1976  Broadcasting Magazine reported Philip J. Giordano, from ABC corporate planning, New York, named controller, ABC - owned WLS (AM) - WDAI (FM) Chicago.
March 1, 1976 Broadcasting Magazine runs ad for WLS for experienced person news person to gather, write and broadcast. Care of Bud Miller, WLS Radio.
March 18, 1976 Wolfman Jack filled in for Bob Sirott on WLS.
September 13, 1976 The Chicago Tribune reported "WLS GENERAL MANAGER Marty Greenberg is considering WCFL's Larry "Superjock" Lujack, WLS's brilliant afternoon deejay, Bob Sirott, and several dee- javs from other markets as Fred Winston's a.m. re- placement. It would be ideal if Greenberg would move Sirott into the 6 to 10 a. m. slot and Lujack into the 2 to 6 p. m. time period."
September 20, 1976 Broadcasting Magazine ran an ad for WLS Research Director, care of Martin G. Greenberg, Vice President, General Manager, WLS Musicradio
September 27, 1976 Broadcasting Magazine reported Carol Robins, account executive, ABC - owned WLS (AM) Chicago, named retail / new business manager, replacing Francey Smith, who joins Chicago sales office of ABC Radio.
November 8, 1976 Broadcasting Magazine reported Don P. Bouloukus, account executive, WLS (AM) Chicago, promoted to national sales manager.
Aldona Masillonis, sales presentation manager, ABC Radio, Chicago, named research director of ABC - owned WLS.
November 8, 1976 Broadcasting Magazine ran an ad for WLS Promotion Director, care of Martin G. Greenberg, Vice President, General Manager, WLS Musicradio
1976 Larry Lujack returned to WLS for mornings
1976 Fred Winston left WLS for WFYR and was replaced by Larry Lujack
The Seventies -
January 3, 1977 Broadcasting Magazine reported Steven R. Nelson, national retail copywriter, Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there as advertising / promotion.
May 23, 1977 Broadcasting Magazine reported Lyle Dean, anchorman WLS (AM) Chicago, joins WFYR (FM) there as news director / anchor.
The Seventies -
January 23, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Michael Waterkotte, advertising and promotions director, WXYZ (AM) Detroit, named to same position, WLS (AM) Chicago.
January 30, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Don P. Bouloukos, sales manager, WLS (AM) Chicago, promoted to general sales manager.
1978 Jeff Davis replaced Steve King on WLS from 10-2 pm at night.
February 5, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jim Smith, music director, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins WOKY (AM) as program director.
February 27, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Joseph E. Parish, general sales manager, WLS (AM) Chicago, named general manager, KHOW (AM)- KXKX (FM) Denver.
March 13, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Alan Burns, president, Media Insights, Chicago - based media research firm, joins WLS (AM) there as music director - air personality.
July 3, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Karen Cavillero, secretary in programing department, WLS (AM) Chicago, named assistant music director.
September 25, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine reported Linda Lyke, account executive, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins Blair Radio's Chicago office in same capacity.
October 9, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine ran ad for Elvis Memories from August 13, 1978 on ABC Radio Network including WLS. Quote from WLS program director John Gehron.
October 9, 1978 Broadcasting Magazine ran ad for The Evolution of Rock. Quote from WLS program director John Gehron.
The Seventies -
January 15, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Mary Groark, account executive, WDAI (FM) Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there in same capacity.
January 29, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Simon Touloumis, account executive, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins co-owned KLOS (AM) Los Angeles as national sales director.
January 29, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Art Wallis, production director, WGAR (AM) Cleveland, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as production director and weekend air personality.
Kathy McFarland, anchor - reporter, WLS (AM) Chicago, assumes additional duties as anchor WFLD-TV there.
February 2, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Linda Waldman, director of promotional development, WLS (AM) Chicago, named director of advertising and promotion.
March 4, 1979 The Chicago Tribune ran a story on Chicago radio, including stories on Larry Lujack, Linda Marshall and John Gehron. Listed Lujack's salary as $140,000 a year. (articles start on page 39)
May 7, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Marty Greenberg, VP and General Manager , WLS (AM), Chicago, named president ABC - owned FM group, succeeding Allan Shaw, resigned. 
April 2, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine ran ad for WLS Research Director care of Martin Greenberg, VP / General Manager WLS Radio.
June 4, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Craig McKee, sales manager, WLS (AM) Chicago named national sales manager.
Linda Fischer, media buyer - planner, Leo Burnett, Chicago, joins WLS (AM) as research director.
July 30, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported James Sack, business manager, WPLJ (FM) New York, named controller for ABC - owned WLS (AM) - WDAI (FM) Chicago and ABC Radio Network.
