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 The KQV website has been on-line since May 1996. We're in our 28th year,

KQV printed book covers for ICM in 1971.

The KQV-IPs shown are Harry West, Fred Winston, Chuck Brinkman, Jim Quinn, Jay Davis, and Bob Wood

What it looked like at the Civic Arena with the flashes going off on September 14, 1964.

John Tenaglia
January 17, 1935 - January 4. 2024
Former KQV Sales Manager John Tenaglia passed away January 4, 2024. John was named assistant Sales Manager of KQV in May of 1961. On March 23, 1965 he became General Sales Manager. John left KQV January 14, 1969 to become Vice President and General Manager of WIXZ, McKeesport. He later went to Ft Lauderdale. His career took hime to Orlando and Dallas as well. H gave numerous on-air personalities, sales professionals and management their start, including Howard Cosell and Rush Limbaugh.

Did you know?
Bob DeCarlo was the acting PD at KQV in June 1975
 Bob was unable to remain PD at KQV due to union rules.
He could not remain on the air and be part of management.
Don Kobiela
March 14, 1951 - January 3, 2021
Former KQV production director Don Kobiela has passed away. Don Kobiela, 69, of Charlotte, NC passed away after a long, hard fought battle with Parkinson's.
In the fall of 1965, the Rolling Stones release their new hit song "Get Off Of My Cloud". However, when played over the AM airwaves the lyrics were difficult to understand and listeners would call KQV to let their grievances be known. Chuck Brinkman to the rescue! Chuck asked his fans to send him a SASE and he would return to you a mimeographed copy of the official lyrics.
provided by Ron Condle.

Former KQV Newsman John O'Malley passed away on October 22, 2022.
John was at KQV news from 1972 until mid 1975.

KQV' s Steve Rizen also hosted a game show, Give It A Whirl, 
on WIIC-TV Channel 11 beginning in September 1965

Daddy Dave Scott in the KQVehicle at the Crafton Buy Wise 1964
(courtesy Jim Grazulis)

The 14 KQV Cowbell

June - July 1970, KQV's Summer Turn On, KQV gave away Summer Turn on Mini-Billboards and a Summer Yellow Mustang. Billboard posters were available at Fashion Hosiery Shops and Pittsburgh Area Sun Drug Stores (courtesy Brian Montgomery) WABC also had the same poster.

This was the outside of KQV from the Smithfield Street side. The Menu was the small restaurant to the
left of KQV. There was a door into the back of the building right below the KQV sign on the wall.

KQV's Jim Quinn
KQV's Jim Quinn left KQV in July of 1968 for Philadelphia and WIBG. His name was changed to Happy Jack. When Kris Stevens left KQV to head to sister station WLS in Chicago, it was time to bring our Leader back. On February 8, 1969, Jim Quinn came home to KQV.
Jim Quinn 1969 WIBG Aircheck (8:34)   Quinn's final night at WIBG Feb 4, 1969 courtesy of
Jim Quinn 1969 KQV Aircheck (23:14)   Quinn's return from WIBG Feb 8, 1969
WIBG'sHappy Jack

2 Rare KQV Jingles courtesy of Henry Martin
1. KQV Jingle from Pepper Tanner Good Thing Demo (not heard on the air)

2. KQV Jingle from CRC series 47

Steve Berger
March 12, 1944 - June 28 2022

Steve Berger was KQV's General Manager after John Gilbbs in August 1974, He was GM of both WDVE and KQV. He went to WPEZ in 1975. Steve became General Manager of 13Q and eventually became President of Nationwide Communications. After selling the company he retired to his home in Jamesport, NY. After retiring he went on to becoming one of the most celebrated and admired photographers on the East End of Long Island. 

John Terrence  Galanses 
December 11, 1945 ~ April 15, 2022

The original Franklin B.Forbes, John Terrence Galanses passed away on April 15, 2022, in San Jose, Costa Rica. He was 76. John came to KQV from Youngstown, Ohio where he worked as John Terry. He was only at KQV as Franklin B.Forbes and decided to return to Ohio. KQV hired a second Fraklin B Forbes to replace him. Obituary from

In March 1965 KQV's Chuck Brinkman and PD John Rook flew to the Bahamas where The Beatles were  filming their second movie "HELP !" The story of how John Rook pulled it off is on The Chuck Brinkman Bahamas Page

KQV's Chuck Brinkman at Joseph Horne's in 1967
(courtesy Frank Barna)
Former KQV Newsman Bill Green passed away on January 16, 2022. Bill was at KQV News in 1968. He later owned an advertising agency. He had been a political analyst on Pittburgh television as well. Here is his obituary

KQV Pre-Top 40

January 13, 2021
KQV flips format to Top 40
On January 13, 1958 KQV Flipped to Top 40

KQV was the first network owned radio station to convert to a top 40 format when it brought the format on January 13, 1958.

Staff included Chuck Dougherty at 6 am, 
Don McNeill's Breakfast Club at 9 am, 
Herb Oscar Anderson at 10 am, 
Henry DaBecco at 11 am, 
Jim Reeves at 1 pm, 
Jim Backus at 2 pm,
Sam Holman at 3 pm, 
Merv Griffin at 7:15 pm, 
Dave Scott at 9. 
Anderson, Reeves and Griffin were from the American Broadcasting Network (ABN)

A change of call letters to WASP was considered and then dropped.

On February 10th KQV became a 24 hour station.

