Bob Alexander . . . was the Rock of Harrisburg's creator.

Bob came to WKBO from WVAM in Altoona and replaced Larry Hall as WKBO's program director.
  Bob's work as program director was widely admired . . .

Former WKBO personality John Summers said  Bob was "probably one of the most clever, creative people I’ve ever met.  Apart from his strong on-air personality and production abilities, he was an absolute genius at promotion.  He came up with ideas that really caught people’s attention.  Some were original, others recycled, but they always sounded big." 
  Nobody taught the 'basics' better than Bob Alexander . . .
Former WKBO personality Rick Shockley said, "It’s been many years since I worked in Harrisburg, PA for “Alexander in the Morning”, my very first P.D. but I can tell you I have been amazed to hear talent in some very large markets who obviously never got the lessons in the basics I was fortunate enough to have had “pounded” into me by this radio genius. To this day, the guys I worked with in the 70’s at WKBO will tell you they felt “blessed” that they went to “basics drill camp” under Alexander. Many of his air personalities from this medium sized market ended up in markets like, Boston and Philadelphia because we were blessed with some talent and learned great fundamentals when we were cutting our teeth as “jocks”. " "Yes, Alexander had very clear ideas on what he wanted his jocks to say and how to say them. I can remember a simple note posted on the console right next to the “mic”. Alexander was also a stickler on call letter delivery. It was not was W-K-B-O! Each letter enunciated distinctly in a manner that would, if it could be seen ,resemble torture-one drip on the forehead at a time."
  WKBO's promotions were creative . . .
From John Summers. "WKBO’s first major promotion was giving away a shiny new 1972 Ford Mustang.  There were three “Oldies” in the trunk.  Listeners were put on the air hourly during the daytime and had to guess the three songs by title and artist.  It took all summer but a lady from Middletown finally did it.  They also gave away a swimming pool by having people guess, in a kind of a “hi-lo” manner, how many teaspoonfuls of water it would take to fill the pool.  Alexander had a physics professor figure it out!  We rarely did call-in-to-wins; he always gave everything an imaginative twist."
WKBO Bob Alexander Jingle Flash Audio
Bob Alexander is a western Pennsylvania native, raised in Beaver Falls.  After starting out in radio at WBBW in Youngstown Ohio.  He spent time in the US Army and continued his radio career in a couple of other Ohio towns before moving on to WVAM in Altoona. From WVAM it was off to Pittsburgh in 1968 where he worked at KQV as Franklin B Forbes. After Pittsburgh it was back to Altoona and WVAM as Tom Foolery. In 1972, the call came from WKBO, and a new chapter for Bob. Alexander in the Morning and the Rock of Harrisburg.

After WKBO, Alexander spent time at WFEC, WCMB and WHP before leaving radio. Bob is retired from the Dauphin County Adult Probation and Parole Department. He is now the part-time Orientation Officer with Keystone Correctional Services in Harrisburg.

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Alexander along with Captain Dave
Alexander in Studio
Alexander on the Capitol Steps
Alexander at J.C.Penney's Fashion Fling
Alexander with
Hal German,Carol Crissey,Captain Dave
Alexander & Mickey Mouse
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