Prove All Things
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Prove All Things


~Endeavoring to examine all things under the eye of Scripture~

  Greetings fellow traveler.  My name is James Joseph Kirby; mostly known as Jim Kirby; Pseudonym - James Jay.  I am not nor have ever been a pastor.  I have taught SS & Bible studies from time to time & have even preached sermons once in a while.  I was alive when the Japanese  bombed Pearl Harbor.  In the 60s I was a 'long hair freak' who played rock & roll music & took drugs like everybody else.  I started reading the Bible in the back room of a NYC nite club called Trudy Heller's.  I went home & offered a burnt offering of all my pot to God;  went to a church & heard the gospel...  & here I am!

  My articles are guaranteed to make you think & that's as it should be for... Christianity is a religion of the mind.  Many professing Christians today are not really interested in thinking too hard. The substance of their religion is that of Feelings and Emotionalism.  But God is the God of truth & truth necessarily addresses man's Intellect, not his Emotions.  Jesus said... "I am the Truth" and He is called the 'Word' of God.  We are told that God saves His people by the truth & that it is the truth that sets men free.  So thinking is a very necessary activity if one is to be a fruitful Christian. If you disagree with what I write at least you will have been challenged to go into the Scriptures & do some thinking. 

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  ~ This  n  That ~

The Entombment Of Christ






Tolerant Calvinists Not Necessarily Unregenerate

Were the Disciples saved or lost when they denied the doctrine of Messiah's resurrection ?

Why I believe Van Til was not a Christian

Nutshell Theology of the Covenants   

Is Covenant Theology Biblical?

Covenant Theology and the Law     <<<  NEW  >>>  Showing Covenant Theology to be False Doctrine

Great Tribulation  



Go Find A "Good Church" even!!


Ekklesia verses Church;   

Do you Go To Church?   No one in the Bible did.

You ~better~ Go To Church... Or Else! 


Indwelling Sin  Fact or Fallacy

Do Christians Sin?  Positional holiness

The New Heart  And the New Covenant

Romans 7  Choose one

The most important thing in life. . .  as a matter of fact, the only thing that really matters is that you know God & His Son Jesus Christ & have His Righteousness.  Do you have the Righteousness of Jesus Christ?  Im not asking if you "asked Jesus into your heart"  or if you have "Accepted"  Him as your "personal Savior".  Such is not found in Scripture and is not the gospel of salvation... which if a man does not believe he shall perish eternally.  These are expressions of the false gospel of Arminianism. What then is the Gospel? Scripture answers...  Romans 10:9,10 / 1Cor 15:1-3.  Romans 6.


Dead  or  Alive  Can the unregenerate believe the Gospel?  UPDATED

Meet Rocky    A Followup to Dead or Alive.  >>Updated; Objection answered<<


Is There A Doctrine In The House!

Who  Needs  Doctrine

Form & Resistance

What Is Arminianism?  or... How to become a trouble-maker!   UPDATED

Ignorance and the Gospel

He Loves Me...

Why Dead Calvinists Are Not Saved

Say What You Mean  Galatians and "confessing a false gospel"!

The Stone of David  This article demonstrates from Scripture that Arminianism is a false gospel and those who preach and believe it are still lost.

A Reformed Baptist Denies the Gospel

Marc Carpenter's Heresies

                                                           ~Thy Word Is Truth~

This section demonstrates what the Bible itself has to say about truth. The format is simple. A verse or passage of Scripture which contains the word "truth" is referenced and  its teaching emphasized. I often ask folks to take their concordance and look up the one word "truth".  Most do not bother; they would rather argue against the truth instead of bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ.

I will not conceal the truth;  Psalm 40
Righteousness or Wrath; Romans 1:18,25
Calling in Truth; Ps 145:18

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