The ABN stars were off KQV in February and the new lineup was...
Chuck Dougherty, Breakfast Club, Henry DaBecco, Roy Elwell, Sam Holman, Roy Elwell (again), Dave Scott, Jolly Jim McLaughlin

KQV Pre-Top 40 Personalities
Al Nobel & Joe Deane
Dennis C Benson
June 8, 1936 - June 10, 2021

The Reverend Dennis C Benson, former host of KQV's Rap Around passed away on June 10, 2021. He was 85. 
This is from the obituary from Eric Heyl. 
   "Benson died at a hospital near his home in Michigan.
   The retired Presbyterian minister hosted radio and TV talk shows in Pittsburgh on WDVE-FM and the former KQV-AM, as well as WQED-TV. He produced the "Passages" radio show for the Presbyterian Media Mission for more than 30 years.
   According to the Religion Communicators Council, Benson interviewed more than 15,000 people during his talk show career, including such disparate celebrities as rocker Alice Cooper and children's show host Fred Rogers.
   Earlier this year, he received the Religion Communicators Council's Wilbur Award, which annually honors excellence in secular media - print and online journalism, book publishing, broadcasting and motion pictures."

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III - January 12, 1951 - February 17, 2021
   KQV's Jeff Christie passed away after battling lung cancer on Wednesday February 17, 2021. He workid in Pittsburgh radio at WIXZ in McKeesport in 1972 and 1973 before coming to KQV in October 1972. He stayed at KQV until August, 1974. 
   After spending time in Kansas City in radio and working for the Kansas City Royals, he began using his real name, Rush Limbaugh in Sacramento and started working in Talk Radio in 1983. He went on to WABC and started the EIB (Excelence In Broadcasting) Network. He went to have his syndicated show on more than 600 stations "All across the fruited plain".
   I won a Name It & Claim it contest with Jeff Christie in 1972. 

   I met Rush in 1975 when I was watching through the KQV window when he was interviewing sing Evie Sands. He invited me inside. I met Evie Sands and when she left we talked radio for another 30 minutes.
   Rush revitalized AM Radio. Rest in Peace.
The late Hal Murray would have been 100 years old on October 10, 2020. Here is an aircheck from June 6, 1967 courtesy of Mike Priore. (this is a longer version than the one appearing on Hal announced that he would be leaving KQV to go to WINQ in Tampa, Florida. Al Julius reports KQV News and Mort Crim reports ABC News.
Thanks to John Troll for this rare KQV Aircheck of Bob-A-Loo Lewis from WABC filling in for KQV's Chuck Brinkman on May 18, 1967.
Did You Know? Bill Williams was a part time KQV Newsreader in 1968 and part of 1969 before he was drafted. He moved to Atlanta in 1974 and under his real name on Bill Tush he worked for Ted Turner at WTCG/WTBS and did late night newscasts.Turner gave Bill his own comedy sketch show Tush. co-starring Jan Hooks. Tush later went to Hollywood to host CNN's People Now.and later to NY to host CNN's Showbiz Today.

Bob Harvey in KQV Production Studio

Bob Harvey with KQV News Car
Former KQV Newscaster, Traffic Reporter, and Personality Captain Bob Harvey passed away, Wednesday May 27, 2020. Bob battled Lung Cancer. Bob Harvey joined KQV in 1964 and remained with the station through the end of the top 40 era and into the news era. 'Captain Bob' was a newsman , talk show host and traffic copter pilot and reporter.  He was also the voice of KQV's "Turkey Man". He was also known for his role in "The Nighty Of The Living Dead". He was 75.
Former KQV newscaster Bob Harvey dies of lung cancer at 75

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette logo
Alexis Johnson
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
May 29, 2020
2:40 PM

   Former KQV Radio newscaster Bob Harvey died Wednesday after a short bout with stage 4 lung cancer, according to his brother Tom Harvey.
   Mr. Harvey was 75.
   His brother said Friday that the longtime radio newscaster and talk show host was diagnosed only three weeks ago and was told he had six months to live. Mr. Harvey was "up and about" Tuesday night in the assisted living facility where he resided when he started to experience some breathing problems, his brother said.
   A tumor had surrounded his esophagus, his brother said. He died the next morning.
   Mr. Harvey began working at KQV as a traffic reporter after he graduated from Point Park College in the mid-1960s, which was the start of his three-decade career with the station.
After pitching the idea of doing news from a helicopter, Mr. Harvey began taking the chopper over the city of Pittsburgh reporting live breaking news on-air, a stint that earned him the nickname "Captain Bob."
His pilot skills earned him a small part in the 1968 film "Night of the Living Dead" in which his helicopter can be seen flying over the sky.
   Mr. Harvey retired from KQV in the early '90s after developing back problems, his brother said.
He and his siblings spent their early years in Brookline before moving to Bethel Park, where he graduated high school. Mr. Harvey eventually found a home on Mount Washington so that he could be closer to breaking news throughout the city, his brother said. He stayed in that area before he moved to the assisted living facility last August after showing signs of dementia.
   "He loved the city. He could tell you anywhere in the city how to get there," his brother said. "It was amazing everybody he knew. He'd do it all again."
   Jeff Roteman, who runs a KQV Radio tribute website, called Mr. Harvey a "very well respected man."
"Bob was an incredible guy. He was old school news," Mr. Roteman said. "He just told you the news the way it used to be."
   Mr. Harvey's family will be holding a straight-to-burial service for him at Jefferson Memorial Park, according to Tom Harvey, who currently lives in Harrisburg.
   The family plans on having a larger memorial service to honor Mr. Harvey when it is deemed safe to do so after the pandemic.

KQV Summer Festival of Music Poster provided by Tom Lacko

KQV Power Play Video from 1970 provided by Bob Kristof

Here are 2 recently discovered mini airchecks of KQV-IP Jay Davis. Jay was at KQV from 1968 - 1972 and 1974 - 1975. The first is form the Top 114 Songs of 1969. The second is from 1971. Jay passed away in 1992.
He was 47.

