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KQV's Funlovin' Five
Hal Murray, Tom Lee, Big Steve Rizen, Chuck Brinkman, Dave Scott
From the Mike McCormick Collection
Here's a special KQV Christmas Jingle Medley
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As Christmas approaches it's time to go back to December 24, 1974 and remember the 1974 Turkeyman Christmas Special. Thanks to Mark Mervick for providing this holiday classic. It will only be here for a short time so make sure you check it out. It won't be back until next year. The KQV Turkeyman Special featured Bill Armstrong, Mario Palasimo, Marsha Littleberry, Judy Berger, Betty Rosseto, Mary Winstein, Mark Mervick, Juanita McDonald, Pam Brennan, and Ernie Hoffmaster. Some of the carolers were Lou Curry, Jean Seaman, Jim Henry, Frank Joseph, Tom Shoenock, and Bob Schmidt.
Engineers were Jerry Land and Ken Nixon. The Turkeyman cast included Joe Fenn, Larry Clark and Bob Harvey. The Production Director was Dan Formento. And your announcer Irwin Freebish.