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This was the KQV (8ZAE) Studio in 1919.
 (courtesy of website)

Outside KQV on Smithfield Street 1958 Courtesy Thomas P Picker

Inside KQV with Larry Aiken in 1959

Inside KQV with Dave Scott in 1959
(note the cart machines on top of the left counter top)
KQV Showcase Studio in 1961
(note Master Control to the right of the Studio)

KQV Master Control 1962

KQV Studio B 1962
(note 3 turntables built in on right, cart machines on top of left counter top)

KQV December 1963 at the Corner of Walk & Don't Walk

Inside KQV with Chuck Brinkman in 1965
(note bulletin board with current Finest Forty)

Bob Harvey in KQV Production Studio

KQV Studio B 1971
(note McCurdy Board with cart machines moved off counter top)

KQV Studio B 1971
(note microphones and speaker phone for talk show)

KQV December 1973
(note WDVE sign on the left side and the KQV ABC logo on right)

KQVehicle Mobile Studio 1963
(click on picture above for more info)

Inside KQV in 1966 with Daddy Dave Scott
(note records on turntables and finest 40 sheet on cork board)

The corner of Walk & Don't Walk night time

The corner of Walk & Don't Walk day time

Kris Stevens in studio fall 1968
(note McCurdy board was installed that fall)

The corner of Walk & Don't Walk

Inside KQV Studio B with Dr. Oscar Nestor

Inside KQV with Bob DeCarlo
(note Bob used Koss Red Devil headphones. The rear wall had Summer Turn On Billboard)

Inside KQV with Jon Summers
(note The rear wall had Summer Turn On Billboard)

Inside KQV News Bureau with Carl Eckels

Inside KQV in 1972 with Bob Wood
(note Current music on carts, oldies on record. Cart machines were below left counter top)
(Bob Wood photo was on the floor to left, Jim Quinn photo was to the right)

Inside KQV in 1972 with Perry Marshall

Perry making faces for the camera

Inside KQV in 1972
(note picture on wall was Jay Davis, Steve Conti was engineer in Master Control)

Inside KQV in 1973 with Bob DeCarlo & Howard Coselle
(note KQV Genie Robbie Rae. Headphones hanging on the wall next to KQV Get Into The Music Mural)

Outside KQV in 1971
(note there was a side entrance between red truck and the person on the sidewalk)
(the 2 windows on the right were The Menu restaurant and the automation for WDVE)

Outside KQV in 1971

Inside KQV with Larry Clark

Inside KQV with Chuck Brinkman
(note Digital Clock hanging from ceiling and cart machines stacked on left counter top)

Outside KQV overnight with Franklin B Forbes in 1969
(note the railing in front of the 3 windows)

Members of the Point Park Tau Theta Phi fraternity outside KQV 1970
(note you can read the script of the word radio from the old sign on the wall)

KQV Studios in 1999 (courtesy

The mural on the wall matched Billboards all over Pittsburgh in 1973.
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