Jon Wolfert, President of JAM Creative Services talks about KQV and plays jingles on Rewound Radio 

Bob Kopler
Former Pittsburgh radio newscaster Bob Kopler passed away December 10, 2019 at the age of  81. For nearly 40 years he reported the news at KQV, WTAE, KDKA and WWSW. He came to KQV from Johnstown in 1969 and retired after 19 years at KDKA in 2007.

Former KQV Program Director Mike McCormick (James Hankins) passed away in Austin Texas on January 26, 2018. Mike was at KQV from September 1968 - May 1970. Mike was inducted into the Nebraska Radio Personalities Hall of Fame as a Legendary Performer in 2003.

Outside KQV 1958 Smithfield Street courtesy Thomas Picker

KQV brought us Turkeyman in 1968 and brought him back again in 1974.
Hear classic episodes now with Bob Harvey, Bob Wilson, Larry Clark
Harry West, Gary Gears, Fred Winston, Joe Fenn and other KQV-IPs
Turkeyman 1968
Turkeyman 1974

Listen to our PAMS KQV Website Jingles
Thanks to Ken Justiss for the sonovox work and Ben Freedman for producing.
And of course PAMS of Dallas for the terrific Series 18 Jingle.

Former KQV Morning Personality Harry West passed away September 27, 2019 in Bridgeville, Pa. He was 89 years old. Harry was KQV's morning man in 1969 and 1970. Harry came to KQV from WARM in the Scranton - Wilkes Barre area. One thing that people still remember is the Harry West Show Jingle.

KQV-IP Bob Wood at KQV Bridal Fair

Gerry Spinn was operations manager at KQV in 1962 and 1963

Check out the new Gerry Spinn Page
Visited with former KQV Personality
Jerry Kristafer - World Famous (January 24, 2019)
Jerry Kristafer on KQV, April 19, 1975 courtesy Don Kobiela. (47:24)

KQV Car Keys - mid 60s promotional items.

Walk by The Fenways was # 1 on KQV and KDKA in February, 1965.
This ad appeared in Cashbox Magazine. Thanks Eugene Piccolo.

In the spring of 1969, KQV-FM scheduled a Creedence Clearwater Revival
concert . Unfortunately it was cancelled.   Here is a copy of the letter that
KQV-FM program director, Bob Wilson sent to listeners on May 26, 1969.
(courtesy of W.T. Koltek)

KQV presented ALCOA THEATRE 14 weekend nights in December 1963

KQV Sheet featuring Al Noble and Jim Westover - 1956 - Pre Top 40
(Courtesy Bill Zimpleman)

Steve Rizen newspaper ad - Post Gazette 2/28/64

KQV's Lineup - April 3, 1961

KQV - Pre Top 40 June 1956

Chuck Brinkman has passed away at the age of 83
July 19, 1935 - August 24, 2018
Chuck was the longest tenured air personality at KQV during the top 40 era. He came to KQV on December 12, 1960. Over the years he handled every shift at KQV. Starting out overnight, he moved to evenings. He featured the Disc Derby and the nightly Hit Lines. Chuck made trips to Liverpool to interview the biggest acts from the British Invasion. He also traveled to the Bahamas to interview the Beatles during the filming of Help! Chuck hosted the dance show Come Alive on Channel 11 WIIC-TV in 1966 and 1967. He took over afternoons from Dave Scott with the Top Pop 5 the weekly KQV Hit Parade and later switched to mornings. He then moved to middays until he left on October 13, 1972. He continued his Pittsburgh career at WTAE and WMYG before leaving for Dallas. Chuck will always be remembered as the man that introduced the Beatles at the Civic Arena in 1964.
Audio of Chuck Brinkman welcoming the Beatles

Chuck Brinkman on KQV, March 1965 courtesy Art Vuolo.

Andrew Goldstein of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote this... 

"Chuck Brinkman, a KQV-AM mainstay in the 1960s who became one of Pittsburgh's most popular Top 40 DJs, died Friday surrounded by family at his home in Plano, Texas. He was 83.

Mr. Brinkman's son, Jonathon Brinkman, confirmed the death to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. He said his father had suffered from Parkinson's disease.

Mr. Brinkman, born July 19, 1935, was a Dormont native and Kiski Prep School grad. He was a DJ with KQV from 1960 to 1972, and doubled part of the time as a music director.

In 1964, he introduced the Beatles to the crowd at the Civic Arena - the band's only Pittsburgh concert. 

Mr. Brinkman was one of the most popular Top 40 DJs here in the 1960s. He was part of then Top 40 station KQV's "Fun Lovin' Five,: which also included Hal Murray, Steve Rizen, Dave Scott and Dexter Allen.

He went on to become DJ/music director for WTAE-AM and WFFM/WMYG, and he left Pittsburgh for a job in Dallas in 1988, eventually becoming part owner of an oldies station in Greenville, Texas.

Mr. Brinkman was inducted into the Pittsburgh Rock 'N Roll Legends class of 2017. 

He is survived by his wife, Carmella Brinkman of Plano; sons Jonathon Brinkman of San Diego and Charles Brinkman IV of San Diego; and daughters Lisa Meline of Scottsdale, Ariz., Nicole Levett of Dallas, and Christine Brinkman of Dallas."

