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"My name is Jim Brown and I am a 51 year old former Pittsburgher.  I was assembling a compilation CD for my sister of songs we grew up with.  A Google search on "The Gorilla" by the Ideals , (#20 of 1963), led me to your site.  I am truly impressed!  More than just a walk down memory lane, it is thorough, insightful and obviously created with much love.  I also grew up with KQV in my blood.  I would take the bus downtown and stand at the corner of Walk and Don't Walk, marveling at the people who were creating the magic in my world.  Visiting your site brought it all back: the transistor radio under the pillow at night, the weekly pilgrimage to NRM for the Survey, the year-end countdowns, etc.  The only thing that could have come close to the effect your site had on me would have been if Bob Prince had materialized in my living room!

As an aside, WT Koltek and I grew up together in Bellevue.  We were very dear friends in our more Bohemian times and have kept in touch over the years. He tells me that your passion for radio in general and Pittsburgh radio specifically is unsurpassed.   You could do much worse than to have him on your side.

Thank you for all of your hard work.  Your efforts have made my life more enjoyable."

... Jim Brown 10/23/05

"Just an update I have not passed away.
I am alive and well and am Genial Manger of TV/ Media Relations for Bethany World Prayer Center a church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana."
... Al Crouch 10/17/05

" Hi there!
Great website...
  I was a student at California State in California PA back in 69-71 and had a friend who worked at KQV. We had the "vip" tour of the place, and the guy who was doing some production at the time was very kind to oblige me with a real time copy of their "new" jingle package.....
  I was successfully flunking out of school, and also successfully getting WVCS licensed to the college and on the air way back when!
... Jim Schultz 10/12/05

"I'm a Notre Dame student and Pittsburgh native going into broadcast journalism, and I'm just back from a summer working at KQV.  I'm a great fan of your site - so thorough and comprehensive, good information on the days before KQV was news radio (long before I was around).
About midway through my time at KQV, our sound engineers went through and re-edited all the old jingles we used (I think most were from the PAMS Sonosational series - we still use them during our evening old-time radio programming) to take out any references to Top-40 era KQV...  So "Audio 14" and "Fun lovin' KQV" and "Colorful KQV" and so on were all erased from our carts.
I grew very fond of those original jingles in the time I was there."

Thanks again for such a fine site."
... Will Seath 8/22/05

"We were looking around the net and saw your great web site. I'm glad you have covered the
KQV story from a Top40 perspective. KQV was testimony to a failing network's effort to
become successful and ABN (ABC) turned itself around because of it.
... Richard W. Fatherley 8/04/05

"First let me say how much I have enjoyed reading (and llistening)  to your web site. It sure bring back many Great memories. I can remember back in the early 1970's when I wanted to take a look inside the studios (I was told they did not give tours), Jay Davis was kind enough to let me in and show me around, Something that I will never forget! 
   I have a question that I wonder if you could answer? I am trying to remember what brand of audio consoles, monitor amplifiers, preamplifiers, and microphones that were used. for example,In studio A there were two RCA BQ-2A turntables with G.E. baton tonearms (the tonearms in studio B were Micro Trak) and Grado cartridges and the studio monitor speakers were Electro Voice. 
   I am an audiophile and a collector of vintage broadcast equipment, and I would to learn more about the KQV studios.
   Keep up the GREAT work!"
... Greg Michaels 4/25/05 Can anybody help with this ?

"Former KQV personality and WTAE-TV booth announcer Henry Dabecco passed away
yesterday of pancreatic cancer.  He was 79.
  He's listed in the death notices of the PG and Trib.  Neither newspaper did
a glory obit in todays edition.
  Henry was a good guy.
... Frank Gottlieb 3/31/05)
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