August 14, 1966
The Beatles at Cleveland
The Beatles did not make a stop in Pittsburgh after the September 14, 1964 concert.

In 1966, they did visit Cleveland. KQV figured if the Beatles couldn't come to Pittsburgh, KQV would send Pittsburgh to the Beatles. KQV bought the tickets and sent a bus load of KQV listeners to see the Beatles at Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

One of those listeners was George Dzvonyik. George was kind enough to send a copy of the letter he was sent from KQV's John Rook. He also enclosed a copy of the ticket stub. You'll notice that the Cleveland concert was sponsored by WIXY 1260. (In the late 60's and early 70's co-owned WMCK in McKeesport would change their name to WIXZ 1360). The cost of a Beatles ticket in 1966 was only $5.50.

Here are George's memories of the Beatles in Cleveland.
"The date was August 14th 1966. This date is indelibly etched in my mind. On this date I saw the Beatles at Cleveland's old Municipal Stadium. The trip to Cleveland was memorable in itself. The bus we were riding in broke down on  the way to the show, on the Ohio Turnpike. I had won the tickets from KQV Radio 1410, and we just barely made it in time to see the Fab Four. We had already missed seeing the Cyrkle, but no one seemed to mind. I was on a bus full of screaming girls, I think there may have been 1 other boy on the bus, and all we wanted see was the legendary Beatles! We got there and about 10 minutes later the concert started. the Beatles were brought into the stadium in an armored car through the center field fence. The stage was set on 2nd base and 6' fences lined the field down the foul ball lines. Murray the K introduced them and then all chaos broke loose!! I have never, to this day, heard that kind of noise. The decibel level was so high that you could barely hear a word they were singing. There were people fainting and being taken out on stretchers the entire show. About 20 minutes into the show the band started to play the first notes to their famous song "Day Tripper" . A girl ran up to the 6' fence and started to climb up and almost over the fence until she was pulled back down. By that time more and more people had run up to and knocked down the fences and when it was all over 10,000 people had stormed the stage. The Beatles were taken off the stage on the same armored truck that had brought them in.  Murray the K said that if people did not go back to their seats the show would be over. About  45 minutes later the crowd got back to their seats and the concert was resumed. It's easy to see why the Beatles gave up live shows. First was the sound quality and secondly the security problem. I salute KQV for the chance to see the Beatles and as you can see, I will forever cherish the moment in time."

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September 14, 1964
The Beatles at the Civic Arena