KQV's Bob Wood was on the air Christmas night in 1971. This aircheck courtesy of Rich Marino features promos for the KQV Hit Parade Awards, Dennis Benson's Rap Around, Christmas Shower of Stars with Alice Cooper, Bob Wilson promos, Paul Randall news and PAMS Jingles.
KQV's Bob DeCarlo remembers when the Pittsburgh Pirates' Roberto Clemente died on New Years 1972. "I was doing the KQV wake up show, because traditionally, the guys with kids worked it, while those without children did Christmas. The 5:55 ABC news feed had the story, KDKA was all prerecorded. Howard Cosell at 6:25 from ABC did an incredible eulogy. And all that morning, Pittsburgh commiserated in shock and compassion on KQV. What a day!"
On February 1, 2016, Lance Vento of Radio Insight reported that KQV has been sold to Broadcast Communications Inc. for $55,000. The sale includes the license and some of the assets of the station but not the long time tower site in Ross Township. An application is expected to be filed to diplex 1410 on the WEDO tower in North Versailles. No further details are available at this time.
Bob DeCarlo first came to KQV on March 15, 1971. He was on middays before moving to mornings. Here is an aircheck of Bob DeCarlo from June 26, 1971.  (courtesy Tim Davisson and PhilaVideo)

He moved to mornings in July 1972.  This aircheck is from July 17, 1972
Jeff Christie (Rush Limbaugh) first came to KQV in October 1972. This aircheck is from late October or early November 1972.
Jim Quinn left KQV November 5, 1972. This aircheck was from March 18, 1972. Mark Schaefer was in the KQV Newsroom. Jim Carnegie is also here.
January 1, 1968 KQV joined the new American Contemporary Radio Network for News. Music Power came to KQV.  KQV's Fun-Lovin Five includes: Bob Wilson, Wendy Williams, Chuck Brinkman, Dave Scott, Jim Quinn, and Tom Lee.
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play.
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play.
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play on 14 KQV.
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play on 14 KQV.
Let's Hear It For Pow-Pow-Pow - Music Power on 14 KQV.
  Have Ya Heard, The KQVIP's Are Playin' Around -
  Around The Clock. You Hear Music Power Plays And
  Hit After Hit After Hit. If Music Is Your Thing - Do It With KQV
  Because We Do More Of It - And We're Doing It Better Than Anyone Else. 
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play on 14 KQV.
  If It's Music You Want, It's Music You'll Get From K-Q-V.
Let's Hear It For Pow-Pow-Pow - Music Power on 14 KQV.
Power Play, Power Play, More Music Power Play. Power Play, Power Play (fade)
   (1970 KQV Power Play Promo)
    (Pams Jingle Singers, Bob Wilson Narrating)
KQV Music Power Promo

The last few years I have had the opportunity to meet some of my favorite KQVIPs

Former KQV Personality
Franklin B Forbes - July 25, 2017

Former KQV Production Director
Don Kobiela - January 11, 2016

Former KQV Program Director
Mike McCormick - January 13, 2016

Former KQV Personality
Bob Wood - January 13, 2016

Former KQV Personality the late
Chuck Brinkman - January 16, 2016

Former KQV Personality
Todd Chase - March 29, 2015

Former KQV Personality
Bob DeCarlo - March 29, 2015

Former KQV Personality
Timothy G Adams - March 27, 2015

Former KQV Personality the late Bob Wilson
During the more than 17 years that KQV was a Top 40 Station, Many men led the morning show. Starting with Chuck Dougherty in 1958, and all the way through Bob DeCarlo in 1975, a dozen men were KQV morning hosts. 
Here is a complete list of KQV morning shows from 1958 - 1975

Hal Murray Pittsburgh Press article by Vince Leonard from March 5, 1964

Click here for Blog about Hal Murray.

Gary Gears with winner outside KQV offices.
courtesy Vasily's Gary Gears Website
Here is a Gary Gears Aircheck from August 2, 1970
Congratulations to former KQV-IP Jon Summers, Jon, who recently retired
as co-host of AM Buffalo, has joined WECK-AM for 9 am - 12 noon.

Marsha Kniceley . Kasey Forbes was KQV's only female Disk Jockey
Picture from 1977 in Providence Rhode Island

Thanks to WT Koltek for sending me a copy of the November 22nd edition of the Pittsburgh
Teen Scene newspaper. In addition to the article celebrating KQV's 49th Birthday,
this ad for the Thanksgiving Shower of Stars was also featured inside on page 6.

When Mike McCormick left KQV for WLS in April, 1970 he was presented with this caricature signed by the KQV staff. Unless you saw it then, it has not been seen in 45 years.

May 17, 1971 Jim Quinn. Courtesy of contributor Robin Watts

The late Jim Carnegie was program director at KQV when Rush Limbaugh was let go at the station. Jim Carnegie was kind enough to speak to the KQV Website in June 2014, regarding the circumstances of the firing.
Thanks to Jim Lewis for providing these 1966 Certificates to KQV
Congratulations to KQV's Bob DeCarlo
2016 Inductee to Rhode Island 
Radio Hall of Fame
Bob was inducted during a ceremony on May 12, 2016.
1975 KQV PAT Bus

Former KQV morning personality Jim Gearhart has retired from New Jersey 101.5 WKXW-FM Trenton. Jim suffered a head injury after a September fall at his home. He has been with New Jersey 101.5 for 25 years, joining in 1990. Good luck Jim. 

From theCollection
Bob Wood did some great work during his 2 years spent at KQV. This aircheck is from December 25, 1971.
Chuck Brinkman was at KQV longer than anyone during their top 40 era. This aircheck was from January 9, 1972.
Rick Shaw did afternoons during the 14K era of KQV. He was brought to KQV by program director Mel Phillips. He also worked with Mel at WOR-FM /WXLO in New York.
The Mel Phillips page is now on-line. 

