KQV High Hoopers Flying High for Charity
KQV DISC-JOCKEYS PLAY FOR CHARITY - Top Row, left to right: Larry Aiken, Dave Scott, Johnny McKinney, Dick Drury. Bottom Row, left to right: Bob Hemke, Bruce Still.
On the Floor . . . On the Air . . . They're Pittsburgh's D.J.'s on the Move
     KQV's High Flying Basketball Team . . . the High Hoopers . . . are really flying high. And, it's all for charity.
     Formed as a KQV Public Service by Program Director, Dick Drury, the High Hoopers issued challenges to the various High Schools, offering to perform, free of charge, for any Charitable purpose or fund raising cause the school might support.
     Booking a schedule of 27 games, the KQV High Hoopers have passed the half-way mark in their season, chalking up a record of 15 wins for 15 charities. On the floor, the slate's a bit different . . . it reads 4 won and 11 lost.
     Success of the High Hoopers is shown by the results: New band uniforms, athletic blazers, new desks, gymnasium equipment and cafeteria equipment are just a few of the accomplishments for the schools, greatly assisted by appearances of the KQV High Hoopers.
     While their performance for charitable purposes has been noteworthy, it is only fair to point out, their athletic prowess has been far above expectations. The High Hoopers are not clowns. They really play basketball and they've turned in credible performances, numbering among their victims, Radio Station WBUT, TV Station WIIC, The Pittsburgh Record Distributors and Brentwood High.
     In many other tilts, the High Hoopers have gone down to the wire only to lose at the end because of the opposition's superior manpower.
     Incidentally, their tutor is Al Moritt, who has the easiest job in coaching circles. It seems the boys never have any time to practice.
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