All About Alexander

He describes himself as "very middle class ... you know the station wagon, house in the sururbs, vigilante meetings ... you know, very average ..." Alexander is our Program Director which gives him the opportunity to kick and beat all his people, and they have to laugh at all his rotten jokes. The Six Foot-Four Inch son of a steel worker from Pittsburgh has been kicking around the business for 15 years ... from Wheeling, West Virginia to Harrisburg, by way of 8 other stations in 7 other cities ... "but one of these days they'll catch me ..."

When not at the station, which is really rare, he enjoys flying ... "airplanes ... lets get that straight ...", and photography: he's responsible for all the pictures on the Fun Lovin' Thirty. "I hate mornings and I ain't got no use for anybody thats likes morning!" You can hate him ... or hear him 6 to 10 daily at THE ROCK!

(from the October 13, 1972 Harrisburg's Top 30)

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