Check out the new Rick Shaw Page
Ed Sherlock was at KQV-FM in 1967 when the FCC forced AM radio stations to no longer simulcast on the FM side more than 50%. This was before KQV-FM was automated and before becoming LOVE-FM and WDVE. Ted Lutz and Wendy Williams were also heard on KQV-FM. Ed would be part of the Joey Reynolds era of KQV in 1975. Bob Kristof provided this 6:58 aircheck which is the first time KQV-FM appears on this website. Ed owns 1190 WSDE in Cobleskill, N.Y.
Thanks to Joe Evelius, here are very rare airchecks of Todd Chase. The first is available for the first time here from August 3, 1968. It includes American Contemprary News from ABC, Bill James with KQV News, the Truck O'Luck and more. (40:32)
The second is Todd Chase on August 16, 1968. It is scoped and runs 67 minutes. The unscoped show is on Uncle Ricky's Reel Radio Top 40 Archives in the Joe Evelius Collection. (1:07:01)

Kris Stevens in KQV Studio in fall of 1968

The World Famous Wake-A-Thon
It was 45 years ago that World Famous (Jerry Kristafer) was at KQV. World Famous set a then world record for staying awake on the air while raising food for the Pittsburgh needy.  The record of 102 hours, 19 minutes and 9 seconds was set on February 27, 1975. He was taken to Allegheny General Hospital with exhaustion after it concluded.

Jerry Kristafer came to KQV with Joey Reynolds from 11-7 Radio in New Jersey
in early 1975. Pictured with Mr. Kristafer is Peggy the Talking Time Telling Pig.
(The picture above is from 1977 when Jerry was at WCDQ in Connecticut)

Dave & Gregg Scott
Very few fathers and sons worked on the air at same time on the same station on top 40 stations in the 60's. KQV had Dave Scott and Gregg Scott in 1967. Here's the story from Teen Life Magazine.

KQV's Bob DeCarlo in 1960 at WILK

KQV pre-top 40 era

1940 logo from business envelope
(found on facebook)

Ad from 1947 Broadcasting yearbook
(courtesy Paul Bosak)
On Monday, January 13, 1958 KQV's new lineup featured ABN stars Don McNeil, Herb Oscar Anderson, Jim Reeves, Jim Backus, and Merv Griffin. Local KQV personalities were Chuck Dougherty, Henry DaBecco, Sam Holman and Dave Scott. 

Thanks to former KQV Program Director, the late John Rook for this picture inside the KQV lobby. (top left to right) John Rook, Hal Murray, Don Shafer, unknown, unknown and Chuck Brinkman. (bottom row) Dave Scott, Bobby Vee and Dex Allen. (May 1964 ?)
KQV-FM Love FM Jingles
In the early days of KQV-FM, during the Love FM period, Elton John sang a couple of the jingles heard on the air. These were probably from 1969 or 1970 They were produced at Marble Arch Studio. Thanks to Tim Brown. Also check out new pictures from Allen B Shaw on Love Staff and early WDVE poster.

Thanks to Ed Vance for providing this picture of  KQV from December, 1973. This was a couple of months before KQV became 14K Musicradio. It is the only picture we have with the WDVE logo on the Smithfield Street side. It is also the only shot with the KQV RADIO 14 ABC logo above the KQV window. Blue paint on the siding had been painted brown and the fenced planters had been removed.

The KQVehicle at the Allegheny County Fair in 1963

Congratulations to KQV Chief Engineer Steve Conti

KQV Chief Engineer Steve Conti retired at the end of November, 2013
Steve joined KQV in 1966. Thanks to the late Frank Gottleib for the picture.

More than 6.6 callers to Dial-A-Score in a little over 2 1/2 years.

1965 KQV QSL Card

KQV Hal Murray Aircheck from July 31, 1966 (scoped). Thanks to Allen Sniffen and John Troll from www.rewound radio for providing this rare audio from Audio 14. Click the speaker below to hear the mp3.

Dan Kelley, Chuck Brinkman, Nick Alborano (Janus Records) and Bob Harper.
The KQV Summer Turn On Poster is on the wall.

Did you see Elvis at the Civic Arena June 25 or 26, 1973? KQV gave away
tickets. The ad above was from the June 14, 1973 Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

Thanks to the late Frank Gottleib

Who is the KQV-IP on the right?  Jim "Your Leader" Quinn.
The picture was featured on a WING Super Hot Hits Survey from Dayton Ohio, July 25, 1966, 14 months before Jim came to KQV. Check out this brief Aircheck of Jim Quinn at WING. Note the PAMS Series 31 Jingles and Jim's Dan Ingram imitation.
Thanks to Paul Bosak of Waynesboro, Va for the picture and aircheck,
The Live One KQV 1410
In January of 1958, KQV was preparing to switch to Top 40. KQV ran a series of ads in the three Pittsburgh daily newspapers from January 6 until the changeover on January 13th. These ads appeared 252 times. Here are a few samples.
KQV installed an answering service that said "Hello. This is 'The Live One'. I invite you to tune into the newest sound in Pittsburgh - American live radio - station KQV." Over 25, 000 calls were received and almost as many busy signals were recorded.
KQV Collectibles

Over the years, a number of KQV items
have shown up on EBay. Printers blocks, balloons, pencils, and pointers are among the items that I have purchased on EBay.

(click on the balloon on the left to see more)

Very rare KQV Music and More Coffee Mug
courtesy of former KQV pd Bob Harper.

