September 14, 1964
The Beatles at The Civic Arena

Chuck Brinkman and Dave Scott clap as John Lennon enters the stage. Steve Rizen is also on stage.

Audio of Chuck Brinkman welcoming the Beatles

Rare live shot from

Glossy photo of The Beatles on Civic Arena stage with crop marks from
KQV's Fun-Lovin' 5 as they appeared on the back of the KQV Finest 40.
The Beatles' only visit to Pittsburgh was on September 14, 1964. KDKA sent Clark Race to Baltimore to meet the Beatles the day before the show. He was to fly to Pittsburgh on the Beatles' airplane and return with them. KDKA planned to air their press conference and to air portions of that evening's concert. 

KQV Program Director John Rook sent Chuck Brinkman and Dex Allen to Baltimore as well. The story of how KQV stole the show from KDKA is documented by Lenny Litman in Variety Magazine on the John Rook Page.

Wednesday September 16, 1964
The Pittsburgh Press

Monday September 14, 1964
Pittsburgh Post Gazette
Here for the first time since it appeared on page 45 of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette on September 14, 1964 is the article detailing Clark Race's planned trip to Baltimore as well as the ad that appeared in the Post Gazette that day.

Clark Race With Beatles

     Clark Race, KDKA Radio's afternoon personality left Pittsburgh yesterday to meet the Beatles in Baltimore. He attended the mop topped singers concert there last night and will return here with the Beatles aboard their chartered airplane today.

     To cover the local activities of the Beatles, Race will be joined by KDKA newsman Mike Levine when the airplane touches the ground at a very carefully guarded location. Both observers will spend the entire day with the Britishers and make periodic reports to area listeners.

     In addition, KDKA Radio expects to originate a live broadcast from the Beatles press conference at the Civic Arena tonight and to air portions of their concert throughout the evening.

     At a press conference in Baltimore yesterday, Race asked Paul McCartney about persistent rumors that he is married (not true) ; for the Beatles evaluation of their performances in their movie "A Hard Day's Night" (they weren't satisfied and hope to develop into better actors), and what the Beatles plan to do when the group finally breaks up (they want to produce other "pop' artists).

     The trip to Baltimore was a reunion of sorts for Race and the Beatles. In May, he traveled to England and Scotland to meet the mop tops with Jackie Labarton, the teenaged winner of a station sponsored contest. In recent weeks, Race has distributed more than 100 free tickets to tonight's performance.

     It should be bedlam - yeah, yeah, yeah.

Courtesy SPS Website
August 14, 1966
The Beatles in Cleveland