KQV's Music Policy . . . The People's Choice
     Just over three years ago, KQV Radio moved from the eighth floor of the Chamber of Commerce Building into its present Show Case Studios at the Corner of Seventh Avenue and Smithfield Street. KQV moved out with the people and became an active part of the community and the community accepted KQV. It was people talking to people.
     At the same time, KQV launched it's current music policy . . .  the people's choice . . . presenting only the selections the public asked to hear.
     KQV arrives at selections of music for each member of the family, through careful planning, hours of listening to records, thorough study of artists and extensive, time-consuming surveys.
     In formulating policy on KQV, great stress is laid on musical balance . . . the ratio of male and female vocalists to vocal groups, the ballads and the up-tempos.
     In preparing the lists of current hits, KQV surveys most retail record stores, and all record distributors, the sale of sheet music and albums and national releases, assuring listeners that the current hits are the tunes they themselves have made hits.
     In addition to the current hits, the old favorites and the treasured albums, KQV Personalities also audition hundreds of records weekly to select a certain few that fall into the category of up-and-coming hits, the WAX-TO-WATCH or the ALBUM OF THE WEEK.
     Incidentally in case you hadn't noticed, the current trend is toward the slow, melodic ballad featuring the female vocalist.
     Yes, KQV's Music is the People's Music. Try it. You'll like It.
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