Chuck Brinkman in KQV Studio

Dennis Benson with David Cassidy. There were more than 200 kids pushing against the window. He sent an engineer to get the police to save the teens pushed against the window. The police had to rescue the kids pressed by the huge crowd in the street against the plate glass window.. Dennis hosted Rap Around on Sundays for many years. He now lives in Michigan. He has written a number of books, and his show Passages is heard on over 700 stations. This is part of the Dennis Benson Collection David Cassidy joined KQV-IP Jon Summers on the air that afternoon. 
David Cassidy passed away on November 21, 2017.
Jon Summers Aircheck February 19, 1972 
PAMS Productions of Dallas provided KQV with most of the jingles heard on the air from 1962 until 1975. Check the KQV Jingles Page for links to pictures of the boxes and guide sheets to many of KQV's most memorable jingle packages. Now owned by Jam Creative Productions, Pams can produce custom resings of many of those great jingles used by KQV, WABC, WLS and so many others in the 1960's and 1970's.
On August 25, 2011... Jon Wolfert of PAMS Productions recreated the KQV version of Series 34 C, cut 6 for KQV for me. When this aired on KQV sound effects were added. They have been added to version 2, Also included here is the Bob Wood Version from a 1971 KQV aircheck. Notice the difference in the audio. The new versions are direct from the new recording while the Bob Wood version was processed for am radio in 1971.
Click here for details on that session and for details on Pams Personal Cuts.

On Thursday August 11, 2011, I had the pleasure to have lunch with Radio's Best Friend, Art Vuolo Jr. Art was kind enough to provide me with 3 KQV airchecks.

 Chuck Brinkman 1965 from early March 1965

Tom Lee Aircheck from June 1966 filling in for Steve Rizen

 Hal Murray Aircheck from July 24, 1964

THE KQV Power Play YouTube Video

THE KQV Jock Jingle Montage YouTube Video Part 1

THE KQV Jock Jingle Montage YouTube Video Part 2

The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact or Fiction
In October of 1969, a rumor circulated that Paul McCartney of The Beatles was dead. On October 21, 1969 KQV's Chuck Brinkman and Jim Quinn and music analyst Dan Kelley hosted a program called The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact or Fiction on KQV. KQV Newsman Bob Harvey and Jay Davis also participated. The show dealt with those rumors. A friend of a friend of mine, David Hoffman recorded the program. While the quality of the recording is less than perfect, it is great to be able to present this portion from that night.

The Death Of Paul McCartney - Fact Or Fiction Show
This portion of the show lasts 61 minutes with the music edited out.

Did You Know?
Jim Quinn and Fred Winston worked together in Dayton at WING before they joined KQV.
Between April and August 1967 they were both WING Lively Guys

This Bob DeCarlo ad from 1972 featured his son Norman. Click on the
picture above to hear Norman on the air with Bob DeCarlo from 1975.
Thanks to Bill Korch for this KQV Aircheck. It was recorded with a microphone up next to the speaker of his radio. Included on this composite are Todd Chase, Chuck Brinkman, Jim Quinn and Kris Stevens.
(included are portions of the KQV Top 114 of 1968 and Top 114 of 1969.)

In 1975, Mayor Pete Flaherty appeared on the Bob DeCarlo show on KQV.
This picture and article appeared in the Argus-Press in Owosso, Michigan.
In September of 1969 KQV gave away KQV-IP Bookcovers at Pittsburgh area WINKYS Restaurants. The KQV-IPs featured were Chuck Brinkman, Todd Chase, Gary Gears, Jim Quinn, Harry West and Fred Winston. Ironically, after KQV switched to the all news format, WINKYS moved into the former KQV studios in the Chamber of Commerce Building on 7th Avenue in Pittsburgh.
Members of the Point Park Tau Theta Phi fraternity raising money for St. Jude's Hospital. The guys,
seen outside the KQV Studio (circa 1970). Also outside Kaufmann's with their KQV canoe.
(note the faded lettering on the building from the former script logo from this picture.)
(photo courtesy: Lisa Patterson and Point Park Baby Boomer Alumni Facebook Page)
In 2010, Pittsburgh's Ed Salamon published a book titled
"Pittsburgh's Golden Age Of Radio"

A number of pictures featured KQV personalities as well as staff from many other Pittsburgh radio stations. The book is available at, and many other locations as well.
If you love Pittsburgh Radio, get the book!

These are just a couple of KQV pictures from "Pittsburgh's Golden Age Of Radio"
KQV 1963 Staff - Dave Scott, Chuck Brinkman,
Jim McLaughlin, Jim Gearhart and Henry DaBecco
Outside KQV studios on 7th and Smithfield
(courtesy Carl Eckles)
KQV's George Hart and music director Gary Waight (1974)
(courtesy Terry Caywood)
The Jaggerz visit KQV. Shown are members of
The Jaggerz, KQV pd Mike McCormick & Chuck Brinkman
(courtesy Jimmie Ross)

KQV advertised on the Port Authority trolleys in 1974 and 1975
14 KQV trolley
14K Musicradio trolley

The Godfather of Soul, James Brown visited Pittsburgh's Civic Arena 11 times between 1966 and 1973. His first appearance was April 11, 1966. Above KQV's Chuck Brinkman interviews James Brown back stage at the Civic Arena.

In the early 1970's you could find Yellow Cabs all over Pittsburgh with ads for KQV

In the August 1965 issue of Teen Life Magazine
KQV's Dex Allen was featured as DJ of the Month

(click above to see the full article)
KQV's Dick Drury

Dick Drury was at KQV in 1960 and 1961. He was KQV's production director during part of his tenure as well as KQV's program director. He was responsible for a lot of the contest and station promos you heard on KQV. Check out the new Dick Drury Page to hear some of his work and remember some of the interesting contests including the Missing K Contest.

