Mudbone Sparks Live at the Holly Inn, March 26 2010!

Some of these songs turned out fastastic...some...less than fantastic. This is the entire show...warts and all. It's not bad for a bunch of guys who have been playing for about 10 months! This was taken off a Sony Camcorder...we got lucky, it came out all right. Enjoy!

Goin' Down (Jeff Beck Group) Our version is quite different from the original! here

Leavin' Blues.mp3 - An original written by our lead singer. here

Hoochie Coochie Man - An old Muddy Waters blue classic, done our way. Muddy kicks our asses, but we did ok! here

Every Day - A Band original! Lots of fun to play here

Mustang Sally - The Blues Standard. here

Dancer - An original written by our singer. Good song, meh performance. here

The House is Rockin' - The blues classic. I had trouble wrapping my fingers around this song. Probably the best performance we've had of this one. here

The Good Ole' Days - Original, would have been better if the guitar wasn't out of tune. Dammit. here

Voodoo Chili - Our take on the Hendrix classic. Not my best performance. Chub and the band sounded great, though! here

High Water - A Chub original. Great song. here

Introductions. here

Crossroads - Our take on Creams 1960's take on the Robert Johnson song. I put my Clapton hat on this one. here

The Only One - One of my original songs. Chub forgot the lyrics in the last verse. Funny! here

Let me in - Jimmy Vaughan song. A little rough. here

Mississippi Queen - The Mountain classic, complete with more cowbell here

Illustrated Man - Johnny Winter song. Our performance...meh here

Diamonds - Los Lonely Boys song from a couple of years ago. here

Shore to Shore - A Band original, pretty cool song. here

Cool Guitars - Jimmy Thackary song. The vocals were killing this mix at this point. here

One Paycheck - A Chub original. Great song! Lousy recording. Oh well! here

Oh Well - Old Fleetwood Mac song...our version sounds more like the Rockets version. here

Ok - Original by me...good song, ok recording. My background vocals suck. here

Good Love - John Mayer song, Aaron taking a turn on the lead vocals. I can't imagine playing drums and singing. here

Ride the Wind - Chub Original. Great song. This one came out really good. here

Day After Day - Badfinger song - I like Lou calling Aaron a 'jerk' at the beginning. here

Country Frame of Mind - Band Original. here

Sunshine of Your Love - Cream song from the 60's. here

Groovy Little Blues Song - Chub original. Usually a point where we stretch out and jam, but I think we were getting

Folsom Prison Blues - A week before this show we added this song, so we only played it a couple of times. It was pretty