"Weird Beard" Charlie Peterson
"Weird Beard" Charlie Peterson was born William D Peterson in Baltimore and raised in South Dakota. From his first radio job in Sidney Nebraska at KSID in 1959 to a sales job at KQV in the mid 1980's, Weird Beard had quite a broadcasting career. Charlie Peterson did it all. From deejay to news to production to sales to program director. Some of Charlie's stops included Cheyenne Wyoming where he did tv as "Captain 5", Garden City S.D., Salt Lake City, and Ogden Utah where he had his first programming opportunity. Charlie programmed at WSGN in Birmingham and in Tampa before coming to Pittsburgh to KQV. After KQV, Charlie went to Houston to ABC's KXYZ and then back to Pittsburgh as program director at KDKA from spring 1970 - 1972 and WWSW from 1972 - 1976.  He worked in Cleveland as pd for a short time at WJW. 

Charlie joined KQV in January 1966 from WINQ in Tampa where he was operations manager. It was at KQV where Charlie was production director during the week, but became Weird Beard on weekends. Weird Beard was fun to listen to because he had fun on the air on KQV. CharlIe Peterson remained at KQV until 1969 when he transfered to Houston to take over as program director at KXYZ.

CharlIe passed away in April 2, 2012 at the age of 79. Click here for his obituary from the Post Gazette.

CharlIe Peterson with other ABC programmers

Joe Bacarella - WXYZ - Detroit
Mike McCormick - KQV - Pittsburgh
Hal Neal Jr., President - ABC Owned Radio Stations
Rick Sklar -  WABC - New York
John Rook - WLS - Chicago
Paul Carroll - KGO - San Francisco 
Bob Heneberry - Corporate ABC Radio Staff
CharlIe Peterson - KXYZ - Houston
Jack Myers - KABC - Los Angeles

After many successful years in radio, CharlIe called it quits and took up a new career in advertising and photography. He had his own advertising agency for a while and took up photography taking pictures for billboards and buses among others. 

Drawing of Weird Beard

Tape Box from 1966 Demo

Business Card from KDKA

Weird Beard with ABC's Paul Harvey

Weird Beard in production

Weird Beard

 Weird Beard Aircheck
 CharlIe "Weird Beard" Peterson August 1966 (3:26 scoped) reel audio
KQV Weird Beard Macleans Demo - 1966 mp3
KQV Weird Beard Aircheck August 20, 1966 mp3
KQV Weird Beard Aircheck May 20, 1967 mp3
Big Pete Fighting - Ogden Utah mp3