That the Beatles Concert at the Civic Arena on September 14h, 1964 would never
have happened if promoter Pat DiCesare hadn't borrowed $5,000 from his parents.

Click on the picture above for the story from Pat DiCesare and the Post Gazette

The KQV pictures below and others are featured on the new KQV Billboard Articles Page
Click above to see larger pictures and full descriptions.
Steve Rizen & Nat King Cole
 (Billboard Magazine 8/15/1964)
Harry West, Sergio Mendez, Chuck Brinkman
(Billboard Magazine 4/26/1969)
Chuck Brinkman
(Billboard Magazine 12/12/1970)
Steve Rizen
(Billboard Magazine 6/26/1965)

KQV's VP & GM John Gibbs and Operations Manager John Rook
buried in mounds of ice by KQV dj's Dave Scott, Hal Murray,
Steve Rizen and Dex Allen and assisted by KQV Cuties outside
Gateway Center in Downtown Pittsburgh.
(Billboard Magazine September 5, 1964)

KQV Broadcasting Magazine Listings
Over the years Broadcasting Magazine published listings detailing official information about American radio station management. David Gleason's website features many of the listings for KQV. Click on the Broadcasting logo above to see KQV's listings from 1958 - 1976.

Thanks to former KQV engineer and long-time contributor, Paul Carlson
for providing us with more items from his personal collection.
1962 Tape Box Label
1963 KQV Folder (front cover)
1963 KQV Folder (rear cover)

1961 KQV return address from envelope

1964 KQV return address from envelope

1958 Hi-Fi Club Card (front)

1958 Hi-Fi Club Card (back)

Pre Top 40 Mailing Label (CBS Radio)

Mailing Label (ABC Radio)

In 1972 KQV ran a series of ads in local newspapers including the North Hills News Records
A number of these ads were to promote Bob DeCarlo after his move to mornings in July, 1972
July 19, 1972
May 17, 1972
August 2, 1972
October 18, 1972
September 13, 1972
This was also available as a poster!

From the archives of Billboard Magazine...

August 21, 1971

August 24, 1963

Thanks to KQV's Lee Vogel for sending up this mailer sent to listeners all over Pittsburgh
in January, 1959 showing KQV's new lineup of the Fabulous Five Plus One.

Click on the Picture above to see pictures of KQV's Fabulous Five Plus One
as well as the station schedule and pictures of the inside of the KQV Lobby.

KQV's Chuck Dougherty with singer Ward Darby of Ward Darby and the Raves,
who's single "Safari" made it to # 9 on KQV's Top 40 in May of 1959.
(courtesy of
Thanks to Ed Vance for supplying this KQV George Hart Aircheck from
Saturday June 14, 1975. It's KQV The Un-Radio.

July 2, 1974 KQV dropped the 14K identity and returned to 14KQV, Where The Good Times Roll!
Series of Station ID's voiced by Bob DeCarlo, Rick Shaw & Jeff Christie. Jim Carnegie was Program Director.

Dex Allen

Beatles Press Conference

Paul McCartney & Steve Rizen
Former KQV Program Director John Rook was kind enough to send me this interview by Dex Allen with Paul McCartney from September 14, 1964. It was recorded earlier in the day before the Beatles show at the Civic Arena.

KQV's coverage of the Beatles included Bill Clark, Dex Allen and Steve Rizen.

"This was revolutionary coverage using the new portable equipment that was over nighted from ABC New York, giving KQV a big advantage over KDKA who had to rely on taped coverage of the day. Locating this on an old tape is the first time I've heard this in all these years."... John Rook.

(used by permission of John Rook. May not be re-used without the permission of John Rook)
KQV sales ad.

This KQV ad appeared on page 23 of the February 5, 1958
Pittsburgh Sun Telegraph. It was an promoting advertising sales
on KQV. Click on the ad to see full size. Note that ABC owned
stations in only 6 cities in 1958.

Former KQV personality Larry Clark has passed away in San Francisco.

Larry died on December 9th, 2006 at the age of 62. The complete details are available at this link. Larry was at KQV twice in the 70's. Larry originally came to KQV from WSAI in Cincinnati. He spent some time at WZYQ in Frederick. Larry went to WEEP in 1975 and was PD there for a time. He later spent time at WMZQ in Washington D.C. He later left radio and ran a dry cleaning business in San Francisco.

In 1973, KQV was growing up. It was more than just the music.
"Getting more out of life means putting more into it. At KQV we're doing that to radio. Our listeners like what they hear. The music. Lots of contemporary music. News and information. Weather reports and the conversation. Plus, special features. We're listening to you, Pittsburgh. And we've put more into KQV so you get more out of radio.?"

The KQVehicle
Bobby Vee and Dave Scott on KQV

On May 20, 1964, Singer Bobby Vee visited KQV's Dave Scott. They broadcast the show from the KQVehicle in front of McCrory's on East Ohio Street on the North Side. For the first time here is the "Bobby Vee Show on KQV"'.


Bobby Vee
Special thanks to Bob Celli of the Bobby Vee Collectors Club on Yahoo Clubs. Bobby Vee was kind enough to let
Bob Celli go through his collection. this was found on a ten inch disc simply marked "The Bobby Vee Show"
on KQV. Bob has restored and cleaned up this recording as much as possible. Now more than 15 minutes of
this historic recording has been made available for your listening.
This ad appeared in Broadcasting Magazine on July 10, 1961.
KQV was looking for a new disk jockey. Who got the job? Who did he replace?
We don't know for sure if this is what the ad referred to, but we can guess from the KQV timeline. On July 28, 1961 Dick Drury left for St. Louis and was replaced by Bill Western.
KQV purchased jingles from many companies over the years. Among those companies were PAMS, the Anita Kerr Singers, Ullman, Intermountain, William B Tanner, and CRC, Commercial Recording Company. The ad on the right features a list of stations that bought from CRC in 1961 including KQV and WABC. This ad appeared in Broadcasting magazine on February 6, 1961. Click on the ad to see full size. Listen to KQV jingles on the KQV Jingles Page.

