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DAMM, Pennsylvania

Drunks Against Mad Mothers

The three-fold mission of DAMM of PA is to get mad mothers to stay at home and cook and clean where they belong, to stop drinking and driving because you might spill some, and to prevent other alcohol abuse like returning the keg before it's been emptied.

War Stories

-- Mrs. Clayton Urgle has been out marching with that MADD group. Her kids haven't had a decent meal in 3 days.
-- Emily Heckle is protesting the opening of the new dirty book store down the block. Her kids are going to school in unironed clothes.
-- Smedley Fishburn threw a weekend party, his wife made him clean up the place and return 8 kegs to the distributor on Monday morning, 1 wasn't quite empty. Monday afternoon his buddies returned and guess what? No beer!
-- Marvin Wilbing cracked open a beer while he and his wife and kids were driving home from church. She screamed at him, upset him so badly that he spilled it all over his new Garfield tie.

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Mad Mothers Are No Accident!

We let it happen. We can stop it!

What to do?

Join DAMM Now! Send a huge contribution.

of Pennsylvania

Call your local chapter
or inquire at your neighborhood tavern or pub


Drunks Against Mad Mothers is a non-profit grass roots organization with more than 60,000 chapters (bars) nationwide.
Each chapter meets on its own schedule, usually Friday afternoons during Happy Hour.
Not to be confused with that commie pinko organization known as Mothers Against Drunk Drivers MADD PA

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DAMM Good Links

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American Beer Drinkers Party All The Best Drinking Stories
Learn about the DUI Industry and MADD's big money agenda. Visit the "other" DAMM web site.

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