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Cheap Pennsylvania

wingee's guide to vacation on a budget

    Stuff that requires some planning:

    1) Attend a barbeque. Drive the family around in a prestigous neighborhood. Spot a backyard BBQ. Knock on the door, introduce yourself, tell them you remember being in the house as a small child when your grandmother lived here. Ask if you might take a peek inside for old times sake. Your family will be instantly invited to the party.

    NASCAR hauler
    2) NASCAR Day. After the Watkins Glen race, line up along Rte. 15, anywhere from the NY to the MD borders. You will watch the NASCAR haulers drive by on their way home. Bring lawn chairs and refreshments.

    3) Go tubing. Tubing down a creek is a marvelous experience. You can get some old inner tubes free from any truck garage. A patch kit is only a few dollars.

    4) Fishing. Kids fish for free in PA. Just don't you get caught handling any of the tackle. Or the fish. You can get the equipment for a few bucks at a yard sale. Dig your own worms.

    5) Pennsylvania pothole game. Remove the child/youth seats from your car. Blindfold the kids and put helmets on them. Drive down any PA road and swerve to miss the potholes. Gives the kids a carnival type ride and improves driver reflexes. Serves as both entertainment and exercise.

    6) House swap vacation. Arrange to trade homes for a week with someone who lives where you'd like to visit. Be considerate, clean your trailer before your guests arrive.

    7) Gotta get away? wingee has found cheap overnight accomodations all over the state. Waterfront, cozy mountain cabins, whatever you're looking for, none over a dollar a night! Look them over.


    Spur of the moment:

    1) Roadkill game. Take a drive with the kids. Spot the roadkill. First to see a roadkill, and first to identify it, each receives one point.

    2) Take in a museum. Arrive a half hour before closing, admission is usually free. Note: some museums are free!

    3) Flea market. No admission charge. Plan not to buy anything.

    4) Go cow tipping. Learn about it here.

    5) Drive-in movie. Pick the dollar a carload night.

    6) Church. Pick a new one, one that serves lunch after the service.

    7) Watch a parade. Always free, sometimes free candy for the kids.

    8) Take a drive out into the country. Pick up bottles. And cans. Along the road. Cash them in for soda and candy.

    9) Go to a carnival. Enjoy the sights, sounds and smells. Leave before the kids see the rides or get hungry.

    10) Yard sales. Great place to meet like-minded cheapskates. Lighten up, spend a dollar.

    11) Camping. In your own back yard. Lock up the house, no cheating!

    12) Snipe hunting.
    For instructions click here.

    13) Tour a soup kitchen or a homeless shelter. The family can always eat free. Wear old clothes. Take ear plugs for the sermon.

Cheap Pennsylvania

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