Joan Baehler, Western district sales manager. McGraw-Hill, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as account executive.
August 6, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Catherine Johns, newscaster, WERE (AM Cleveland joins WLS (AM) Chicago as co-anchor.
August 27, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jerry Ryan, account executive, WJJD (AM) - WJEZ (FM) Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there in same capacity.
October 29, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Steve Casey, program director and air personality, KKKQ (AM) Phoenix, and research director for co-owned KUPD (FM) here, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as music director.
November 12, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Harley Carnes, morning anchor, WBAP (AM) Fort Worth, joins WLS (AM) Chicago as reporter and newscaster.
November 26, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Les Grobstein, from Chicago Sportsphone, joins WLS (AM) there as sportscaster. 
December 3, 1979 Broadcasting Magazine reported Carol Robins, sales manager of marketing services, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins KFWB (AM) Los Angeles as account executive.
The Eighties -
January 1, 1980 Broadcasting Magazine reported Brant Miller, producer and weekend personality, WLS (AM) Chicago, named night air personality.
1980 John Landecker moved to afternoons on WLS after Bob Sirott left for television.
March 31, 1980 Broadcasting Magazine reported Tom Kent, air personality, WGCL (FM Cleveland, joins WLS (AM) Chicago, as weekend air personality.
July 21, 1980 Broadcasting Magazine reported Sherry Owens, sales manager in Chicago market and credit clearing house specialist for Dun & Bradstreet, joins WLS Chicago, as account specialist.
August 4, 1980 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jim Corboy, director of promotional development, WLS Chicago, joins WMET (FM) there as promotion director.
September 29, 1980 Broadcastin Magazine reported Ann Marie Stepovy, assistant manager of information services WBBM - AM - FM Chicago, joins WLS (AM) there as promotion department director.
The Eighties -
January 12, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Jeff Trumper, account executive WLS (AM) Chicago, joins co-owned KSRR (FM) Houston as general sales manager.
1981 John Landecker left WLS for CFTR in Toronto
March 9, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Steve Dahl and Gary Meier, air personalitlies, WLUP (FM) Chicago, join WLS (FM) there in same capacities.
March 21, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Larry Divney, VP - station manager, WLS - AM - FM Chicago, joins Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment, Co., New York, as VP, advertising - sales.
July 27, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Terry Rodda, sales manager, WLS (AM) Chicago, joins KSSR (FM) Houston in the same capacity.
August 24, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Betty Lieberman, Midwest manager, Roslin Radio Sales, based in Chicago, joins WLS - AM - FM, Chicago as account executive.
November 16, 1981 Broadcasting Magazine reported Pamela Koltz, promotion assistant, WLS (AM) Chicago joins WCFL (AM) there in same capacity.
The Eighties
April 26, 1982 Marcus Palmer, assistant to WLS - FM's Steve Dahl and Garry Meier died after surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. 
July 1, 1982 The Chicago Tribune reported "This year's WLS Rock Fest Oct 29-31, at Arlington Park Racetrack, which will again be produced by Flipside, is expected by WLS execs to draw bigger crowds than the fest did at the Ampitheatre.
October 17, 1982 WLS' John Gehron is featured in article on page 10 section 6 of The Chicago Tribune Arts and Books
October 27, 1982 The Chicago Tribune reported "Animal Stories" stars Tommy Edwards and Larry Lujack will make their singing debut Saturday night at the WLS Rock Fest at Arlington Park Expo Center"
1983 Fred Winston returned for afternoons on WLS
May 16, 1983 The Chicago Tribune reported "Lincoln Park Zoo benefited by a 8.9 mile run sponsored by radio station WLS on June 5
December 3, 1985 WLS's Steve Dahl walked out while on the air over a dispute with Larry Lujack.
December, 1985 The Illinois Entertainer Ad  features Larry Lujack moving from mornings to afternoons starting on January 6, 1986
February, 1986 The Illinois Entertainer Ad  features Larry Lujack and Walt Disney Seasation Vacation
March, 1986 John Landecker returned to WLS from WAGO-FM for evenings,
1986 Larry Lujack moved from mornings to afternoons at WLS
1986 Fred Winston moved from afternoons to mornings at WLS
March, 1986 The Illinois Entertainer Ad  features WLS lineup - Fred Winston, Don Wade, Larry Lujack, Rich McMillan and John Landecker
May, 1986 The Illinois Entertainer Ad  features Fred Winston
1988 John Landecker moved from nights to afternoons
June 1989 WLS announced it would convert to all talk by the end of the summer.
August 23, 1989 WLS quit playing music. The last song was "Just You And Me" by Chicago. Phil Duncan was the last WLS disk jockey.

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