Broadcasting magazine August 11, 1958

Broadcasting magazine September 1, 1958
Less than 1 year after the format switch to Top 40, KQV's ratings began to climb.
KQV's rep firm, Adam Young Inc. placed ads in Broadcasting magazine.
(Click on the pictures above for the full ads)
It was during the summer of 1966, that KQV gave away the KQV
Boatmobile, an amphibious car that also went in the water with
the KQV Safe Driving Quiz. Thanks to Ron Mocadilo of North
Huntingdon, Pa. for providing the survey with the pictures.
1961 KQV High Hoopers
February 18, 1961
KQV High Hoopers vs. National Recording Stars
Pitt Fieldhouse
Thanks to Dean Gerber for these pictures.

KQV Presents HAIR
KQV brought one of the most controversial Musical Performances to the Steel City. When KQV presented HAIR at the Nixon Theater, advertisers threatened to boycott. KQV invited Pittsburgh to enjoy a day of fun at Point State Park on May 19, 1971 for KQV Spring Free Day. More than 20,000 Pittsburghers enjoyed a day of fun and music.
(pictures courtesy of Carl Eckles, John Gibbs, and the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania)
KQV Concerts from Dion to The Beatles to Three Dog Night
KQV always brought the biggest and best concerts to Pittsburgh. From Dion and the Belmonts, Bobby Vee and the Fleetwoods in 1960, to Frankie Avalon, Bobby Vinton, and Gene Pitney in 1962, to The Beatles in 1964, to The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, and We Five in 1965. There were KQV Appreciation Days, Showers of Stars, as well as Festivals of Rock.
(Click on any of the images above for the KQV Concerts Page)
How did KQV Get the nickname Groovy QV ?
KQV's John Rook provides the answer

Former KQV Program Director Mel Phillips has a blog, Mel Phillips Remembers. In addition to programming KQV, Mel also programmed some of the biggest radio stations in the country including WOR-FM, WXLO and WNBC in New York and WRKO AM & FM in Boston. Thanks to Mel for mentioning this site as well.
Former KQV Personality Bob Wood has a blog, Bob's Blog. After leaving KQV Bob spent many years at WBEN in Buffalo and programmed KOOL 108 in Minneapolis. For more information on Bob Wood today and a series of pictures from Bob's collection, check out the Bob Wood Page.

Bob 1970

Bob 2006
Shop for 14 KQV Website Merchandise On-Line

Click on any of the picture above for all the details
Former KQV Program Director John Rook was working on a book called "Passing Thru". Check out John's Website at Read excerpts about John's radio career. Also read John's take on the state of radio today. From the FCC to multiple ownership to indecency, John comments on radio's problems and future, plus he also features comments from some of the industry's biggest movers and shakers.
Check out the new segments of John Rook's Passing Thru
6. Music Excitement - How Beatles Exclusives made their way from KQV to WABC and WLS.
7. KQV Is Groovy QV - How John Rook was hired as KQV Program Director by John Gibbs.
8. The Beatles - A look at the Beatles hits and John's meeting with John Lennon.
Over the years, former KQV Program Director John Rook provided us with his insights and answers to many questions about his time at KQV.
Here for the first time are copies of KQV REP-LETTERS from 1964 and 1966.
From March 1964 - KQV REP-LETTER on HAL MURRAY
From August 1966 - KQV REP-LETTER on KQV Hooper ratings
KQV Tribute on XM Satellite Radio - Friday November 5, 2004
On Friday November 5th, XM Satellite Radio's Terry Young paid tribute to KQV on the 60's on 6 Channel. The show was complete with jingles and some portions of KQV airchecks as well. Terry included local current weekend events as well plenty of references to Pittsburgh from the 60's. Here are the first 2 parts of the aircheck of the show (scoped) thanks to radio's Best Friend, Art Vuolo ! If you would like to purchase the 4 cd set unscoped, Contact Art at
Part 1 (31:31) Part 2 (21:54)
1965 KQV Shower Of Stars Program
featuring Gene Pitney, Gary Lewis, Dobie Gray, The Hullabaloos,
Brian Hyland, Bobby Goldsboro, The Crystals, and The Reflections.

Many of The KQV Shower of Stars shows were part of a package
of concerts that was Dick Clark's "Caravan of Stars"

Thanks to Peter Simmons

KQV's Deejays did record hops all over the city. Often local bands would appear with some of KQV's Deejays. One of the local bands often linked to KQV was the Headliners. Ed Salamon who would eventually program at KDKA and WEEP in Pittsburgh was a guitar player in the band. The Headliners auditioned for KQV's Steve Rizen. For more on The Headliners click here.

Click above to find out !
Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between what the printed copy of the KQV Hit Parade listed and what was actually played on the air.

Check out this list provided by Mike McCormick from September 2 - 8, 1968.
Then click on the link to compare it to the printed survey !

Thanks to Mike Bakin for this picture of the KQV High Hoopers. This picture came out of the 1962 North Braddock Scott High School Yearbook. Can anybody help fill in the names to go with faces ?

This picture was found on a Frisbee on Ebay featuring the KQV Rock People. If anyone has a KQV Rock People Poster please contact me.

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