In September 1980, WPEZ-FM became WWSW-FM and 3WS was born.
WWSW and WPEZ station owner Bill Block brought Mike Harvey to Pittsburgh from WHAM-AM in Rochester, NY. to put the new 3WS together. WPEZ's top 40 sound was out as was program director Rob Sisco. 3WS was in with a new adult contemporary format. 
Wynn Rosenberg was the new music director for 3WS. The new 3WS on-air line-up included Nat Humphreys from WHAM from 6 - 10 am, Herb Crowe from 10 - noon, George Hart noon - 4 pm, Ed Barrett (temporary) 4 - 8 pm, Chip Knight 8 - mid and Jim Merkel mid - 6am. The weekend staff included Trevor Ley and Dennis Elliot. Changes were also made at WWSW-AM 970. Long time Pittsburgher By Williams became program director replacing Jim Durham. The new music blend included current hits, a few 50's oldies and a heavy dose of music from the 60's.
Pittsburgh's John Mehno detailed the changes in the September 27, 1980 issue of Billboard
In a little over a years time, the ratings at 3WS were almost double what they were when the change was made.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Win Fanning details the changes in his column on Sept.
2, 1980. WPEZ Tosses Out Hard Rock Sound.
In 1982, It was the Best of Both Worlds, with 3WS on both FM and AM
3WS 94.5 FM
3WS 970 AM
Nat Humphreys    5:30 to 10 am Nat Humphreys         5:30 to 10 am
George Hart        10 - 3 pm Scott Cassidy            10 - 3 pm
Herb Crowe         3 - 7 pm Herb Crowe               3 - 7 pm
Jim Merkel          7 - mid Doug Hoerth              7 - mid
Jay Mitchell        12 - 5:30 am Dave Shallenberger  12 - 6 am
Nat Humphreys
George Hart
Herb Crowe
Jim Merkel
Jay Mitchell 
Scott Cassidy
Doug Hoerth
Dave Shallenberger
1982 3WS Station Management
Michael Harvey - President / General Manager Diane Sutter - Vice President / Station Manager
Tom Daren - Program Director E.R. Dollie Bucci - General Sales Manager
Dave Berner - News and Information Director Len Ciecieznski - Creative Services Manager
Jill Cummings - Senior Promotion Director Ann Olah - Traffic Manager
Dick Lucas - Chief Engineer Chuck Weaver - Business Manager
1982 3WS News Team

John Fries, Bob Mayo, Cynthia Harris, Mike 'Crash' Carlton, Keith James, Dave Berner
Jane Clark, Jerry Kelanic, Kevin Clark
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