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I like Wal-Mart. I guess that means that I don't agree with your website. A supercenter was recently built in our city and the parking lot is full 24 hours a day. It would appear that the local people agree with me. Your website is the typical left-wing hate talk that fills the Democratic Party. You should re-label your website to read, Socialists Workers of America. Please crawl back under your rock.
-- Steve, Woodville, Texas

Sending jobs overseas does not hurt our economy any more than keeping those jobs at home. By keeping jobs here in America, companies have to pay people more than they would be paid in another country. This translates to higher prices, more people laid off, and a decline in our economy. By sending jobs overseas, American companies are able to pay less wages, they are able to compete better here in America and in other countries, bringing profits here to America. I too, like the person from the last comment you posted, am doing a case study of Wal-Mart for school. Guess what? Wal-Mart has done more for our economy than you can imagine. This is capitalism at work. But you can't criticize Wal-Mart for off-shoring, since so many other companies also do this. I own a Honda which is a Japanese car. However, it was built right here in America using a large number of parts manufactured right here in America. I know for a fact that American car makers have manufacturing operations in other countries such as Canada and Mexico. If you are going to boycott Wal-Mart, boycott everyone just the same. Don't pick out a company that has done so much for our economy. And don't assume that sending jobs overseas is bad. Just one more point to sending jobs overseas, the countries where these jobs are going are much more receptive to trade with America (yes, politics plays a large part). Believe me when I say that this has been a larger benefit to America than the loss of jobs we have suffered. Also, by sending jobs overseas, world-wide comparative advantages come into play. Read a basic economics book, focusing on comparative advantages. You will come to see that off-shoring is a good thing. Please post this on your site. Give people the chance to see both sides of the coin. Thanks.
-- Joshua

i live in Australia and am doing a report on Wal-Mart for University, that is how i cam across your site, i just wanted to let you know i am very pleased there are people out there like yourself that are actively involved in doing something about the way the global economy is heading.
-- Forrest, Melbourne Australia

Dear Mr. Wingenroth,

I've just spent some time visting your "Buy American!" site, and would simply like to offer congratulations on a job well done. Like you, I'm very troubled by the continuing loss of jobs here at home in our society's seemingly never-ending thirst for lower prices. I'm old enough to remember when we made our own television sets, tools, and clothing of all kinds; these days, it's really a struggle to find items made in the U.S.

For some time now, I've been on the lookout for a t-shirt bearing a slogan like, "Boycott Wal-Mart" or something similar, but thus far, I've had no success - are you aware of anyone who markets such a shirt?

Once again, many thanks and congratulations on having produced such a valuable site.
-- Frank

You lost me with this garbage. The speech I would like to hear Bush tell is when he pleads for leniency just before the sentence is handed down to this vile corrupt piece of garbage. I am all for buying American that is how I found your page. BUSH IS THE PROBLEM!!!! THEY EMBRACE SENDING OUR JOBS ABROAD!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!
-- Earl

It is interesting even products that boast "Made in America" are NOT!. For one instance, I bought a security system saying "Proudly Made in America." Its outer covering is marked made in America, but when I took it apart to replace an internal back up battery. To my surprise, the electronic componets are Asian made. The majority of the product is made of parts made in Asia. It is no different from Ford, Chrysler, Chevy. Cars of today maybe or not "assembled in America," but alot of their componets and parts could be foreign produced.

I went to Home Depot to buy a hammer. An American made hammer will cost 20 to 25 dollars compared to 3-5 dollar China hammer. And you know what. I have had American made tools and had just as much problems as I do the Chinese counterparts. I feel American producers now are using cheaper materials and labor to produce their goods and sell it at a higher price, but quality is about the same as Asian goods. Made in America used to mean something, but for today it means the bottom line. "PROFIT"
-- Andrew

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